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Nah. Too much competition.
100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
Not all of it cats.

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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
I am a little disappointed that the video didn't actually show the trailer's behaviour...
Originally Posted by J Mac View Post
How could that be done?
With so many dash cams in use, I thought it might turn out to include video from a vehicle that happened to be behind the trailer. There are dramatic videos out there of trailers swaying out of control or falling over in crosswinds. In hindsight, blowouts seem to be quite uneventful so there wouldn't be much to see from behind.

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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
Grant, you shudda been there last year! I know of two 19' that were put up for sale (at the park) as soon as the owners saw the new 21'
Donna D.

Last year this time I still had the 38 foot 5th wheel (without Goodyear tires) and wasn't thinking about getting a small trailer.

Who knows maybe once I see an Escape 21 in person, maybe I will change my mind about what I want.

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upgrading to Marathons

on another thread, AZJACK said:
Originally Posted by azjack View Post
The thread on tires I read with interest as I paid an extra $50 per tire (5) to have Reace and company install 5 Goodyear Marathons. I had new Marathons on an Airstream 20 years ago and no problems, I had various import names on a Casita 17 later and lost several treads, one on a LA freeway with a very high dollar car following me, no damage except a lot of black to clean off the trailer. With the Casita I then switched to LT tires and no more problems. My 19 had Goodyears and no problems for 3 years and a lot of miles. I felt the cost was worth it to buy another set for the 21 as I do run at the speed limits up and down hill
Have other folks done this? We have Marathons on our 17B, and I have been very happy with them. I know that there are many google hits about problems with both Goodyear Marathons and Carlisle tires. Interestingly, all of the hits seem to be a couple years old or older. Perhaps this is one those topics that has as many opinions as there are members of the forum.
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Hi: Leon W... The only problem we had with Marathon Radial tires in 6 yrs. of towing, wasn't the tires but the valve stems. In 2007 the Chinese valve stem maker put 13-15 million stems on the market all without any UV protection in the compound.
When I heard this I checked mine and all 3 were badly cracked. I towed to my tire dealer and he changed them for $10. each. No problems, but because of this I believe a lot of tires got a bad wrap. Usually when a tire goes flat or a blowout occurs it's a bad tire. No one checks the weakest link in the chain!!! Alf
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I can now confirm that the much reported sidewall blowout problem with Marathons appeared on our 2010 17B. I had hoped we were impervious to the Marathon sidewall problems as we are quite a long way under their load limit and that maybe Goodyear had solved the problem before ours were made.

We were driving about 60 mph, temp about 70F, fairly light load, tires inflated at 47 psi before we left that morning. Tires have less than 20K total miles on them.

We had been driving for about 1.5 hours, when I heard a noise like we went over a rumble strip, looked in rear view mirror and saw the trailer tipped to one side, looked in outside rear mirror and saw smoke pouring out of the wheel well. The trailer did not swerve at all and I easily immediately pulled over to the shoulder, ran back to find a smoking mess of rubber. The entire tread has come off in one piece right where the sidewall meets the tread. (see photos) With the assistance of the nice folks across the road and a young sheriff deputy who luckily came along and used his flashing lights to protect me as I took off the carcass and put on the spare.

Last year I put spray on bedliner in the wheel well and I think it greatly helped prevent any damage to the fiberglass.

So, my current plan is to go with new Carlisle Radial Trail RH slightly larger ST215/75R14 rather than the stock 205's. I am assuming that the slight size increase should present no clearance problems? Anyone made a similar size change? I will also need to replace the rims with 6" width rather than the stock 5.5"
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Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)
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Yikes . Glad to here you made it off the road safely and with no damage to the trailer.
MacRae, 21ft
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Originally Posted by dave macrae View Post
Yikes . Glad to here you made it off the road safely and with no damage to the trailer.
Thanks Dave - me too!! Sure gets ones heart racing.
Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)
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Sjeessshhh, that's more than enough to rise one's stress level.

Glad no one got hurt.

Have fun!

Severinus and Yvonne
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Good information. With the earlier theme of valve stems, did that have anything to do with it? Not sure there is enough tire left to make a determination but it appears the valve stem hole is empty.

How about the rim? Is that salvageable?

Paul and Janet Braun
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