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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Looks like it is getting easier to find the MacBook Pro 12v chargers - I may try this one: http://www.amazon.com/GPK-Charger-Ma.../ref=pd_cp_e_0

Like Glenn, I like the heat in the morning from the stove when heating water for coffee. We have a small french press we use in the trailer, (drip at home.)


Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Sure wish they were around when I bought mine - the Lind was more than $100 more...

Jon Vermilye My Travel Blog
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Water for my coffee is usually heated outside. I like to give my wife all the beauty rest she can get, for fear of waking the beast.
I usually rise a couple hours before here, but if it is real nasty outside I do use the stove inside. We have a furnace, so no need for heat from the stove.

I have used an inverter once. It is a 300W one from CT, and will run the laptop so we can watch a movie if we want. Otherwise, I have no need for 120V.
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Hi Roger - Here are a couple photos of the inverter installation. As you can see, it is attached above the black water tank in the passenger side dinette. You can see how large the wires must be! Reese did a great job installing it... If I had done it myself, I may have installed in the storage box on top of the batteries to shorten the wiring run. But I wanted the wiring integral to the trailer.

I do a lot of photography on the road... I carry 3 cameras which require a lot of battery recharging, the laptop and a photo printer with me. I can get everything plugged in at the same time with this arrangement.

I did not consider running a coffee maker off the inverter... it is strictly for the electronics (and the reason it is pure sine). I have 3 outlets wired up and served by the inverter - a double plug under the dinette, a plug for the tv and one under the frig. I had initially thought about multiple 12v outlets but really, the cost of the inverter is probably the same or less than purchasing all the car charger type cables... I also tend to charge a bucketful of camera batteries all at the same time and the multiple outlets allows me to charge those plus work on the laptop plus run the printer if I want.

I would be much more worried about the draw if it were not for the solar... the yeoman's work can be done in the morning, while there is plenty of power for the artistic in the evenings...

I think the whole installation and the useability of in having the inverter power available at the standard wall outlet available is just a thing of beauty.... it is just a dream come true to have all that so easy and at hand.

I just love it.
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

oh - one other thing, Roger - I wanted a switch put on the outside of the dinette so I wouldn't have to open the seat to turn the inverter on and off... Rease did a brilliant job on this...

I was envisioning him having to put a big circuit breaker type switch there, but he found a simple one that uses a red key (that removes) with the opening covered by a rubber boot... easy peasy...

I consider the addition of the inverter to be the absolute smartest decision about really getting the trailer the way I wanted it for the way I like to travel...
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

and "OFF" = no power draw... as far as the heat in that compartment? it doesn't get all that warm... the converter is also in that seat... just because of all the important electronics in there, it really won't be packed full of anything... I might toss something small, unnecessary and not metallic in there, but right now, I don't have any real need for the space... but if I do ever pack it, it will be done carefully to allow enough air space...
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Looks good-wish I had done that on ours.

Steve and Cynthia
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

and I wish I'd thought of your extra tail lights! Those are nice!
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?


Thanks for the pictures; that really looks nice. I'm curious but do you have any workable 110 outlets not running through the inverter when your trailer is hooked up to an outside electrical source?

Do you also have any 12 volt outlets inside the trailer too?
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Re: 12v inverter recommendations?

Roger - yes - I have 2 standard 12v outlets - one up by the dinette and one back by the bed (that would be the plug for the tv if I had a 12v tv).

The way the outlets were set up... um... 2 plugs can be plugged into each outlet as they look just like standard household outlets. Reese wired it so that one plug in each of the standard outlets are powered by the inverter - 1/2 (one plug) is inverter powered and 1/2 is standard 110... I do have one outlet at the dinette where both plugs are inverter powered...

top plug is 110v, bottom plug is inverter powered (sorry, I don't have a pic - it really is as simple as that) - each 2 plug outlet carries both - just depends on if you plug into the top or bottom of the outlet - that determines your power source.

make sense? each of the plugs that are hooked up to the inverter also carry 110... you just have to know which is which....

I ran around with my little Sharpie and a lamp to identify what was running what and put a nice neat "I" on the plug that is inverter-powered...

I also have a ground fault standard 110 outlet - all 110 - there on the side of the kitchen by the door...

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