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Originally Posted by skiman View Post
I have subscribed to CR for years. You do need to take their ratings with a grain of salt. I remember getting ready to buy a highly rated expensive Hoover vacuum based on their recommendation. Looked at Amazon ratings and people hated it. Bought a Dyson that people liked and it has been great for 20 years. At the time CR didn't rate them well at all.
Also being a owner of Dyson when they started selling here . Couldn't understand why they pushed the heavy , short cord , not user friendly Hoover . And as you said , the Dyson that is well liked CR doesn't like . HmmPat

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Originally Posted by BCnomad View Post
I'll run my open framed generator with a sun lamp.
That's good thinking.

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Originally Posted by thoer View Post
Car enthusiasts everywhere bash CR auto ratings, missing the point that they will get a review that much more closely matches their needs at "Car and Driver" or a related publication. After years of driving cheap clunkers that were all I could afford and doing all my own mechanic and bodywork, I bought my first new car ever in 1986. When we needed a second car, I bought a Corolla in 1990 based on CR reviews. My car enthusiast brother ridicules my Corollas, as he spends 2 - 3 times the amount on cars that give him the "driving experience" he craves. I've now owned 4 Corolla of which not a single one has had anything major go wrong, worst has been one water pump at about 120K. Except for our current 2014, each of those was sold to friends and I watched them live out their lives (before Wisconsin road salt claimed them) without a single major failure.
That's just the kind of reliable ownership experience which one would expect based on reviews of the Corolla in magazines for auto enthusiasts, newspaper articles, and random anecdotes from friends who own them. There's no conflict here between sources, and little value in any one source... including Consumer Reports.

The guy spending much more for a different "driving experience" is not getting more reliability or more effective transportation, and I doubt that he would claim otherwise. Yes, you need to know what type of information you need to choose a suitable source.
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Ray, thanks for the CR survey details.

Originally Posted by Ray N View Post
Consumer Reports requires a minimum of 100 samples for every make and model for every year reported on.
That's much better than one, or a few. For comparison, there were 63,232 of the new Chevrolet Colorado sold up to the end of September 2015. If they have 100 samples, it would be interesting to say what a statistician would say about the accuracy of projections based on that sample; unlike a typical opinion poll, the CR report gives no estimate of error.

Any unbiased source - or source with a known bias - can be useful... but the accuracy needs to be considered objectively.
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Once again; Golly Gee Brian, I have to join in the chorus of thanks for taking time to spread your seemingly infinite knowledge of every topic ever discussed here on the forum onto us hicks. The next time I consider a new car and want to look back at how reliable that model has been in 17 specific areas over a period of 6-7 years, from a source that doesn't take ad money from the products it is reviewing, I am going to be sure to look at every single source you listed there that can provide that for me.

I've also learned that every political poll ever done is worthless as it polls a very tiny faction on actual voters.

Also, since Corollas are my favorite small sedan and Consumer Report now list 6 others small sedans better than it, I can clearly see that Consumer Report is therefore worthless.
Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw
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I admit to being a CR reader and past supporter. I find it hard to find unbiased info on major purchases and I think it can be challenging to study and report the findings for the various aspects of the products they research. Regarding sample size, the greater the variability of the data being measured the greater the sample size needed to have confidence in it's prediction.

FYI, the USFDA approves drugs for use in the USA population after completing three phases of trials that often totals no more than a few thousand patients. Seems to me to be a pretty small sample size.
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Moving right along...

And back to the OP's Toyota and Tundra question.
Karen Hulford
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I think we dealt with that in the first two pages.
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This thread is like asking which tires are best.

I love my Tundra!
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I'm a big Toyota fan. Love both the Tundra AND Tacoma, for different reasons, and the '74 FJ40 that I seem unable or unwilling to part with, despite the exhortations of my SO. A guy can't have too many Toyotas.

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