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Old 08-25-2016, 12:07 PM   #71
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My pet peeve is children. I love kids- I enjoy talking to them, and don't mind them riding bikes and scooters and wanting to pet the dogs- while we are on walks. I don't like them riding bikes and scooters after dark while Mom and Dad drink, or before 7 am ("You kids go ride your bikes and let mommy sleep!" or continuing to intrude on our campsite privacy after being asked to leave the dogs alone there (and no, sneaking up to spy on them makes it worse, not better!) But it does come back to common courtesy and whether they are being taught to respect others or not, and to whether the parents are on vacation from their children while camping (some seem to think they are).
Some kids are just wonderful and it makes the trip more enjoyable to see them having fun.

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Hi Adrian
How are you doing? Hope all is good. Yep. Those boys were full of energy but were no problem. Their Dad even came over as we were heading out to make sure we weren't mad at him or his family. I could next to nice
folks like that all summer. Elora Gorrge PP
In Ontario was no alcohol too. Common courtesy is sometimes an oxymoron, especially around morons.

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Old 08-25-2016, 08:56 PM   #73
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Please, please, please honor the "quiet time" hours posted at most campgrounds. Listening to detailed conversations at 2 AM infuriates me!
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My favorite idiot is the one who leave their dogs inside their rigs barking all day, then complain about the noisy kids when the spot they chose is next to a playground. I spent a lot of time and energy training my dogs to be quiet when in the camper, block off any view that might excite them, and play music (and air conditioner on low fan) to mask outside stimulus.

You can't train my grandkids to be quiet at a playground!
Charlie Y

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As I said in a different thread, we had a wonderful time at Wellesley Island but there were some lapses in etiquette that were annoying and one situation that was disturbing. There was one camper that had some kind of laser thing that lit up trees with sparkles -- I would say that trees were lit up two or three hundred feet away from the machine. These folks also kept their lights on all night, as did several others. One weekend night there was some pretty rude behavior (I'll spare the details) in the restroom as well as lots of music. Luckily for us we were far enough away from the lights and the parties, and in general the campground did quiet down at night. Also, once we enter the Escape, it's insulated enough to keep out light and noise.

The first week, our closest neighbors ran their generator the maximum allowed -- six hours a day. Fortunately there was enough open space (and empty campsites) near us so that we could often get away from it but it was oppressive.

But the worst was that our daughter -- who was closer -- kept hearing this one family as they hit their child. They didn't seem to care that their voices (and the child's screams) easily were heard through the walls of their tent. I wonder what others would have done in that situation.
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Originally Posted by Ruthe View Post
But the worst was that our daughter -- who was closer -- kept hearing this one family as they hit their child. They didn't seem to care that their voices (and the child's screams) easily were heard through the walls of their tent. I wonder what others would have done in that situation.
This made me ill. At the very least I would have spoken to a park ranger, if I didn't receive any satisfaction, I would have called the police. No child deserves to be hit, NO CHILD EVER!
Donna D.
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Bobbie, my peeve isn't children, it's parents who don't parent. Like you, we enjoy meeting youngsters while camping, and for the most part, kids are great. The ones who cut through your campsite at night or who raise a ruckus are a direct result of a parent who is either unwilling or unable to teach their kid how to behave in public - or who lets them run wild when they should be tucked away in their sleeping bag. It's not just at campsites, but anywhere. I have had the opportunity to mentor kids, both when I was a police officer and afterwards. The funny thing is that in most cases it's the parents who could use some mentoring. Give a kid love and structure and an amazing thing happens - a responsible adult.
"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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and cellphones, for some reason people seem to think that while they are on their phone there is a "cone of silence" around them, there is not and I'm tired of hearing other people's one way conversations.
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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These types of behavior seem to be most prevalent at public campgrounds, which unfortunately are the types we prefer. Don't know if it's the cheaper prices or the minimum of rule enforcement that attracts such folks.

One can always leave and go elsewhere.
Happy Motoring
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Some people just don't care about anyone else. Our pet peeve is people starting their generators at 6 am or leaving it running most of the day. Or starting up their big diesel truck to warm up for half an much for peace and quiet !

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