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Costs money to go racing. I have contemplated purchasing any number of things at an advertised price only to find that when I went to order the item had gone up. You just have to make a decision if the item is worth the new price to you. It feels good when one goes to purchase something and learns their item is on sale. I've never said, I'll pay the price it was last week, I don't need the sale price. Things go up and the sellers have no way of knowing how serious callers are. We used to bid a lot of equipment. The spec always asked how long the price was firm or the seller stated it with the bid. Gotta ask sometimes.

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This should come as no surprise to anyone that has followed this site. With their increase in costs and currency fluctuations this has been an almost annual occurrence. It keeps them healthy which is good for all of us.

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With the exchange rate hovering around .75 to the $1, I was wondering how long Escape could keep the current prices. Much of what they buy to outfit comes from the U.S. As I look at it, ALL buyers after 2013 have gotten a great deal from ETI! In 2013 the exchange rate was $1.10 to the $1 Canadian. In other words, U.S. buyers (like me) back then paid 35% more to get a quality trailer. I've never regretted it. While Escapes are not cheap, I have always felt they hold their value, even better than other fiberglass trailers. I agree, a $903 increase for a U.S. buyer is an increase, but still a great buy. Wait, and it will only go up more. As to the options, I found that Escape only increase options when they had to and those increases have never been extreme, only minor. One more reason, get your order in AND pay what you can at the current exchange rates!! It's still a GREAT buy! (This endorsement has in no way been promoted or have I received any compensation for my comments - dang!)
Tim and Julie
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Could the rising price of crude oil result in increased cost of fiberglass?
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I had a price increase of $1000 between the first build sheet and the second, because my trailer would not start construction until after January 1 of 2015. So, it was considered a 2015 trailer instead of a 2014. It made no difference that I'd been working based on figures that had not changed in 8 months. That's because I had not yet signed the final build sheet and paid for the trailer. Until then, you are subject to such increases. That's just how it works. I was upset a bit yes. But, I'm very glad we went through with it anyway, and understand that Escape may not always be able to warn prospective buyers of an imminent increase in either base price or options price.
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You could think of it as a change in the exchange rate, if you're of the thought to play mind games with yourself. Because in the end, it wouldn't matter how the rate went up whether ETI or exchange rate. I paid 86 cents to $1 CN, which is ten cents more than the current rate. My point is you can't control either one. The only thing you can control is the options. Maybe wait to buy those shiny wheels until you need to buy new tires in 5 years or so...
Donna D.
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Originally Posted by mscharpf View Post
I was excited about ordering a new 21 foot trailer and called ETI last week to get pricing and other info, including name of local owner so that I could see the trailer before ordering. I saw the trailer on Sunday and called today to order. To my great surprise I was informed that the base price of the trailer is now $33000 CDN instead of the $31800 price I was quoted. I was given no notice last week that a price increase was imminent and no willingness by ETI to honor quoted price - not much concern for customer shown here. I'm concerned about no-notice price increases on options if I order, so I've passed on ordering. Others beware.
Hi: mscharpf... If I order a 21'er now my base price is $33,000.(CDN) Yours OTOH would be about $25,000(US). I don't think you have anything to "Grump" about.
I'm sure that Reace& Tammy were at the dealers show in Niagara Falls last month. They now know what the components cost for the next round of ordered trailers. Alf
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I think Escape usually warns people publicly when they are about to raise prices. Is that usually true? It would bother me if I spoke with someone about a price and then a week later the price was higher and there'd been no indication when we originally spoke. It's not the best way to start the close kind of buyer/seller relationships that we all have with Escape.
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I can't remember a year that there wasn't a price increase (at the beginning of the next year). It's usually posted on the home page of their website. Sometimes it's really nominal. But I also remember when you could save $1,000 if you ordered a trailer in the fall, because they wanted to keep their employees working through the winter...
Donna D.
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I understand your feelings and shock at price change. I felt the same, as I ordered mine in Oct 2014, but at build time it had gone up in price. Then before delivery, delivery cost doubled for me. However, my choice was to continue with the purchase and delivery. I have not regretted my decision.


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