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Can't wait for Escape 19!

Hi there! My husband and I are very excited that we have just made a deposit on an Escape 19 after couple years of looking at trailers and reading reviews. We have enjoyed our tent trailer immensely and have fond family memories, but now it’s time to move on. We appreciate all the information on the ‘Escape Forum’ and have learned a lot. Can you help us navigate the options list? It is very overwhelming, so I would really appreciate your thoughts on my “list”:

* We are pulling the TT with a Toyota Tacoma V6 AWD with tow package—we have added a brake controller. Anyone else pulling with the same? How is that working for you?

* I am almost certain that we are going to get solar, dual batteries and the 1500W inverter since we may be off the grid for several days.

*We may get the u-shaped dinette. How many can sit around the table? If you have/don’t have it, are you pleased with your choice? What do you/don’t you like about it?

* We are not getting a TV but are opting to watch news and videos on our laptop. Thoughts?

* Does anyone use satellite radio? Are you happy with it?

* Getting the cot option for the grandkids but I'm worried pulling it off the wall if there is jumping action. Is this useful? How does this work for you?

*We plan to do a lot of our own cooking and I think we will be fine with a 2 burner stove as we can cook outside. Microwave will be nice when we can hook up to electricity.

* We don’t plan to camp in the snow, but you never know. We will probably experience extreme cold and heat and are considering getting more insulation and foam spray. Is this overkill?

* Last, what are you so happy that you did with your Escape? Likewise what is something you don’t use that you opted for?

This is our list for now, I appreciate your input!

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We also have the dual batteries and the 1500W inverter. The microwave works fine off the inverter, which is handy for lunch stops or a single night without electric hook-ups. We haven't tried it for longer than that, so don't know how much it pulls down the batteries.

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Welcome to the site, and big congrats on your purchase. I have had my 19 for 6 years now, and still think it was by far the best choice in RV we could make.

Your tow vehicle will work just fine.

Solar or inverter was not an option when I bought. I did get dual batteries, which last us well for 4 cold nights. Solar is a good option if you are going to be boondocking all the time, and especially for weeks at a time. I am not interested in a big inverter, as I have nothing to use it with. We don't rely on 120V for anything.

The U-shaped dinette was not an option, and we are so used to having the big table, I really don't think we would do U-shaped if we were doing it again. It looks real nice, but as we are outside 95% of the time not sleeping, don't really need a 'lounging' area, and the regular layout works just fine when we do. In my wee brain, I see no advantage to having a bit more bench along the back of the dinette. It is great that they offer both options though.

I have TV hookups, but have never used them. The laptop is what we have used once with cable hookup, and it worked fine for that. TV is something that we never really think about when camping, it is on of those things we like to get away from. Maybe someday when we travel more? I dunno.

The cot too was not an option when we bought, but would not be a bad thing if you had 3 grandkids with you, as two can sleep on the dinette as a bed easily. Just disallow any jumping on the bunk, and all will be good.

We have a 3 burner stove, and have never had 3 pots on it at once, even two is rare. We have no interest in having a microwave, as we find we already have lots of options for cooking. That, and we appreciate the space it would take for use as storage, and is what we use as the pantry.

I did get the window and extra insulation, and would do so again in a heartbeat. The spray underneath was not an option. It is a good idea, but I am not sold on the full merit of it. If buying again, I would be considering it, though not sure if I would get it or not.

What we are the most happy with, with our Escape, is the fact we actually bought it. For us, it is camping in luxury. The outside shower on the backside, the TV hook-ups, and an installed stereo, are likely the only things we got we don't use.

Also remember, most things can be added afterwards without too much trouble.

It is great to get opinions like mine, or those of all the other great folk here, but you have to decide what works best for your style of camping. Just remember, even if you got the most basic model, it will have little effect on you having a most wonderful camping experience. Nobody comes back home from camping and relishes in the things they have or not with the trailer, but from the joys they experienced while out camping.
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Since I have a 17, I can't comment specifically on the 19. I do have an XM Radio receiver. I bought an extra docking station (actually 2 - one for my house) and keep one in the RAV4 tow vehicle & the other in the trailer. For a long time I stuffed a standard magnetic antenna in the rear overhead storage bin tucked under the lining & insulation. It worked OK as long as rear of the trailer was aimed south. If aimed north, the AC blocked the signal. Finally replaced the TV antenna with a marine XM radio antenna, and only have problems in the north when parked in heavy shade.

As to the extra insulation, I feel it is worth it even if you don't winter camp. I have it (without the foam undercoating) and it keeps the trailer cooler in the hot sun.

I have the 95 watt solar panel, and combined with a 1000 watt inverter & dual 6V batteries, have been able to dry camp for up to a month. I do have an add on portable panel that helps with the shorter days & low angle winter sun, however you may not need it now that Escape is supplying a 160 watt panel.

As to what I love about the trailer, I love the quality of both the trailer & the company that builds it (as well as the community of Escape owners). Specifically, not having to fold up wet tents & gear in the morning is a big plus as is having a night time bathroom.
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I'll speak to the U shaped dinette question only. We added it and we like it. However, in order to keep the table of adequate size, the seating along the back is a very tight fit. I would say you can seat two adults on the sides and two children along the back comfortably. Adults along the back? Gonna be VERY tight. We also had the dinette raised 4 inches and it works very well. The view out the windows is much improved and the under seat storage is also 4 inches deeper.
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Trailer: 2017 Escape 5.0 TA
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
The view out the windows is much improved and the under seat storage is also 4 inches deeper.
We don't have an issue with the view at normal height, but the idea of that storage being deeper sounds good.
2017 Escape 5.0 TA
2015 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5L EcoBoost
2009 Escape 19 (previous)
“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln
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I've used the Jack antenna with our laptop for news a couple times just to see if it works, it's fine, need a USB tuner and length of coax. Have watched Redbox DVD movies when the weather is bad, works fine on the laptop, we have to take an external DVD player for it. Although we have yet to use it, if you get TV ready you get the external coax connector for the times you are at a commercial campground that provides cable.
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As a follow up, for non-lower foam trailer owners at FUP campsites:

As mentioned here by several, being "slightly" below freezing is no problem, especially if daytime highs go up above freezing by a margin. Dennis expressed an opinion that over night lows going down to the single digits Celsius would be acceptable, if there was night time heating of the trailer space (darn right!) .... this assumed that days got into the teens to warm up the tanks.

Stronger measures for lower average overnight temps, as per CPAHarley's (and others) posts, would be in order.

I have had no problems so far with my exposed pipes to an estimated -5*C. (knocks on wood).
from Cold weather camping , post 125

an extra 120v outlet by water inlet would be great for heated water hoses, per cpaharley.

The cot "pegs" (not right wording) were at one time actually part of the trailer fibreglass. Reece would build out the structure of the trailer for the cot. I have no idea if that has changed but ETI will know.


MaxxFan 7500 with remote. Oh yeah.

Digital thermostat (only reasonable at build time). This controls both AC and heat, just like at home.

Microwave. I got the latest ETI one put in, and its the best $85 I spent. Lots of power and ETI has the proper "bits" that hold it in place.

I am very pleased with my Andersen hitch, but there is debate as to if its right for everyone. The existing Toyota threads probably talk about it.

The 19 is a great choice. Enjoy.
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Trailer: 2015 19'
Posts: 47
Thank you!

Thank you all for your replies! We plan to camp, travel the US and Canada and your replies have given us ideas to ponder. Hope to see you on the road or wherever our Escape leads us!

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We purchased a 19 in 2013 having never camped or used a trailer before.

We got the solar panel and the 2 6V batteries. Haven't boondocked it yet but the batteries stay charged and we have never experienced a shortage of battery power.

We had the trailer plumbed for TV not knowing if we just wanted to rely on a laptop computer or not and eventually purchased a 19" TV as so many RV parks provide cable. I have not regretted it even though I had to install the TV arm since it was provided and not installed at ETI because at the time I didn't know what size TV I would use, if I used one at all. The size of the TV determines where the armature to hold it will be positioned so the TV won't hit the cabinets when collapsed against the bulkhead. I was given very specific instructions before I left ETI as to where the TV armature should be installed before I left Chilliwack and had no problem installing it myself (I'm not mechanically inclined).

We have used the microwave whenever we are at an RV park and have found it to be handy. This is certainly a personal option but we have enjoyed it.

The outside shower will come in handy later this month as we head to the beach for razor clam digging. If you go to the beach, or have dogs, it is handy to clean up before coming into the trailer not as much for showering.

The Escape doesn't have recliners, foot stools or the fancy amenities of some other trailers, but we have found ours to be very comfortable, very well made, very functional and everything we need in a trailer that is easy to pull because it is compact, light and aerodynamic.

I highly recommend the storage box in front. It has been a huge benefit for keeping all the things I need for set up. Leveling blocks, water hoses, electrical cords, gloves etc etc. It's great, everything I need when setting up at a site are in one place.

If you intend to have a bicycle rack in back I recommend you have additional tail lights installed as your bike rack, when loaded, will diminish the effectiveness of the tail lights that are standard.

We got the LED light package and have not been sorry. They are a low drain on the battery system and super bright. We definitely have plenty of light in our trailer.

We had an additional 12V DC outlet installed and have used them both when charging cell phones, DVD players etc while camped at an RV park.

We wouldn't trade our Escape for anything especially considering the exceptional care and service we receive from ETI. I'm taking my trailer to ETI in two weeks for a minor repair, but it is more an opportunity to see Tammi, Reace and crew, do a little shopping in Chilliwack and a road trip, than it is a chore to have the trailer looked after.

Having never camped or used a recreational trailer in our life my wife and I feel we hit a home run by settling on our Escape 19.

I am confident you will feel the same. ENJOY!

You aren't just buying a trailer, you're joining a family!!!!!!

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