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We had a big annoyance last year, but I dont think it had anything to do with names. And Jon -- having a somewhat unusual name is not a guarantee. Matilsky is not common, but my son has the same name as a felon in Florida. What I've learned is to ask what's answered and not offer anything. And make sure you have all your documents ready. They wanted our proof of trailer insurance (they won't let you in without it) and Terry couldn't find it. By this time however, they knew we were okay and felt sorry for us so they let us go (we were in the office by this time). In our case, we still think the first inspector was having a bad day. She just couldn't understaand why we were re-entering the country with the Escape when we'd only leeft a short time before.

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Coming back across to the US side at Oroville on Sunday, I answered.. no food except canned (soup) dehydrated (instant coffee) and a fresh pineapple. Well, the pineapple got me pulled over.. that was fine. Custom official and I went inside the trailer and I showed him the pineapple with the Dole label (good to go), he opened the refrigerator (empty) and I swear... he didn't even look inside. He was busy staring at my hawaiian fabric in the dinette. Probably thinking no wonder she wanted a fresh pineapple

Donna D.
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Border Crossing Experience

We had an interesting experience at the border on our recent visit to ETI. We had not been to Canada since 2006, and were somewhat unsure of what we might face. We gave our passports to the young, very polite agent. He asked about the purpose of our trip. When informed of our visit to ETI (to finalize our choice of options for our 17B), he informed us he was buying an "Off Road" camper from CA. We then discussed the reasons that had led each of us to choose "niche" products and the impact of exchange rates (he was spending significantly more than he had initially planned due to unfavorable rates). There were no other questions--a completely routine and painless process. Apparently, a shared interest in specialty RVs was all that was required!

We enjoyed our visit with ETI (Crystal was very helpful) and even though several staff members (including Tammy) had already left for the rally, we were able to finalize our build sheet. Now we only have to wait for mid-Aug.!
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These are interesting responses. I guess I am special, after all. It took me longer to cross the border last Thursday than it did coming back from East to West Berlin back in the bad old days, long ago. But without the guard towers, machine guns, the Wall, etc.
Mike Lewis
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These talk about one's rights at the US Border under US law. But I don't know if they apply going in to Canada. If I understand Mike's post correctly, he was questioned by the Canadian authorities, and they are the ones who searched his laptop. So the issue is "what rights does a US citizen have in Canada?"

On the other hand, for most of us it is not an issue.
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My grandson got flagged coming back into the U.S. from Mexico. Same name as some felon. Went with my daughter to the inspection station. They cleared him when they saw he was only 7 years old.
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Ruthe, yes a one day trip that is followed, sometimes next day, by my two + weeks traveling holidays usually gets me a couple extra Qs too.

Y'all should try and watch the tv show "border security" sometime. The oz one is ok, but the canadian produced one is an eye opener for sure. Its on Discovery up here.
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That's right; I was questioned by Canadian authorities, who have also in the past searched my vehicles and laptop.

One of the questions I was asked by the guard at the booth was if I had any guns. I said no, expecting this, then he asked if I owned any guns in Florida. That was odd, I thought; why would he care? Then I began to wonder if Canada is sharing this answer with the U.S. government, which I think it prohibited from keeping a database of gun owners (I'm not up to speed on this). But if my twin Floridian Michael Lewis is indeed a felon, he is prohibited from owning a gun under U.S. law, so maybe that was the reason for the question.

So-- was anyone else asked if they keep guns at home?
Mike Lewis
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When my hair was halfway down my back, and my head wrapped in a bandanna, I was always checked out at the border, especially into the US. Now, with no hair, they just wave me on in.

I did get some grief once, when crossing with our tent trailer when the kids were small. I was asked for their birth certificates, which we never even thought to bring. My response was that they were obviously our kids, to which the border guard pointed out that most child abductions were done by relatives of the kids. They did let us go on, but we did carry their birth certificates on subsequent trips.

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