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You can always make your pick up into a SUV via a removable cap over the truck bed, you can not make our SUV into a pick up.

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I like our Silverado for towing. However, my wife won't drive it. She thinks its too big. She had no problem with our Trailblazer EXT.


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P/up for me.I hate rattling stuff.When it's in the p/up can't here them.Things like BBQ are best in the p/up.Also is it just me or fire wood pile seems to be at opposite ends of the c/grnd.
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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
You can always make your pick up into a SUV via a removable cap over the truck bed, you can not make our SUV into a pick up.
I agree with Jim!
Once I bought a truck I found I could not do without one!
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I've only towed with an SUV (my RAV4) and, at times, wished for a pickup. Stuffing my easyup into the RAV4 (particularly when wet) is a pain, and while I don't have a generator, I if I did I wouldn't want to store it & it's fuel inside the SUV. Power is fine, and handling is great, although I do wish for a larger fuel tank.

That said, the RAV4 is comfortable for 4, gets 25MPG highway, 20MPG mixed driving when not towing which is about 1/2 my driving.

I'm going to have to decide between the two next Spring, and since I won't be able to purchase a new RAV4 (they dropped the V6), it is going to be a tough call. My home built utility trailer is getting a bit long in tooth, so a truck makes sense, then again, a 4 Runner is tempting.
Jon Vermilye My Travel Blog
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I have owned a pickup for 35 years now, and have never not had one.

For towing a bumper mount trailer, my preference is an SUV. We put no camping gear in the tow vehicle that is gear related to setting up the camp site, like chairs, chocks, BBQ's (anything cooking), hoses, mats, tables, etc. What goes in the trailer is most of the stuff that we would want with us wherever we go, whether connected to the trailer, or with the trailer left at the campsite, like camera gear, backpacks, water toys, etc. This worked great for us when we had the 19. Plus, everything is inside where it is warm, dry, secure and handy.

Now with the 5.0 on order, we have no choice buy using a pickup. While I love the layout of the 5.0, the fact of having to use a pickup was the one fact that I wasn't so happy with. For starters, I have never had a truck without some kind of topper, and couldn't do that. Lots of research did find me a way to outfit my truck to use for hauling lots of stuff and keeping it secure and dry, at least when not towing, but it seems more of a compromise.

In the end, it just comes down to personal choice, and how you intend to use the vehicle. Either can do the job just fine.
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Always seen myself as a (Chevy) station wagon guy. Dry camped happily with 6 of them over the years, as far as 50 miles up unpaved roads deep into Newfoundland. My first tow was a used '92 Ford Explorer and I really liked that SUV, (my first Ford, which amazed me). Got lots of leg room, sitting high, big, permanently covered cargo space in back, etc. When it died (blown head gasket) I went for another SUV, '96 Chevy Tahoe. Another great tow. So, when it's time finally came, replacing with a pick-up was clearly not in my plans.

But when the dealership told station wagon guy he couldn't take his Acadia home for maybe another couple weeks (they weren't sure because Detroit was still dissecting their mysterious recall plans) they gave me a loaner, a brand new Silverado.

I even took it camping. Long story short, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It's my first truck, it's big, it's powerful, it's got all the bells and whistles I would ever need, it's quiet and drives like a limo, and, it hauls yard brush without ever tearing up a headliner.
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Pick up vs SUV

For us a pickup plus canopy works best.
More space than a tonneau so our belly boats, outboard motor, generator, fishing gear, etc fit. Keeps fuel out of passenger area. Can remove canopy for hauling higher loads. Bed liner makes it a breeze to clean up.
Bob K
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Had a 2002 F150 crew cab, what i hated about it was gas mileage and turn radius. With my Rav i can turn around almost anywhere in one swoop. I only hope it is durable and lasts a long time. I just do not want to buy a new suv anytime soon, at my age. Carl
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We've towed with a Tacoma V6 Extended Cab and now an Xterra V6. One main criteria for both is truly "off road" capable. Both work well as a TV, if anything the Xterra is a little better possibly due to the shorter distance from hitch ball to rear wheels. But it's nit picking as both are similar towing. These two are similar in size.

We had a canopy on the Tacoma enclosing the bed. We moved to the Xterra for a couple of reasons. 1) The Tacoma wore out. 2) The Tacoma bed gets real dusty and the Xterra doesn't (canopies don't have a great seal). 3) There's more room in the Xterra for the dogs. The Tacoma had less cab room but much larger area in the bed.

It's nice to have a pickup, but the canopy negates some of its usefulness. We have a small 4'x8' utility trailer for hauling stuff around town.

I suspect an SUV will generally give a better ride? The Xterra is more like a truck than most SUVs so I can't say for sure.

It would be nice to have a V8 towing an Escape 19. If the criteria of off-road and a manual transmission were lifted we'd have looked for a V8, likely SUV.

So, it all depends on how you travel. But if you want to travel like us, that's our experience.

Hugh Currin
2011 Escape 19
2013 Nissan XTerra
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