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Jim I agree with you that this is Reaces thread under Escape News and all the discussion about our fridge problems should be moved to Problem Solving area of the forum and we should quit hijacking Reaces threads. Its almost impossiable to see if Reace has posted anything new without reading through 40 pages of stuff or searching for his post. I'm as guilty as the rest.

This was done once before and we should leave the Escape News area for Escape News and discuss our problems in the proper area.

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The problem of cold air escaping out the open door is clearly an issue deserving of a simple, immediate solution. I'm going to do like you done it, Fran.

What you guys say about having to wade through 40 pages is true enough. But, when the time comes for Reace to post a real fridge solution he's found it will no doubt light up big time all over the home page of this forum. No one's not waiting for that.

If it was 40 pages of repetitious "thanks, Reace, yadda yadda" that's really what's tedious. He knows, he knows! Twenty thousand hits? Clearly, everyone's involved and that's great for the forum.

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Originally Posted by tractors1 View Post
If everything worked perfectly life would be truly boring for us retired engineers......we love problems!
More or less.
13 years of engineering school and I find myself stressing over power calculations to get my wife's portable oxygen concentrator to run non-stop on 12v and solar. Wire gauge, power draw, flow rate, recharge rate, ... to many %^&*ing variables.

Haven't got to the refrigerator, yet. I'll let you all solve the cooling issue, nozzle size at altitude is next on my plate.
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I'd like this to be Reace's channel too so I'm moving to '6.7 fridge leaking cold air' seems appropriate, I can leak hot ... or it can leak cold .. air!
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Hope whatever the fix is will help our 2010.
DeadEye Dan
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Newbee on "edge" about 4.3 fridge - stick with std 3.0 or?

Hi -
We have a 17A on order for pick up towards end of February 2015, and it would have come standard with a 3.0 C.F. refer, but we ordered upgrade to 4.3 C.F. Having come from decades of tent camping, we could readily survive with the 3.0 refrigerator but liked the idea of greater storage. Have seen several discussions here relating to cooling concerns for the 4.3 and 5.0 CF units and am wondering if such problems have been found with the more basic 3.0 CF? Any thoughts on Pros or Cons of staying the course and hoping the 4.3 CF unit issues are worked out before we have to finalize our order in Dec., or, would one advise to drop upgrade and go to the standard 3.0 refridg. unit?
Thanks for any thoughts on this.
Kathy & King
2015 Escape 15A

"If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads." Anatole France
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Concerns have been mainly with the 6.7.
The 4.3 replaces the 5.0 ( which I have, and have had no issues ).
The 3.0 would be large enough for my beer and that's all. If you are boondocking, it means many more runs to the store for supplies.
Another question is where are you going to be camping? The issue with the 6.7 is mainly among those in extreme southern states.
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The 4.3 AND 6.7 are climate rated SN - supposed to keep the interior under 40F up to 89.6F ambient.

I *think* the RM2351/RM2354 are ST rated - up to 100.4F.

I doubt if this will be resolved before next summer.

Think about where and when you camp. Some folks think the newer fridges are acceptable, others (including me) do not.
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Unless things have changed, the 3 cf Dometic is the Americana model -- not the 8 series. Most of the issues reported on this forum are concerning the 8 series. These models are EU compatible and comply with EU regulations for power consumption. The RM 8551 and RM 8555 fridges have a climate class rating of SN (subnormal), which means they are meant to be used in climates with sub-normal temperatures. The Americana models do not. In fact, the Americana models cannot be sold in the EU. The Americana models that do display a climate class are not SN, but either N (normal) or ST (subtropical). Bottom line -- an N rated or ST rated fridge will perform better in higher ambient temperatures than an SN will.

Additionally, smaller fridges seem to do better, partly based on anecdotal evidence of their owners, and partly based on the fact that the cooling units have less volume to keep cool.

Based on all of this, IMHO the 3 cf Americana will cool better than the 4.3 cf 8 series.
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Good thoughts... thanks

Glad to hear that the 4.3 may not have had the same degree (no pun intended) of cooling issues/problems. In past decades of tent camping, our main cooling problem was inability to find store in southwest selling block of ice for our 1965 Coleman Cooler, so settled for bags of cube ice. This is a bit more sophisticated but it sounds like if we stay with the 4.3 cf it may not be so bad, as most of our camping will be in NW & western U.S. and not down south.
Thanks again for prompt input... nice bunch of folks!
- King

Kathy & King
2015 Escape 15A

"If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads." Anatole France
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