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I've never sanitized my fresh water tank. I just drain it from time to time.
I don't have a theory, or a plan.
Note: the municipal water supply here is chlorinated.

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I have never done one either, but then again I only use it for flushing and occasional coffee, boiling the water in the coffee maker should kill any germs. Drinking water is always brought from home, in approved gallon containers for both us and the dogs. I only use the tank water for coffee as a last resort, i.e. after we consume the other.

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I used a 1/2C in our 30 gallon tank, pump it through the lines and let it sit for an hour. Drain and rinse a couple times after. We stopped in northern GA for the night, temps were above freezing. Hoteled it for the first night.
Happy Motoring
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So how are you putting the bleach in.Thru the water fill[side of trailer],or are you pumping it in.Once in do you drive around with the trailer sloshing it about,or are you turning on the pump,there by at this.Tried pouring into side fill,didn't rinse it out very well.Was sick for 2 days ...thanks
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With my 19, I did the bleach thing once in just over 6 years. With my previous trailer, we did it a bit more often. I pretty much do like most.

I mix 1/2 of bleach in a 5 gallon container of water, pour into a part filled water tank. I then fill the tank completely, run water through all the lines until I smell the bleach from each hot and cold tap. I then top off the water tank.

This I let sit for at least 30 minutes. I think time is a bit irrelevant, as is the amount of bleach, just so long as you have enough. I then drain the water system as good as possible, including the hot water tank.

I then fill the water tank and run water through the lines and flush once to clear out the bleach solution. I never worry about a wee bit of residual bleach by flushing more than once, as the minute bits left are not really harmful.
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Thanks for all the information. We take drinking water but do use water from the tank for dishes, brushing teeth, and cooking.

I feel confident now that letting it set a couple of hours will be adequate.
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I'm confused now, the initial post was about de-winterizing, Water run through the system will do that as rv antifreeze is not toxic. Just hook up to a water source and flush until clear. Bleach may not be good to add to rv antifreeze. One uses bleach when the trailer has not been in use, in warmer temperatures where the fresh tank may have a smell or odor, not to dewinterize and flush out rv antifreeze.
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From the Escape Owner's Manual:

Sanitizing the Fresh Water System
Keeping the fresh water system clean and free of any potential contaminations is a top priority. Sanitizing the system before initial use and thereafter annually, or whenever water remains unused for prolonged durations, is recommended. This will help keep the water system fresh and discourage harmful bacterial or viral growth. To sanitize your system, perform the following:
1. Drain the tank by opening the low point drain on the fresh water tank. Make sure water heater is not by- passed.
2. Prepare a chlorine bleach solution of 1⁄4 cup to one gallon of water for every 15 gallons of tank capacity.
3. Add solution to tank and fill with water. Turn on pump and open each faucet/fixture until a distinct chlorine odor is smelled. Close faucets and let stand 4 hours. Do not forget to turn on hot water taps as well as cold.
4. Completely drain system and flush with fresh water until chlorine odor and smell is gone. (If water filter has been added, change it at this time).
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sanatizing tank and lines

I was in charge of a large hospital laboratory water purification system for over 20 years and can offer this advice. Do NOT use a trailer water system as drinking water without religiously following a sanitation regime like that suggested by ETI. If you purchased a USED trailer and need to use its water for drinking, have a sample tested and cultured by a reputable water testing lab to ensure the water is drinkable. We had tanks or circulating loops that developed bacterial growth with biofilm membranes that prevented our sterilizing solutions from doing their job, so after many extraordinary sanitation attempts by Millipore and Culligan water companies, the only solution was to rip out the tubing or physically scrub the membranes from the affected tank. If only using the water for washing, flushing or such (our situation) you needn't be this careful. Stagnant water can grow these biofilm membranes in a matter of months. We put a 5 gal purified water container on the floor by the door of our Escape 21 for drinking.

I will be sanitizing our Escape for the first time next month using ETI's procedure.

Bob K
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Thanks good to know Bob, thanks for the information.


Doug & Eileen
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