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Hi: All... "Thanks to the Interstate system it's possible to travel coast to coast without seeing anything". Charles Kurault Alf
escape artist N.S. of Lake Erie

Quote Bugs Bunny..."Don't take life too seriously, none of us get out of it ALIVE"!!!
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It depends on if you are retired or still working. If your retired 300 miles a day might be ok but if your still working and on a schedule its whatever meets your schedule. We have drove 650-700 miles on the first day many times just to get many miles behind us. Once we did 950 on a return trip from Colorado but we were much younger then. We are planning a trip out west in August and since we only have 2 weeks vacation to travel 3600 round trip miles we will be doing several 600 mile days.

Someday maybe we will be able to do the 200-300 miles days and smell the roses but until then we do what we have to.

The DW and I have a saying we both use on vacation.
We came, We saw, We went!


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Although retired, I still act like I'm working. Making the annual trek to Osoyoos, similar to the ritual of salmon returning to lay their eggs, I like to get a big jump the first day. I get plenty of rest, go to bed while day light and leave at midnight. I enjoy night driving, less trucks and traffic in general. Normally night driving is not too dangerous, as long as you avoid deer mating season. I always have a good set of fog lights which illuminate the side shoulders well. I'll drive till the next evening, maybe 8-900 miles and then stop, at a cg, for some deserved rest and a good meal. Next morning, up at dawn and drive maybe 500 miles, stop for rest. We had to avoid the daily storms in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma last year. Weather is another issue. After that big jump, we can then take our time, drive 8 hours a day for next 2 days and arrive at our destination relaxed.
Thus we will hurry to our destination and stay a week and take our time traveling home, another week. I enjoy staying at the same cg's we like and avoiding the ones we did not like. Two to three weeks though and I'm ready for home, I'm not comfortable leaving my home for any length of time longer than that. Grass cutting, bill paying, feeding the goldfish, seeing the cats are all waiting for our return. I'm not trying to escape my home and always look forward to returning to it. As for our other trips, other than Osoyoos we normally will take 7-9 days, or a week with both weekends.
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why..Mark Twain
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Originally Posted by Patandlinda View Post
Steve with all that beauty surrounding you , you don't have far to go . Can't wait to get back up there soon . Kids want us to move there , maybe we will run into each other . Pat
I saw a 2015 survey that ranked Deception Pass State Park the best campground in Washington. And that's just 12 miles from our home!
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Originally Posted by keager View Post
When I was working we would drive many hundreds of miles per day to get some place so we could be there for the weekend and then more hundreds of miles a day to get back for work. The longest was a shade over 700 miles in one day with our Casita trailing along behind because, well, had to go to work the next day.
No more.
We received some good advice from some folks we know who have been full timing now for a few years. They call it the 2-2-2 rule and now that we are retired (and full timing in our Escape 21) we are finally beginning to adapt to it, and like it ...
200 miles per day
Off the road by 2pm
Stay for 2 nights (so you can actually find out something about where you are, and rest up for the next drive ... )
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Originally Posted by Steve R View Post
I saw a 2015 survey that ranked Deception Pass State Park the best campground in Washington. And that's just 12 miles from our home!
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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
For me, it's not really either distance or total time - it's time of day; I just can't drive too late. That means that with an early start a 13-hour day covering 1500 kilometres (900 miles) of highway (not towing) or maybe 1200 km (750 mi) of highway (towing, or driving the motorhome) is no problem. We have driven between Edmonton and Vancouver in a single day several times, but not with an RV. Three or four brief stops are appropriate for that kind of full day.
We typically prefer the drive all day and enjoy the destination for longer approach. I grew up on the prairies and have done that Edmonton to Vancouver drive in one day quite a few times. That was before we decided to buy a trailer though!

We are planning a road trip through Alberta, Montana, Idaho and Washington at the end of August. Thinking of hitting Yellowstone end of August (crazy?) but that's a topic for another thread! What kind of average speeds do people use for trip planning while towing a trailer? Say mountainous terrain like the Coquihalla versus flat land terrain like Drumheller? Our tug is a 5th Gen 4Runner.

I need to get from Vancouver to Calgary in just over a day on the first day of our trip. I am leaving Friday after work (maybe 3pm) and hoping to make Sicamous or Revelstoke for the first night. Is it reasonable to think I can drive 500 km over the Coquihalla and through Kamloops and Salmon Arm in 6 to 7 hours to arrive before a campground closes?
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When i was 48-50 years old I did 600+ miles the first day pulling a travel trailer two different times. Later years usually no more than 350 miles. Although this past May I drove 400 miles from Silver City, NM to Fort Stockton. I was beat afterwards, but I am glad I did it because I got to see Charlie and Lucy's 5.0TA in Fort Stockton. Next August (2017) I will drive to Chilliwack to pick up my trailer. Hopefully my son will be home from the Persian Gulf and he and his girlfriend will help me drive. The plan is to drive to Yellowstone, stay a few days and then on to Spokane. They will take a plane home and I will continue to Chilliwack. And then 3-4 weeks returning to Austin. In Austin the traffic is horrible from 6:30 am to about 8:00pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8pm. Those of you that have driven in both Austin and Seattle let me know which one is worse.
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Not counting longer meal stops, but only quick rest and gas stops, I find 50 mph is about right for planning purposes. Any other longer stops can be added to the travel time...ymmv
Steve and Debbie
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A lot also depends on the road conditions. If Im towing the trailer the 228 KM stretch of highway between Destruction Bay and the Alcan border crossing just destroys me. For that stretch of road I take a whole day. Scott

Scott and Lori
I like bikes!

Scott and Lori
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