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Originally Posted by Rossue View Post
Let's face it- if it was a porn site don't you think the FBI would've shut it down already?
That's hilarious: the idea that there are no bad things on the internet because someone would have shut them down - especially a porn site! (which I used as an extreme example)

Originally Posted by alanmalk View Post
As a volunteer webmaster for a number of local sites, I find it an odd concept that I would object to being linked to, or having my URL published.
I thought I was very clear, but apparently not. I assume Matt Slaga doesn't mind people linking to his stolen copy of copyrighted material - I don't care about him and that's not the issue at all.

Since this discussion has been going on for a couple of days and no moderator or administrator has expressed an opinion or otherwise taken action, I assume that members of this forum are free to link to anything they want. Sorry for the sidetrack.

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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
Since this discussion has been going on for a couple of days and no moderator or administrator has expressed an opinion or otherwise taken action, I assume that members of this forum are free to link to anything they want. Sorry for the sidetrack.
I've been reading and following along. I wouldn't say you are free to link to anything you want... that's a stretch. But, as long as it could be considered trailer/camping related in some fashion, you should be fine.

Donna D.
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Don't try linking to extra large ladies under-garments though.
I would think the person who would be liable is the person running the site that copied and posted the copyright material.
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Found these comments about the Hensley hitch on another site.

"Be forewarned, the hensley hitch when in the pulling mode is as they say is in a locked position however with exhaust braking or tranny down shifting, the locking mechanics will unlock, therefore the hitch is now able to swing 6 inches either side of the tow ball center line, that means you have a possible 10,000# of trailer flipping from side to side.
Hensles answer to this is the trailer brakes must always come on before the truck brakes do the trailer has to always be pulling back to prevent unlatching of the hitch, meaning that you are not to use your tranny braking system period.

First hand experience,
I was test driving a rig set up by the hensley people, it started to rain drove to the next cloverleaf the tranny downshifted on a curve at 30mph felt the back end slip sideways (caused by the unlatching of the hitch), you do not want this happening at 55mph."

If this is correct it would sure make me think twice before getting a Hensley hitch.
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Please tell me how you like the grand cherokee, thinking that is the TV we will buy for our 21 due in May
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Grand Cherokee as Tow Vehicle

We're happy with the diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee. Despite our earlier intentions, at the last minute we decided to get the air suspension, which I think ensures a level ride whether or not we use a weight-distribution hitch.

With the Hensley hitch, we had no problems with sway from passing trucks in opposite directions on 2-lane or same direction on 4 lane and up.

Following cpaharley2008's suggestion, we bought an inexpensive ball hitch, then tried towing the 21' Escape without any weight distribution or sway control; but hedged our bets by carrying the Hensley in the JGC so we could reinstall it if problems arose. None did; we passed trucks on both 2 lane and 4 lane roads with no noticeable effects; so we couldn't tell the difference in towing with or without the Hensley. I think this speaks favorably of the Jeep as well as the tow ability of the 21' Escape.

We then returned the Hensley for a refund, planning to get the Andersen – just before Reace announced that they were not going to continue to install Andersen hitches – bummer. I really liked the design of the Andersen, and others who I respect also thought it a good design; but it appears to be higher maintenance than most hitches.

My current thinking is take Reace's recommendation of the Fastway E2, but get the same company's American built Equalizer for a little more money to pay for more peace of mind. The manufacturer's online questionnaire recommends somewhere between the Equalizer 90-00-0600 and the 90-00-1000, the latter allows more weight in the JGC behind the rear axle. I plan to contact Equalizer people for their recommendations before buying.

The only thing we haven't enjoyed in towing is the jerking as the Jeep and trailer go over bumps at different times. However, our instructor at the Valley Driving School thought it felt normal. We didn't notice any difference with or without the Hensley.

We have about 1200 miles of experience towing with the JGC. It's nice to drive, we have no complaints. We have about 3500 miles total, it's nice to drive when not towing too. We haven't begun to use the torque we have available with the diesel, but suspect that since it has high torque at low rpm, we're probably much happier towing than we would be with a gas-V6, and we're enjoying the better fuel economy with diesel, especially compared with the nearly as high torque V8.
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Thanks, I think we have decided on the JGC Overland, now to decide whether we want V6 or V8....many think the V8 is over kill, we seem to have a hard time deciding this one and we are excited about the car....will prob sell my forester...we were looking at durangos and they are tanks...happy to have choices! Look forward to joining the ETI fam in May.
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I think the v-6 may struggle with the 21 whereas the v-8 would not. Plus you may get better gas towing with the v-8 since it will pull at a lower rpm. I really like the new 8 speed auto.
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Thank you... we are going with the V8 Grand Cherokee...appreciate your input and experience. we have been to the dodge dealer twice to drive Durango and Grand Cherokee and they keep telling us we don't need V8.....we just aren't convinced, I think you helped push us over the the clarity!!
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21 tow vehicle

If Jim's comments didn't push you over the edge, we have a 2011 jeep gc that towed our 19 and now the 21. We love it. Hemi V8 that will accelerate the 4200# trailer from 0 to 70 in the length of an on ramp when needed and give 13 to 15 mpg towing at speed limits plus. The GC now has 86000 miles, 1/2 towing and 1/2 around town pushing 18+ MPG. When it reaches 95000, we will sell and include ext warranty and probably buy another GC. We have the 5 speed trans, Jim has the 8 speed that should bump the mileage.
We still get to the east bay once in a while but camping spots are limited. The Alameda fair grounds are so-so, Lake Chabot camp ground on the hill is nice and quiet except for the gun range on week ends but we do need to return once every few years, Nancy was born in Oakland, raised in Castro Valley and we lived in P-town for 10 years. Have fun with your new trailer.
Jack and Nancy

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