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We went with the non opening kitchen window for the better view. You have a screen door and two opening windows at that side of the trailer for ventilation. We eliminated the stove hood and replaced with an extra light as we never cook uncovered food and don't feel we need it. We didn't get the dual hot water heater and glad for that decision. In 52 nights (1/2 without electric) we only went thru 2 tanks of propane for heat, cooking, and hot water for washing dishes and showers. We figure for us, the break even point for the electric hot water option would be 800 days of camping.

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Here is the link to the opening versus non-opening windows: Windows: Opening versus Non-Opening

As can be seen, there are strongly held views for either choice depending on one's camping style. Just stick to your guns whatever your choice!

Karen Hulford
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We went with all the rims aluminum, including the spare. On our 17 I was constantly dealing with touching up rust, especially on the spare. If you don't mind the rusting -but this probably depends on where you live- Also if you have a flat or a tire that wears you can just use the spare. That way they are interchangeable. $85 seemed worth it to me, considering buying aluminum rims for a vehicle is a lot more than $85.
Min D
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In addition to Chapitre's excellent points, using an alloy wheel for the spare allows you to move the wheels & tires between positions, so you can get actual use out of the spare tire before throwing it away a few years later due to age. For instance, if you wear out a set of tires in four years, including the spare can stretch that to five years, with each tire spending one year riding in the spare position.

This is the same as with cars: if the spare tire is the same as the others (not true with most cars now, but true for an Escape), and if the wheels match (which they will if you buy an alloy for the spare), and if the tires are not directional (the trailer's tires are not directional), the spare is included in the rotation of tires between positions on the vehicle.

Many people report that they replace tires based on their age well before they run out of tread - in that case, using the spare this way would not have an advantage.
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I'm old Skool. My father taught me in the 1950s that the spare should be the best tire taken off the vehicle when buying four for the vehicle. (Buy the best FOUR tires you can afford, rather than five of less quality.) I still subscribe to that theory. The spare only needs to be good enough to get you off the highway and to the tire store. AND yeah, I've seen the exploding Scamp spares, but have to wonder if it was ever the BEST of the two taken off, or just forgotten.

Now that I'm towing a TA... how many people REALLY rotate their tires on their all molded towable. I mean REALLY?

I never did on the Scamp, probably won't on Ten Forward... but the spare will always be the best of the tires taken off. And since the spare has a great tire cover, I don't care if the spare wheel matches.

Donna D.
Ten Forward
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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
... how many people REALLY rotate their tires on their all molded towable. I mean REALLY?
Mine rotate every time I go down the road with it, but that is it other than the rare times the bearings get redone.

I too subscribe to the theory of using the best existing tire for the spare, and only buying four for the tow. I will be replacing the trailer tires next spring, as it will be 6 years, and they do show some wear, and not certain if I will change out the unused spare, or not though.
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For what it worth we open our kitchen window more then any other.

We got 5 aluminum rims and my reason was that in case one was to get damaged I would have a matching replacement.
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JaimeA, you have an excellent build list there.

We have the non-opening kitchen window. I like the view but wish we had an opening one to have air there in the kitchen area or to talk through. We usually have the door closed at night. If the awning is up and it rains, you could open that window. It can also be used in conjunction with the Maxx fan.

Unless you are sure you will only boondock, you might want the pads with foam and also as a selling feature for someone who would have hookups. There are quite a few people who want that colder season option.

It all looks great.
Cathy. Floating Cloud
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I don't find the opening kitchen window blocks much of the view, not like it's a picture window. It is the most often opened of the ones we have.
Happy Motoring
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I have a 5.0TA, opening or not, wasn't an option. It is what it is.. and it opens. Zero regrets (but, you can never miss what you've never had). As others have said, if the awning is deployed and the window is open, doesn't matter if it's raining or not.

Living in the Pacific NorthWET, (we typically) would love to have all the windows open we can.. air our homes and our trailers out!


Donna D.
Ten Forward
2014 Escape 5.0TA
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