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Canadien moulds, and US molds.

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Originally Posted by PGDriver View Post
Greg I see you have a French accent when you type.


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Originally Posted by Greg A View Post


Doug & Eileen
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My thinking is that it has to be more than a few cosmetic changes for ETI to think that someone would delay their delivery date for 6 months or more to get the new features.

On the 21 Reace had mentioned that the roof now had a honeycomb feature that negated the need for extra insulation so I'm wondering if this is being implemented into the whole body to make it stronger and give more insulating properties. This would also give more flexibility to the interior layout. Someone had mentioned an electric awning, I believe these are bolted to the side of the trailer rather than the top and bottom as is done now so a stronger side would be needed for this and a honeycomb type of side would provide this.

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The issue of being locked in or out of a trailer has nothing to do with the brand or even the brand of locks. All locks wear out or can have issues. I've never worried about it one whit in Ten Forward. The only time it was ever a problem was in my Scamp. My daughter got locked in... different, totally different type of lock and brand of trailer than an Escape.
Donna D.
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Somewhere in my vague memory, I recall advice to NOT use both the top lock and the dead bolt and to use the dead bolt on the inside only ( using the lever ).
I've only used the top keyed lock ever since.
Had the trailer almost eight years and have had no issues with locks. I did replace the cylinders that were recalled.
2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
The problem of adhesive fastening was addressed by bolts through the shell, which is secure but puts bolt heads (or worse, bolts ends with nuts) in the interior. A better solution would be a set of raised pads filled with solid inserts, which would provide flat points to bolt on panel brackets (using threaded inserts) and a smooth interior without protrusions or metal fasteners bypassing the insulation. There have always been similar mounting pads on an Escape for the awning and the door hinges. That's a mould change.
1. agreed with regard to mounting solar panels..need a more engineered method...possibly also flatten the area where it goes on the roof, mount it closer to the body and possibly create an air dam/deflector along the roof fiberglass and parallel to the solar panel front edge..less drag,resistance and possibility of the panel becoming a wing and stressing the anchor mounts! Designing a proper solar solution for 2017 and beyond is a must...anything else is going backwards unless you want to market it as retro.
2. create a proper lockable storage area for at least two AGM batteries for that solar array keeping in mind how much they weigh and cost $$$.
3. better integration of the storage option currently on the tongue

ruled out a 21 because of the bed/bathroom layout...hopefully some day they offer something else with the door at the rear which will allow that bathroom to move to back also..similar to the 25B21FB Bigfoot has..great layout for some.

ironically we are making suggestions or sharing ideas and Escape is already trying to finish the 19 mold for the 2017 model....
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Several fiberglass models have a flat door, my EggCamper did as well as some Casita's also.
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Unless you currently have some sort of a trailer, I can't imagine cancelling an order, just to have the latest and greatest. Camping season comes and goes for some of us, and life also throws it's fair share of punches.

I spent close to twice as much as I originally planned on when I decided to purchase an Escape. I see it holding its value much better than anything else I could have bought. I'm pretty sure I could post my trailer for sale, an it would be sold in a blink of an eye. I don't think a stick trailer holds its value or could be sold as fast, if I need some cash.
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I couldn't agree more Gringo. I've witnessed over the years a number of new trailers ordered that by the time they're built, health or other reasons cause them to be sold before they're even used. If the delay would be a year or even enough to miss the upcoming season I'd stay with the one coming soonest and get camping. The experiences and the relationships far outweigh what you arrive in in my book. Others may approach it differently which makes the world go round.
We're leaving for our third trip this week and we just picked up at Thanksgiving, times flying by. Gotta go, go, go....... Hope to see everyone out there soon.
When all is said and done, the classics may do better on resale anyway.

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