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Generally accepted number I have seen for a safety factor is 90% of your tow rating. If you have 5K, then 4500 fits.

Charlie Y

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You don't need a full size pickup, but a VW Touareg would be a better choice than a Toyota FJ IMHO.

I have my own issue with the Escape quote you referenced- google frontal area escape forum for that discussion.

Happy Trails & Trailers!

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Originally Posted by Rossue View Post
You don't need a full size pickup, but a VW Tourag would be a better choice than a Toyota FJ IMHO.
A Touareg is a fine choice. If I were ever going to switch from my F150 to an SUV (I'm not) it would probably be a Touareg. A great balance of towing capacity and fuel economy.
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Nathan, when ETI says 5000, they mean it actually has 5000. (ETI may have never looked at the GCWR for an FJ or some other vehicle but I assume that they mean that a vehicle should actually have a 5000 towing capacity.). The FJ does not as explained above. The 4Runner does. Which is why Ross brought up 4Runners because even with an actual towing capacity of 5000, there are owners who felt they needed more towing capacity for a 21'.

This is all difficult to get at first for someone who wants to use their vehicle and figures it is sufficient when they look at certain numbers. Which is why we try here to tell people the real situation. There are a number of 4Runner variations but some have a GCWR of 11,300. You can see how nearly one ton more of capacity would make a big difference. That capacity may be partly based on wheel base, truck chassis, radiator, alternator or other factors.
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Originally Posted by LeonW View Post
I was always curious as to why the Highlander has a 5000 lb tow capacity vs. the 3500 lb tow capacity of the sienna, inspite of the fact that they have the same engine, same transmission, same rear end. It could be because the sienna has a softer suspension, or maybe the highlander has larger brakes.
Although the Sienna and Highlander have shared engines and even transmissions in some years, the structure and rear suspensions are completely different. The big limitation on the Sienna's towing capacity is hitch weight capacity, and that is limited by either the spring stiffness, the structure of the rear body (which is longer and has the big seat well in it), or the rear axle capacity; the axle capacity is in turn is limited by the reasonably sized (not oversize for SUV style) tires.

Originally Posted by LeonW View Post
But I tend towards your theory of soccer moms and he-men not wanting to be caught dead in a mini-van. The existence of a 3rd row seat in the midsize SUVs also makes me think they are marketed as a "minivan that isn't a minivan"...
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Originally Posted by lorrie View Post
Has anyone ever towed an Escape 19 with a Toyota Sienna with a 3500lb towing capacity? If so, how'd it work out?
Originally Posted by lorrie View Post
We tow a 17B with our Sienna very easily but I've wanted to upsize to the 19 (queen size bed-ahhhh), but never thought it possible with the Sienna. Guess we'll be cuddling close til we buy a bigger tow vehicle one day
We have towed our current non-Escape trailer with our Sienna, and it works well. The trailer is the length and weight of an Escape 17', but the width of an Escape 19'. We are looking at something larger, and I concluded that an Escape 19' could be towed by the Sienna, but we would need to be careful to keep the trailer weight down, and the tongue weight would be a particular concern. I would not worry about stability or power.
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Originally Posted by nathanj04011 View Post
Well Rossue, here's the thing, I don't know the guy at the Toyota dealer from Adam, and I was clear that I was inquiring due to not wanting to be unsafe or ruin my FJ. He volunteered the information regarding the weight. Dunno, he may be clueless.

After spending an evening deep in philosophical thought (ok, I was watching American Ninja Warrior, but you don't need to know that...oops. guess you already do) this is the epiphany I had, my Eureka! moment:

If the 19' or 21' are marginal for SUV's or trucks rated from 5,000-6,400 towing pounds, (never mind the GVWR or CGVWR) which would negate most Toyota Tacoma's, 4Runners, Nissan Frontiers, Chevy Colorado's, some Dodge Dakota's and even some F150's, not to mention my precious FJ, then someone ought to tell ETI they should change their wording on the 19' and 21' web page where they say "Escape 21’ has been designed specifically for mid-sized vehicles such as SUVs and mid-sized trucks with a V6 engine or a minimum towing capacity of 5000lbs."

Now let me rush to say, less I be misunderstood, I'm not being cantankerous or such, because, well, that would be highly uncivilized of me.

I do care about my fellow man, ("care" is such a binding word, no? ), not to mention my own family, so I want to do the right and safe thing, buttttttt.....does that mean I need a full sized pickup with a tow capacity of 8000 lbs plus to do the right thing and be safe? Again, while that sounds trite, I really do wonder. With the Casita, I pretty much know I can't overload the weight limits (please don't go prove me wrong!) so as long as I have the 5000 lb limit, I'm good. Escape 19' and 21' are apparently not so....

I do gotta say "thank you" to all you kind strangers, whom I will most likely never meet, in helping me out with this. You really are very kind!
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Great, just great! Not only do I have to figure out what I can or can't do, now I have to ponder bumble bees predicament too!

Thanks Alf. Sometimes we as humans overthink things don't we? Not to say I am any less anguished...that's another character flaw.

As almost as gut-wrenching as the towing situation, is trying to decide which trailer is more suited for us. The 19' would lose storage with the things we want, but still has more than the Casita even then. And its still small. But probably the 21 would have enough of everything, we just aren't crazy about the layout or that it is getting bigger to the point where I can't look snidely down my nose at all the huge RV's and 5th wheels, and fake concern with what they are doing to the environment (I say this in all good humor, as I realize I rarely get over 12MPG towing the Casita).

Or, should the conservative towing folks here win out and I somehow talk myself out of the FJ and go with a full size pickup that can tow a city block without breaking a sweat, then there is always the 5.0TA....oh, the indecision!!
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Originally Posted by nathanj04011 View Post
...so as long as I have the 5000 lb limit, I'm good. Escape 19' and 21' are apparently not so....
Some people will try to convince you that you need a semi truck to tow a 13 ft trailer. Others are positive that a Smart car would tow a 21 ft trailer just fine. Truth is, the FJ is quite capable of towing a 19' safely and with more than adequate power and handling capabilities for most people. My experience over the past two years towing my 19' with my FJ tends to support that.

Having towed the 19' for 2 yrs, my thoughts on the FJ - 21' combo are that the 21' may be a bit oversized for the FJ in mountainous terrain, but is likely to be ok if you tow mostly in flatter terrain.

By the way, don't get yourself too worked up about the responses you see on this or any other forum. As they say, opinions are like a##h@l$#, everyone has one. Even me
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One of the environmentally benefits of a larger truck is that it will not work as hard at towing and may even give you better economy. I went from a 5 speed v8 to a 8 speed v8 and my gas mileage increased close to 20%. Then there are diesels that are becoming popular, this maybe my next truck The New 2016 Nissan Titan | Nissan USA
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Originally Posted by nathanj04011 View Post
Or, should the conservative towing folks here win out and I somehow talk myself out of the FJ and go with a full size pickup that can tow a city block without breaking a sweat, then there is always the 5.0TA....oh, the indecision!!
That's why we test drove a 2015 Double Cab 5.7L V8 Toyota Tundra with a standard size bed (in a very lovely metallic grey color) on Sunday. See my signature for the trailer we want.

Oh, and a point for your wife (well, maybe you, so I shouldn't assume ), when Dirk and I drive around in the FJ, my purse is wadded up in the console between us. I also have to haul snacks with me since I can't stop for food like he can at fast food joints when he's hungry. So, I don't travel light. They're never easy to reach. (If he's not with me, it all goes on the passenger seat.)

However, in that Tundra, I could have put all that stuff inside the flip up area of the console between us without any problems. Love it! so much so that I even seriously considered selling the FJ and getting that Tundra *right now* instead of getting rid of his 2000 Tacoma. Hubby nixed that idea.

Point being - that extra room was nice inside the cab. And I know it can easily tow the trailer we end up with.


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