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Maxx fan vent open or closed during winter storage

I searched through several threads on whether the maxx fan vent should be open or closed, but I'm just not sure what to do as it seems to be a 50/50 thing in the responses I've read.
I'm really new to travel trailers and I plan on storing our 17B uncovered here in the lower mainland of BC where we get heaps of rain over winter (2" falling tonight they say...). Very little sun and did I mention buckets of rain ? Anyway, snow really isn't much of a issue usually but with the high moisture in the air should I leave the vent open or closed over winter? If we do get snow I will make sure to brush if off so it doesn't enter the vent.
I'm using two dry-z-air containers and planned on leaving the roof vent fully open - do you think this is the right thing ? I really don't want the inside to be all fluffy and green in the spring. My thinking is that leaving it open will allow the air to circulate a bit and hopefully keep the moisture down (along with the dry-z-airs).

What say youse other lower rainlanders ?


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Where I live the wind BLOWS November to March. So the rain comes down sideways. I've always battened down everything in the Scamp and used Dri-Z-Air for 12 years. No musty stuff, no green stuff. But, I wouldn't dare leave a vent open, even with a cover. Besides, if you're using Dri-Z-Air it will be attempting to dry out the air you've now got coming into the trailer from the outside. You'll use it up much faster I'd think.

Best of luck with your decision!

Donna D.
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We are in In Victoria. We keep the vent and all windows closed. Dri-Z container inside, which I empty every month or so. I also top up the Dri-Z then. I place the DriZ unit it in a small bucket just in case. We also open all cupboards and drawers for air circulation inside the trailer. Never had any problems.

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I generally open it fully when I'm also running a electric heater. Rest of the time, it's probably closed, unless I forgot.
I also have two Dri-Z-Air containers that I check and empty every week or two. All cupboard doors are open and cushions on end, for air circulation.
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A web search brings up articles calling for leaving a vent open as does the ETI manual.

The one time I left a window and vent open in my last trailer I had mildew, I'm going the closed route with Dri-Z.

Bought a heater that will keep it just above freezing but I haven't decided if I'll use it.
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I leave the roof vent open all the time, but I am not using moisture absorbing material, because I am in a much drier area. If I were, I agree with Donna - it would be futile to try to absorb moisture while significantly ventilating.
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In Florida, the humidity is high for many months of the year, typically in the 90s during the summer months (June-October) and in the 70s and 80s frequently. I cannot leave a vent open with the air so moist, and I actually run a dehumidifier (set at 45%) when the camper is not in use. I discharge the dehumidifier through a hose (or I would be dumping the container on a daily basis) and into the sink, through the gray water tank and out a hose which has a screened cap on the end to prevent pests from coming in the back door. Unfortunately, the chemical dessicants would be overwhelmed by natural humidity if I tried to rely on them to keep the inside relatively dry/mildew free.
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When I had the 17 I kept it parked in the driveway, a half mile from the coast. Used two Dri-Z-Air units with all vents closed. During the winter each would fill about half-way every week, even with the vents closed. Moisture seems to find a way in, leaving the vent open would just result in more product being used. The only mold I ever got was when I forgot to prop the reefer door open after a trip. BTW, I never drained the Dri-Z-Airs into the grey tank, and wouldn't recommend it. I dumped them on the lawn one time, and tok out a major swatch of grass.
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Our 17 is covered in the winter and I leave the vent cracked. I stopped using Dri-Z-Air and started used EvaDry. It's worked for two years, I guess, no mildew or other nasty stuff inside. It is reusable and no chemicals or liquids to dispose. It does take several hours to "recharge" but then works like new. Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer: Home & Kitchen
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We use the EvaDry also and are happy with it. Our trailer is stored inside our shed. I tried both with the vent slightly open and closed and have experienced no problems either way. I think this year I will keep it closed and try to make sure I recharge the EvaDry regularly.

Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

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