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I'm probably going to make my fellow Americans mad, but it's generally true that many Americans think the dollar refers to their own currancy and nothing else. What you guys have is a loonie (yes, I know it's actually a dollar first, then loonie by popular name, and no, we didn't invent the term "dollar" though we think we did).

When my compatriots see "dollar," they think USD.

The exceptions are those who live in states bordering Canada or in areas snowbirds frequent. But even a lot of them think the U.S. is the only country with a dollar.

So, I think it's good to remind them they're dealing with a different currancy when looking at Escapes for sale in Canada.

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Originally Posted by Sally P View Post
Hi, all, I'm back. And have my own personal answer to 'buyer beware.' Yes, if you have all the time in the world, or think you do, wait. But life doesn't always go by the book. I had that brand new 21, then had lung cancer. Sold the 21, had surgery and chemo. Ordered a new 17, then worried about not being able to use it, so cancelled. Last month my 1 year CT was clear, and when Dave Okimoto's 17B came up for sale, I sure jumped on it! What is an exchange rate bobble in trade for a summer? Will be picking it up next week and taking it to Chilliwack for a solar retrofit. As Donna says, YMMV.

And through all this, I can't express my gratitude enough to Tammie for her understanding.
I remember when you got your 21 and then had to sell it. I'm so glad for you that you have gotten past that health hurdle and are out camping again! Thanks for sharing your success story with us.

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Originally Posted by t-twnbob View Post
The favorable exchange rate is not only a good time buy, it's an excellent opportunity to add more stuff to the build sheet that one would normally pass on. Adding the solar package and inverter now seems to be with in reach. Decisions decisions!!
t-twnbob, Add that solar panel and inverter while your trailer is being built. I could almost bet that you will regret it later if you don't. Also, think resale value. As for the exchange rate, the young bucks asked the wise old trader what the market was going to do. He thought for a minute and then said, "Oh, it will fluctuate". Loren
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Another way to put this topic:

How do current Escape owners feel about the U.S. dollar's surge causing their Escape to devalue?

I'd bet that most would say something like: I don't intend to sell soon, so why would I care?

Only those owners planning to sell would be feeling much of a pinch. The rest of the folks are possibly planning trips up to Canada.
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Awful lot of angst here considering that a member pointed out the "obvious". If it's that obvious, it shouldn't be an issue. Nothing untoward.
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It is unfortunate that two adjacent countries use the same name for their currencies, since different names would draw attention to what should be obvious.

I do see how there can be some initial confusion with prices on websites, because on many sites the country of origin is not obvious. Of course, long before a purchase is finalized, a buyer of a direct-from-factory product which is sold for pickup at the factory will realize what country that factory is in. The ETI website prominently features a maple leaf and "Proudly built in British Columbia, Canada"... but that's where the trailer are made, not necessarily sold. Just for a laugh look at the page of watches at - there is no mention of any country other than Italy (even on the About Us page), and the prices are in dollars (not euros). Whose dollars?

I suppose one could always put US or CA in front the of the dollar sign, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for every U.S. business to do that!
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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
Time is not only money, but it's your life and memories you're waiting on. Every day is a gift, no matter your age and it's more precious the older we get. DON'T DELAY PLEASURE.

You can always make more money, you can not make more time!

I couldn't agree more .... my brother in law had a mastectomy this morning due to breast cancer ( yes 1% are men). He has always put off fun ... "cant afford it" but owns two houses.

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Originally Posted by LeonardS View Post
How do current Escape owners feel about the U.S. dollar's surge causing their Escape to devalue?
Personally, I don't think my trailer has less value.. to ME. In fact, I value it more since the day I picked it up. The places I've already been and the places I intend to go. Those are all priceless. I never intended to sell Ten Forward, it's not that kind of asset. I plan to use it and use it and use it until I can't GO anymore. Then it will become an estate issue.

So, while I know what you're truly asking... I think that's a mental issue.
Donna D.
Ten Forward
2014 Escape 5.0TA
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How do I feel about the issue, nothing. Rather I'd ask Leonard how does he feel when he drives a new car off the lot and it goes down $3k in value. What about your home devaluation over the past several years. How does one feel that upon getting home finding out the same item costs 1/3 less at a competing store? How many times have you made a super buy that your friends were envious of? It is a way of life, prices fluctuate, no impact on how one should feel.
Actually I see an increase in the value of our Escapes, due to the lower gas prices. There is now an 18 month backlog for Airstreams and they are making something like 50 units a week!! The economy is booming with the lower gas prices and consumers have a lot more cash in their pockets to spend. The other item is time, with a year wait for a new Escape people are willing to spend more on a used unit because they want it now, there is a pented up consumer demand. Adding in delivery costs is another add on item for new vs used. Anyone want to buy a custom made 21' trailer??
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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Originally Posted by gabeck View Post
We too wish your wife a healthy happy future . Been there too (twice ) , to know that Jim Bennett has 25 years cancer free is truly very inspiring !
I'll second that. It's been almost 32 years cancer free for me. Life is a precious gift, and part of the reason we are embarking on our 'Escape Adventure' is to make sure we live it.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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price, wanted

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