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Myron, My 2002 Tundra still fits me like a glove. Peter

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tow a 19

With the 19 I was able to just use the stock mirrors on the jeep GC, I could see straight down the side and that covered the next lane over. When 4" were added with the 21 I bought the Milenco mirrors that so many people liked and I agree with them. They clip on the top or bottom of the mirror housing and slide in or out. I cut a couple of inches off the rod so that I could bring them in closer to the stock mirrors and the rod would not touch the door. I didn't want anything against the paint on the mirror housing.
I should be a Rockies fan as I was born and raised in Colorado, and we are there every year at some time between April and October. This is the reason for the close to 400 lbs. of torque I want in my TV. The new diesel has that but I'm going to wait a while to change, I still have 40,000 miles on my warranty and 21 to 23 mpg hiway and 15 to 16 mpg towing at speed limit plus some. I do use premium when towing though as I usually do, trying to get max advance if the magic parts will handle any more.

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Does your manual specify premium gas or is that your choice? My Ram specifies mid range and have wondered if the xtra octane may improve my mpg?
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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From all that I've read and heard, you are just wasting money buying higher octane gas than specified.
Engines these days are computer controlled and the computer is programmed for the gas specified.
Doesn't stop me from using mid-grade to climb the Coquihalla, but the experts say there is no advantage.
2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
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Many high-performance engines are designed to operate with a high maximum compression, and thus demand fuels of higher octane. A common misconception is that power output or fuel efficiency can be improved by burning fuel of higher octane than that specified by the engine manufacturer. The power output of an engine depends in part on the energy density of the fuel being burnt. Fuels of different octane ratings may have similar densities, but because switching to a higher octane fuel does not add more hydrocarbon content or oxygen, the engine cannot develop more power.
"Never argue with an idiot. They only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." George Carlin
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tow vehicles for 19 or 21

Jim, my jeep book also says I can use 87 but 89 is preferred. I use 91 when towing to cover the times that I do not get what I think I am buying. I have read in other places that 91 is a good idea when towing, maybe a little extra insurance as I do push at times and I would like to do my part to help out. If I felt I needed to reduce travel expenses I would still spend on my vehicles and cut down on the beer/wine.
While in the book just now towing info for the 2wd, hemi GC:
MAX TW-740
my GC--5300#

I figure I'm under GCWR by at least 3000#
Under tongue by 200#
Under TW by 3000#

Reasons I'll probably buy another just like this one.
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As long as you don't hear pinging (detonation) with regular gasoline you should be OK without spending money on the premium fuel. It is true that premium fuel may allow the engine management system to advance the spark timing more which would make more power. Whether it is a worthwhile gain for the dollar is up to you. Detonation if allowed to happen will damage your engine, so put better fuel in if you hear it.
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Just to muddle things even more auto manufacturers have been slow to adopt the new SAE trailering standards. Toyota was one of the first to do so, it generally reduces the amount a vehicle can tow. Ford, GM and RAM are agreeing to rate their vehicles using the new standards in 2015.

PS We love our 4runner, have had 2 (a V6 and V8. Very comfortable, reliable ride towing and around town. A friend just bought a new Jeep GC, nice car - tough choice, good luck.
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I recently saw on the news that some "premium" vehicle manufacturers were recommending higher octane fuels than required because owners or prospective owners expected premium fuel for their premium vehicles.
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Trailer: gone, 19 and 21, waiting for 17B
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tow vehicles for 19 or 21

There is a reason most states check the "posted" octane on fuel pumps. I have over the years had detonation when I shouldn't have and then needed to gently burn a tank down until I could add a good name brand fuel. Most of the cars I have owned did not have computers, it was up to me to adjust the timing so I am a little too sensitive and not too trusting of signs.

P.S. my wife has one of the cheapest new little cars that has good performance on 1.4 liters but it does require premium to get the performance and mileage.

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