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Do tractor trailers put chains on their trailers? They have brakes.

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Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
If the situation requires chains, I'm waiting it out or staying home.
Agreed! Park yourself somewhere and sit it out inside your cozy trailer that you've turned the propane furnace on so it's toasty warm. And you have a bathroom to use and a propane stove to cook warm food on. While everyone else is fighting the roads and risking sliding off the road. And getting killed by the idiots in trucks that feel if they're in 4 wheel drive they can conquer any road conditions and drive way too fast and tailgate you and flash their lights at you and all that crud.

Yeah, I'll wait it out, thank you very much.

And if you can't and you really feel you need chains, I'd ask ETI about it. They know their trailers inside and out and can give you the best information about it.

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Originally Posted by parfsten View Post
In California (don't know about other states) if you are using a braking system for your trailer you are required to install snow chains if necessary.
The California law, like many laws, is unclear. But, a little research shows that when snow chains are required, you must have one axle chained if the trailer is equipped with brakes. This supposedly is to increase traction while braking.
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Kind of like the snow tires on front wheel drive vehicles, supposed to have them on all 4 so the back doesn't become the front.
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You're trying to relate common sense with California law. It just will not work. Motorcycles can split lanes but a trailer cannot exceed 55 mph? My daughter lives there and after one trip to see her, she now visits us.
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I have a lot of experience with chains in California and agree that they are required. Yes, I've towed trailers on snow covered roads. When you have to get somewhere and there is snow it's nice to have chains if you need them.

I did a search on here and I found a couple of 17B owners that carry chains. Any cable chain should work. I would just get the $25 Wal-mart specials.

The reason you WOULDN'T want to actually put them on unless you have to is obvious to anyone who has used chains though. They often come loose and slap against the tire well. On an Escape that would destroy the fiberglass pretty quickly.

I will carry chains and put them on if there is an inspector, and take them off as soon as possible.
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Agree CA is a major "nanny" state, however appreciate some of the rules in regards to safety and they don't allow a Semi-truck to tow 3 trailers like some states do.

This from CA DOT regarding Chain Requirements for semis:

What chains are required for an “18-wheeler?”

An 18-wheeler (typically a combination consisting of a 3-axle tractor and 2-axle semitrailer, but including other combinations and axle counts) is required to have chains on:

All four tires on the main (usually front) drive axle
The two outside tires on the other (usually rear) drive axle
One tire on each side of the trailer (front or rear axle, or staggered OK)
No chains are required on the steering axle
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Parfsten, I suggest you choose cable chains that are S class rated for your Escape. They might also work fine on your A-liner.....and your tow vehicle. They are made for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance.
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