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David, we're hot here. Hit somewhere in the low 90s today. Most don't have home A/C units (I don't), lets tilt the earth and get the run-off water where it needs to go! Somehow doesn't seem fair some folks are flooding and others (not that many miles away) are in a drought....

Terrorists don't need to build bombs, they just need to figure out a way to control the weather....

Donna D.
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Originally Posted by daveandsandyclink View Post
Donna from my travels it looks like the eastern side of Oregon could use a lot more water. Maybe a big mountain tunnel with canals going east?
That idea is not that far fetched. People are using dew and rainwater to water their plants in areas that have water restrictions. We've learned how to turn water into electricity for our benefit, I'm sure we can divert excess water to areas that are in need. Is there a plumber in the house?


If you can dream it, you can do it
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The damming and diversion of the Colorado is a sore subject with many folks. It doesn't even reach the Sea of Cortez anymore, petering out in a mud flat several miles short. There's plenty of water on this planet-- just not always where the high concentration of people are. We think we can solve all of this with engineering, and we usually can, but not without consequences.
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Originally Posted by hotfishtacos View Post
David, I posted this because it is pretty crazy sometimes seeing what is being offered for camping. Your ranting about wasteful campers is amusing because it is all a matter of perspective. A backpacker who carries their camping gear on their back may say you are very extravagant with your 5.0 Fifth Wheel rig pulled by a 3/4 Ton V-8 Truck. "Extravagant" is a matter of perspective. This is all in fun.
This is me. I literally spent 1/3 of my late teens to mid 20's in the backcountry. I only worked enough to make some scratch to afford to head back out again, summer or winter. We never looked at forecasts, just went. I used to call RVers Gorby's, and scoff at them, saying "They call that camping?"

Well, my tune has changed a bit, BUT I still enjoy hiking, canoeing and backcountry skiing, for multiple days. Went on a short weekend backpacking trip a few weeks ago, and will be doing a 5 day canoe trip next month. Yes, there are lots of young folk out there, BUT there are tons of folks my age (57), and many well older.

I bought a tent trailer to get my young children out into the wilderness, mostly boondocking with them, or camping at forestry sites. Once they were old enough, they came with up backpacking and canoeing, and still do now that they are adults.

Of course I prefer the new fantastic bed in my trailer, but I would trade it in in a heartbeat to sleep on my down air mattress in the backcountry. I still do believe that this is the ultimate in camping, and my frame of mind most definitely agrees. In our canoe club, I am considered a youngster, with many in their 60s and 70s canoeing and sleeping in tents.

Oh yeah, and I still love mountain biking. I still go on the hard technical single tracks mostly, though am a bit more cautious when blasting downhill.
Originally Posted by PGDriver View Post
The only thing that really bugs me is when someone cuts through my campsite and doesn't pour me a glass of wine.
You gotsta know that would certainly not be me. Meeting people and sharing (stories and wine), is a good part of our RVing, and the reason we prefer to spend all of our time outside the trailer during the day.
Originally Posted by MarksAlot View Post
Any kind of hot tub needs chlorine, additional chemicals and testing equipment to ensure the water is safe to immerse yourself in. Just using 250 gallons of untreated water can get you seriously sick.
Heavens no, we have set up portable hot tubs lots in the past, some while camping. Maybe if they were being set up for weeks. We just get a bucket brigade going to the river to fill it up, add the heat, and partake in some spirits, and sit back and enjoy. I am definitely not in Dave's camp in scorning hot tubs while camping.

I do believe that we should be responsible though, like in areas with water shortages, but to outright shed hatred on the idea, is out of line.

I also agree with more of a user pay system, where there is a smaller base camping fee, and additional fees for electricity and water (if not abundant).

ANYWAY, back to the original post. Cool find Steve, thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
Water flows downhill, and BC, Washington and Oregon have lots, so what's California's problem?
Campers with hot tubs!
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I once lived and worked on the Colorado front range where average rain fall is 7" with 17% humidity & growth/developement and domestic water use that was going straight up. We had some years of drought where we caught water in buckets waiting for the shower to warm up just keep a few meager trees and plants alive. The water district would demand water restrictions and then raise rates to keep revenue coming in. Catching any rain off the gutters was illegal, and when it got real bad for us we illegally used water straight from the wash machine to keep stuff just alive. Washing a vehicle or watering grass was prohibited. And the hills were burning. The rich would buy farm land just for the water rights. Go through that and you too might have a different stand.

I am not opposed to hot tubs. I don't expect anyone to be in my camp. What I am opposed to is wasting water foolishly that is in short supply area. And using more water and power in a campground than a basic camp fee can cover. That eventually effects everyone and what they pay to camp. Remember California's power shortage a few years back and the night time satellite photos of CA's west coast?

I hope the west and southwest as well as parts of Texas comes out of a drought soon. But until it does, do not take anyones water for granted.
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"Catching any rain off the gutters was illegal..."

Why would that be illegal?
Karen Hulford
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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
"Catching any rain off the gutters was illegal..."

Why would that be illegal?
Has to do with antiquated water rights laws in Colorado. They've since been partially rescinded:

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Yes, people who have always had all of the water they need cannot relate to a place with water shortages. One part of a country can be so different from another.

It also is irksome that we pay the same at campgrounds as those running ten times the electricity and water. It seems that we are subsidizing them. At least in a monthly or seasonal set-up, meters are often used.
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
Has to do with antiquated water rights laws in Colorado.
That's a sore point for sure. I'm not allowed to keep the rain that falls on my property but at the same time I am taxed on the square footage of impermeable surface (roof shingles, concrete, etc).


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