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I'm doing much the same. $500 on the credit card for a deposit, a very large personal check(US) a few months early, and I'll cover the remainder with credit card. I just guessed on the exchange rate and intentionally kept it a bit low.

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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
Thanks all. I'll use XE or do a wire transfer through my broker. He doesn't charge me for wires, so that's a bonus. I trade currency via Oanda on the MT4 platform, and Glenn's right, the CAD has been tanking-- but I don't trade it against the USD so I haven't really been paying attention.
Also researched topic prior to paying for ours in late September. It seems that its not so much the loonie is tanking as much as the dollar is rising. It tends to move in seven year cycles and guess what? So anyway, you could pay for some now, then see. It is a moving target. Brokerage house was a good way to pay, just stay on top of the transaction to be sure its converted.

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Yeah, I wouldn't worry about their financial My 34k CAD trailer is currently 30k USD. I'm lovin' it.
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We paid recently paid for our trailer with a personal US check. We missed the super low rate by a few weeks, but ETI paperwork said a personal check needed to be there early so the funds could clear. All went well and we ended up with a small balance in our favor.
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exchange rates

Not being much of a gambler on rates I sent half by personal check earlier and then the other half by check as time was closer to pick up. Then which ever the rate changed, I'd have half of the lose or gain and if you can't trust Reace and Tammy, who can you trust.
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
1- the exchange rate is very favorable for the dollar right now. How would I "capture" that rate?
Two options come to my mind:
  1. Pay early. With currently minimal interest rates, this may not be unreasonable.
  2. Move the money to a Canadian-dollar account in your bank of choice. If U.S. banks don't offer this (we can get Canadian-dollar and US-dollar accounts here), then my guess is that a Canadian bank operating in the U.S. (such as TD Bank) do. I'm sure this is possible; I'm as sure that it is a hassle for a single (albeit large) transaction.

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