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My bad, I confused you with Rossue as being closer to Mexico, you are a lot further away.

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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Hi Foxhunt,

My wife and I have spent quite a bit of time RVing in Baja. I can't attest to the mainland but Baja was absolutely amazing. The last time we went down we spent close to 2 months touring around in an 18 foot stick trailer and a Tacoma. We haven't had a single bad or scary experience in our travels at all. We actually have felt safer in Baja than we did in most of the USA. The people are so amazing and helpful everywhere you go, and everything is so much cheaper. For the bigger rigs it might be a bit limited but with our rig we spent most of the time dry camping for free on the many out of the way beaches. We saw a bunch of Caravans on our travels, and they would be a great way to start if you have any trepidation. They stick to a plan and that's just not for us so we did it solo. We are going to be picking up our our new 21 Escape in July and will definitely be spending the following winter again in Mexico. Don't let the media or anyone scare you away from this amazing country. You will not regret rolling around down there.


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I have traveled (in everything from a camper-van to a stick trailer) to Mexico since 2003 on various trips with my sister, my Mum, and now my husband. I, have stuck to Baja for practical reasons, but my mother (in her 60s) has traveled to the mainland (west coast to Mazatlan), solo, in her camper van. The key is to get out of the border towns as fast as you can, and you'll soon realize that the Mexicans are happy, friendly and helpful. It's pretty easy, if you have even a smattering of common sense, to avoid dangerous situations in Mexico, just like anywhere else. The amazing beaches, cheap-or-free camping, and overall experience make it very worthwhile. I feel a little sad when I see all the "snowbirds" - American AND Canadian - huddled in dusty RV parks on the American side of the border. Take the plunge, folks! Delicious tacos and deserted beaches await! Please feel free to PM me if you want any specifics on traveling to Baja - I'm happy to oblige!
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Thanks for all the different perspectives. I've heard that the Baja is safer to RV. I think we should listen to the words of caution and use common sense. I think Canadians may have a different perspective than Americans.

"Lightning can strike" aka bad things can happen to anyone (even Canadians venturing down into the States whee all the guns are). We need to pay attention and make as many informed decisions as we can. As I type this little post I'm siting on a balcony over looking the ocean at Playa Del Carmen as we celebrate our 40th wedding aniversary( I got married when I was five). We saw soldiers with sub machine guns at various points coming down from Cancun. Wierd to see that for a Canadian.

I can see the day we might slip down below the US border. Perhaps Jim and I will organize our own little escape caravan.
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Ouch. I can see this thread heading south.
Not supposed to mention guns, politics or religion.
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I had a 30' sailboat that I took from San Francisco Bay down through out Mexico. Only guns I saw were on Navy Vessels, both US and Mexican Navy's. There was a municipal election ongoing in La Paz when we first got there, then later a Presidential election. Love the deep faith that the Mexican people have.
Having got that out of my system, now my story. Our experiences were phenomenal. Spent 5-6 weeks each winter on the boat. Sailed down the Baja peninsula to Cabo then up to La Paz. Kept the boat in that area for a couple of years, then crossed the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. Stayed there a year or so, then down to Banderas Bay for a few years.
Met many Mexican people who became our friends and would trust them with our lives. For the most part, most of the people are honest, hard working, and just trying to get ahead in life, no different from anyone at home.
While we spent our time in Marinas, some friends has condos, trailered down, or were renting. Just like being at home, no problems because we chose where to go, when to go, and who to hang with.... Show people respect and be sincere with them, and you will get the same in return.
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The Gypsy Woman and I just returned from Mexico. We drove from Alberta. Spent the winter in Mazatlan in a rented apartment. Which is cheaper than the fees at most RV Parks on the ocean. We drove all over Sinaloa and Sonora without any problems. I was using #2 gas 87 octane and it fouled my injectors and caused the O2 sensors to misbehave. The Chrysler dealer in Mazatlan fixed the issue and advised me to only use premium fuel while in Mexico. Although our Spanish is limited the local people went out of their way to be patient and understanding, in both the cities and the villages. We plan to return in October.
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All sounds great. I have gone a few times but not driven some day I would like to drive down to Baja and stay a while. My friends have gone camping in that area and had a great time. Thanks for all the advice !
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Picked up the trailer in Chilliwack and drove to San Diego to supply then down Baja to Pescadero BCS which is 8 km south of the sleepy artist/surfer town of Todos Santo and 60 km away from the big city of Cabo San Lucas to our south We use this as a home base and travel the world 4 months out of the year. The ride down Baja is breathtaking but a DRIVE meaning you have to pay attention. You don't cruise with the cruise control on. We are Residente Temporal working towards Residente Permanente and Mexican Citizenship. We love it here. The weather is perfect all year long. And for you guys north of the US it's like Canada South here. Every time we say to someone we live in Pescadero they ask if we're Canadian. Be happy to answer any questions anyone may have.
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cool place down there, looks like a real nice rv park.

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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