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Originally Posted by Linda View Post
First, concerning Karen's comment about ETI being a private company and they are free to run their company in any way they want; you are totally right. However, the public has the option to peruse the Internet to look for "reviews" before making a purchase. The Escape Forum is one source that I am sure many perspective customers would look at before deciding to purchase. If I were considering a purchase and happened upon this thread, I would seriously question why someone (ie. Laura) simply voicing concerns and asking questions about why others were being bumped up to earlier completion dates and she was not given that same option, resulted in such negative reactions and responses by others on the forum. Laura was not being negative; she was simply stating facts and asking questions and was, and in my opinion, treated very unfairly and negatively (almost in a bully-like manner) by some of the staunch Escape supporters. The reactions to her questions were much more negative than any of her statements. This is not the first time she has been treated in this manner.
I can totally relate to some of Laura's frustrations as we dealt with similar situations ourselves over the years in our dealings with ETI (after having purchased five Escape trailers between 2004 and 2015). No company is perfect, we all make mistakes, but the reality is that most people today making a large purchase will do a sizable amount of research before making a big investment. I think they deserve the truth. Some negative experiences with any given company are not going to take the company under, but it is a given that if the company cares about the public opinion concerning their product, they will want to make it right when a customer has concerns or problems. For current owners to come down on every one who "complains" about ETI and their products or service, does not present the greatest image to prospective buyers.
Sorry, but when I see someone being bullied, it is hard to just stand by and not say something.
Thank you so much Linda for putting into words exactly what I was thinking. Fwiw, I very much agree with your statement. Nobody should be "chastised" because they question a company's business practices, public or private- good, bad or ugly, it's all part of the conversation. And I've noticed myself this isn't the first time. So Laura, please don't let the crotchety farts get you down I quite like your contributions to this forum

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Trailer: 2016 19 classic "outta sight", jeep rubicon unlimited
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Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
Maybe buy a round for the house, that would get everyone to relax.
Sure it's worth the money

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Originally Posted by Marry View Post
Do I? Was just trying to lighten the mood of this thread
Works for me, except I still don't understand "...... Except in ..."
2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
2008 Toyota RAV4 V6 Sport
North Vancouver, British Columbia

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Trailer: 2009 Escape 17B - "Toad". '08 Toyota RAV4 V6
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I went back and looked over the posts by Laura and responses, and I fail to see where anybody jumped on her. They may have disagreed with her interpretation of circumstances and events, but they have a right to post too.
2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
2008 Toyota RAV4 V6 Sport
North Vancouver, British Columbia

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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FWIW, in the "old days" Escape would have production runs, in other words one week were one model and that model may not have reappeared for another 3 weeks. In addition Escape had fewer models. Now with expanded models plus this year is a year of "change" where your model can be classic style or new style, it throws an entirely new variable into the mix, a possibility of 8 different combinations all on one assembly facility. I'm sure once the new facility is fully operational you will see the logjam released. So depending on which of the 8 variables you want and which one they are making that week will determine if you can fit into the schedule. And I'm sure Escape is handling this the best way they can.
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Smile Classic 21

We were given a choice of the 2017 or 2016. We stuck with the Classic as we like the retractable screen door (the dog can't scratch up it when it is stowed). I also have some concerns about the new awning style and would want to see how well they perform over a few years. Our 21's hatch date is Nov 30 and we are so excited!
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A Contender

I think we may have found one of the last 21's in the Classic design that will be made. Congrats to Playdog if it is.

Happy times for all!

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All's I will say is that back when Reace announced a new design was coming out for all models, I went into virtual panic mode thinking "whoa is me! I will be purchasing an obsolete model that will have all kinds of 19th century parts on it while the 2017 will have all the fun futuristic parts." Well, maybe not those exact thoughts, but I was slightly concerned about all of the improvements that would be out of my reach, due to my ordering date.

I remember like it was yesterday (which is just shy of miraculous considering my memory!) that Jim Bennett said that some people might actually prefer the old design. Since we did not have the option to get the 2017 5.0 TA, I consoled myself with the fact that we could at least camp this year, even though it would be in an antique.

After seeing the 17' and the 19' I think Jim was (mumbling). Do I really need to say it? OK fine...Jim Bennett was right. Like he needs to hear that...

I still have no idea what the new 5.0 TA will look like, but I do know what my "old" 2016 looks like...awesome! And the much debated "improvements" to the 2017 did not, and still do not personally appeal to us.

I have no virtual worry about owning an antique, because it still has some futuristic gizmos! Did you know it can even tell you, with a push of a button, how much water your kids used taking their showers? Mind blown...
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"Classic" Escapes are wonderful trailers and 2017 Escapes are wonderful trailers.

Almost every year, "classic" models were changed and improved in some way. 2017 represents a more significant change, but follows Reace's constant improvement philosophy. I love the look of our 2010 17B (I still think 17s are the best esthetically - just my opinion). I like the look of the curved door and more curved sides of the "classic". But I choose the 2017 based on changes I like.

Every year's Escape trailer is well made, reliable and beautiful in my opinion. As Steven Stills said "Love the one you're with"
Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw
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I haven't kept a tally, but I have tried to pay casual attention to what models have been moved up on the production schedule. It seems like the build dates for the classic design are more likely to be moved up. The sooner ETI can produce the last classic, the sooner they can concentrate all efforts on the new designs. Just an observation, and totally unscientific.........

Steve and Debbie
2016 - 21' SSSScape
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