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Originally Posted by GerriJ View Post
and why grumpy old men like to say "Jackass".
I've never heard Baglo say "Jackass"

But seriously I have to question some aspects of the "frontal area" discussion. How can there be a hard and fast rule when the TV's are so varied? For example there has to be a difference even between a pickup with and without a canopy. With a canopy there's much more of a low pressure area created at the front of the trailer which I'd think has to reduce drag and mitigate frontal area calculations.

Also, I've towed my 19' with my 4l Ford Ranger a long way and I haven't seen any negative effects. However, when I get around to it, I'll install a transmission temperature gauge to make sure.


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Originally Posted by Rossue View Post
Yeah but in this case it isn't nonsense and feel my main point has been entirely ignored- that V-6 engines are a dubious choice to pull both 19 & 21 Escapes when both weight and frontal area are factored. As mentioned in many a discussion, there's a lot more to consider when choosing a TV than just the stated tow rating given my the manufacturer. This is a spec that hasn't been discussed here before but has on several other forums. Slippage on the torque converter is a problem when the engine doesn't send enough power to it resulting in more heat. Jack's V-8 most likely does help reduce this effect.
Although I would state it a bit differently I agree for the most part. I think horsepower, torque and maybe displacement are more important than number of cylinders.

I think many in this forum (and elsewhere) are too quick (IMO) to approve tug/trailer combinations. I think it takes careful consideration of everything relevant you can find: your tug manufacturer's guidance/specs, ETI specs, other tug manufacturer's guidance/specs, user experiences, the way you drive, where you drive, the way you load the tug/RV, your trailer towing experience, your comfort with risk, etc.

For the record I tow my 19 with a 4.7L V8 Tundra and a WDH with no sway control. I have towed without the WDH but strongly prefer to use it and I find the extra minute (singular) spent hooking it up well worth it.

I generally do not take part in this sort of thread since it is sometimes like a religious or political discussion - both sides get upset and no one listens.

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In our case the weight is 25% under the tow rating and I estimate the frontal area is 25% over the limitation Ford recommends. Hopefully they balance each other out. We have towed the 19 with the Flex now for 35000kM+. I would buy another Flex or a Grand Cherokee V6 to tow the 19.
I agree with your point on the transmission. I change the fluid every 30,000kM of towing as a precaution.
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From Ford:

Frontal Area
is the total area in square
feet that a moving vehicle
and trailer exposes to
air resistance. The chart
shows the limitations that
must be considered in
selecting a vehicle/trailer
combination. Exceeding
these limitations may
significantly reduce the
performance of your
towing vehicle. Selecting
a trailer with a lowdrag,
rounded front
design will help optimize
performance and fuel
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That's a no nonsense pdf.
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May reduce performance.
Not exactly the dire warnings suggested in this thread.
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From a trailer manufacturer:

TrailManor|Easy Towing|Lighweight Travel Trailer

Light duty towing of a well-balanced trailer a few hundred pounds above the rating is much safer than towing a lighter, poorly balanced unit with a tendency to sway. Also, towing an upright trailer with large frontal area at highway speeds can damage a transmission even if the trailer weight is below the tow rating.

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Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
May reduce performance.
Not exactly the dire warnings suggested in this thread.
There is a pattern of your responses that I am very uncomfortable with, and I notice other people are too.

Second request, as a Site Team person please try not to show your heavy bias. I think of the Site Team as a 'lubricant' making things go smoother and adding to healthy discussions.
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I hesitate to ever comment on heated threads. But TO ME, any blanket statements on frontal area would seem very hard to be accurate.

Aerodynamic drag for a tow and a trailer combination would be an extremely complex calculation. What sometimes seems like common sense from looking at something doesn't always seem to work in drag, An extreme example is a modern F1 race car with little bits and pieces of winglets stuck all over the things and a front wing that looks insane. Granted they are trying to generate downforce, but drag reduction is also a main design factor.

So, unless someone is going to give us access to a wind tunnel.....
Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw
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I'll chime in about the tone of this thread

The poster who used the word "nonsense" apologized. But this isn't a "heated" thread. At least, it isn't heated when I reflect on the discourse of other Forums I'm familiar with. we need to understand that when reading printed texts It is difficult interpret intent or emotion.

From my perspective I enjoy humour - the Dolly Parton comment was a hoot.

Anyway, if a lot of us are sitting around watching Corner Gas (and admit it) we are going to look like cranky senior citizens to our southern friends who are bemused by what we are talking about (I might watch it tonight. Is it on iTunes or Netflix ?

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