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Not selling our 19, nor buying another one.

But we've been planning a trip to Idaho and Montana for this summer. But wow, at these rates we might be able to travel up into BC. WooHoo.

Hugh Currin
2011 Escape 19
2013 Nissan XTerra
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"What is an exchange rate bobble in trade for a summer?"

Sally hit the nail on the head.

And best wishes!

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I think that awareness of the exchange rate and the resulting effect on the new price is good information for buyers. On the other hand, this is only really relevant for those comparing a used purchase from a U.S. owner to a purchase (new or used) from ETI or a private owner in Canada.

For us here in Canada, the changing relative value of the U.S. dollar has no immediate effect on the price of a new trailer, or the price of a used trailer in Canada. A used trailer in Canada will still be priced lower than a new trailer (which of course is also in Canada), regardless of the buyer's location. Buying a used Escape from the U.S. and re-importing to Canada is now even less attractive, but it's not like there's a big selection of these anyway. Of course, new prices will go up as required to compensate for rising costs.
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Originally Posted by Sally P View Post
Hi, all, I'm back. And have my own personal answer to 'buyer beware.' Yes, if you have all the time in the world, or think you do, wait. But life doesn't always go by the book. I had that brand new 21, then had lung cancer. Sold the 21, had surgery and chemo. Ordered a new 17, then worried about not being able to use it, so cancelled. Last month my 1 year CT was clear, and when Dave Okimoto's 17B came up for sale, I sure jumped on it! What is an exchange rate bobble in trade for a summer? Will be picking it up next week and taking it to Chilliwack for a solar retrofit. As Donna says, YMMV.

And through all this, I can't express my gratitude enough to Tammie for her understanding.
You are so right Sally! Life can sure throw you some curve balls. Great story. Good for you.
"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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We recently sold our 2010 5.0. It took over 6 months (it will actually be 10 months when the buyer picks up the trailer in April). Early on I realized that the spectre of converting to Canadian dollars was troubling to some US buyers. For that reason I listed the selling prices in Canadian or US dollars (Canadians face this all the time - Magazine prices are a good example - the US vs Can price have nothing to do with the exchange rate). No conversion needed (I will deal with that). Back in September the prices I quoted favoured the US buyer (I was going to take a loss on the conversion of 2 or 3 percent). When the trailer sold the Canadian dollar was dropping. The buyer was fully aware of that but was happy with the US price. Even now when we speak he jokes that I am going to make some money, but has never suggested that I should lower the price. It has not affected him one iota as he is still paying what we agreed he would pay. However, even now I am not completely sure what I will receive in Canadian Dollars but it will be close enough to what I was asking. A new trailer was never an option for him. He wanted the smaller 5.0 or nothing.

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Old 02-12-2015, 12:09 PM   #26
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I really think the exchange rate is a moot point if purchasing used from the US marketplace. Demand is high and supply is low. I would be all over a lightly used 19' just a few hours from me on the East Coast if the layout was to my liking at these prices. That would also mean eating a $500 deposit for one on order. Wait till Spring these TT will be sold.
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Old 02-12-2015, 12:13 PM   #27
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I think the OP's post was appropriate. As stated earlier, it was not in the Classifieds and was for buyer education purposes, not to slam current sellers. All non-Canadian buyers are somewhat at the whim of current exchange rates when they buy and sell. We all take that risk, some will 'win' and some will 'lose', but hopefully we all 'win' by getting the trailer we want. Also, as stated earlier, there will always be buyers who want/need their trailer now, not in 8-10 months, and will help support the used market. Just my two cents worth as a very recent buyer.
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Anybody that concerned with the Canadian dollar lowering in value to the US dollar can always buy US dollars today. What's there to loose? A US dollar will always be worth a US dollar in the United States and a Canadian dollar will always be worth a dollar in Canada.
Your only gain or loss is when you sell or use the currency.
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The favorable exchange rate is not only a good time buy, it's an excellent opportunity to add more stuff to the build sheet that one would normally pass on. Adding the solar package and inverter now seems to be with in reach. Decisions decisions!!
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"How can I be lost, if I have no place to go"
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I don't think it was appropriate to call out the ONLY three Escape's for sale in the US. I even think they might have even tried buying one and were not happy with the results.

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price, wanted

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