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Originally Posted by Artlady View Post
In reading the recent comments here, I'm now wondering if a dedicated bathroom space even warrants amount of room it takes up. I'll have to search the other threads of the merits of the 17 A versus the B now!
Sooooo, another column added to the spreadsheet!
Great info, everyone!

Many, many years ago we went to ETI when they were starting up and were in an old chicken barn or something.
At the time we asked if they could make us a 17B without a washroom and instead use the space for a much longer counter for the sink and stove. We didn't want the work of tank draining and such. We never carried through with that purchase, got a truck camper instead.
Fast forward 10 or more years and just this year we bought a used 17B. Well, we love the toilet and the shower. And others are right, for us the sink is just a thing to have the taps on to control the mix to the shower.
We like to camp when it is hot out and a short shower at the end of the day is very refreshing.
So that is my opinion to add to your spreadsheet. If I buy another camper it MUST have a toilet and shower.
As to 'why an escape?' is more of a 'why a fiberglass trailer?' question. I have two answers, thirty five years ago I owned a corvette (fiberglass) and it has been the only car that I sold for more than I bought it for. They hold the value because they don't fall apart because of rust and rot. Most of your maintenance is on actually broke or worn out things, but it is never as bad as 'the whole car needs to be replaced'. I put that reasoning into he fiberglass trailer. Probably unfounded reasoning, which leads to...
Answer two; because of fiberglass's ability to be less harmed by water. Most Campers and Trailers have water damage, you just haven't looked for it if you think there is none. It seems that with the right amount of dehumidification the fiberglass trailer can overcome moisture damage because it should just be from cooking and exhaling and condensation, not from rain.

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Thanks for the kind words on my spreadsheets. There was not a lot of info on Escapes in 2005 when I started looking for a trailer. This forum did not exist and had very little info. I was looking at stick built trailers then rented Casitas for family camping a couple times to see if small is better, it is!
I priced a Casita and Scamp then stumbled on Escape before ordering. The Escape was more kid friendly and was a much nicer trailer. It is a Cadillac compared to the other brands. The bathroom and forward bunkbeds made it great for us but the black water tank size was a concern.
The spreadsheet took a bit of work but since I couldn't see an Escape (none in Ca, Ut or Nv) it helped me justify the added cost.
I was getting ready to order a 17B after Christmas 2005 when the price jumped due to the dealership sales concept but the 2005 cost quote was honored so I bought a 2006 at the 2005 price.
The interior shower is rarely used for showering but often used for cleaning the room after camping. A quick rinse and wipe of everything keeps it nice and clean.
The exterior shower gets lots of use. Besides washing the dog and rinsing off the kids after swimming, I set it up as an outside hand wash station with campers soap and a towel on a suction cup hanger.
It would be interesting to see how the prices and options have changed over the years.
Good luck on your project.

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I've really enjoyed the conversation and hearing about both the growth of the models and available options through the years. The history definitely helps put everything in perspective for me.
Yes, Thane, I can really identify with "stumbling across " the Escape during the search for FG trailers... I, too, heard of the Casita brand first.
My own research over the recent past has also shown ithe Escape's superiority. Also, I do have some unique circumstances in which the other makers can't possibly meet.

Jx, thanks for adding a bit of your camping "routine" to the mix, and your opinion.
It helps!
A seemingly simple thing...but having the sink and taps makes sense now, at least for the shower supply.
Ok. Well, I've got to go see more different models and ages in person to compare.
The search goes on!
Cheers, and
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Thane and jxoco, interesting info on the situation way back with Escapes. It reminds us again that they have come a long way in a short time. I told Reace I was amazed that he has built seven models in a few short years. Still can't believe how much they have done and the myriad changes.

The new refrigerator is a definite improvement as it cools down to the thirties faster. We had the 5.0 model in the 19'.

Like having the bathroom sink for sure with hot water. Hot water is one of the best features of the trailer. We turn it on and off morning and night as it stays hot a long time. For a shower, it can be too hot depending on when heated so have to be careful of that.
Cathy. Floating Cloud
"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.... "
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Trailer: 19' Escape- 2016 -(NEW 2017 model) SOLD
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Cathy, yes, Thus the reason for my thread! So many models, with improvements and changes over the short amount of years in production. These changes were obviously because of necessity, perfecting issues, and replacing things that were either problematic or could be rendered more useful.
All of these things are helpful to know as one searches for a used trailer.
Thanks for your comment!
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Originally Posted by Buddy View Post
Our 2008 17B does not have a shower or sink but does have the toilet.
Originally Posted by Artlady View Post
I hadn't realized that this was yet another possible configuration.
The current features include "Interior Shower Pkg" (which includes the water heater and the fiberglass liner that makes the bathroom a shower) in the features of the 17B. I thought this was a strange way to describe the bathroom - gathering some elements into a package rather than just listing them individually - until I realized that it had previously been optional. The base equipment of the bathroom-equipped 17B did not include the shower (the room would be wood-paneled, not fiberglass) so it was offered as an option. The option description lives on, buried in the standard features.

The 17-foot Boler had the same arrangement in the late 1970's: the only floor plan included the bathroom, but the package of water heater, fiberglass liner, and shower plumbing was included in the upgrade to the heater/shower version.

I assume that few people ordered a trailer with a bathroom but without the shower, so that combination was dropped.
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Dear Artlady - one factor you might consider since you spoke of dealing with increasing disability is that a bathroom in your trailer is far preferable to traipsing some distance through a campground to the restroom.

Jan and Paul
"Le Bon Oeuf"
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buyer's remorse, improvements, older vs. newer models

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