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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?


For the curious:

Escape 5.0 (Reace and Tammy)



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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

I've actually been able to pack a lot of *stuff* (read: hardware box, tools, lawn chairs, etc) in the truck bed when towing. As long as nothing is loaded higher than the sidewalls of the truck, only the actual "footprint" of the hitch interferes with truck-bed-space.


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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

I find the bed on the 19 footer works well to prop up some pillows, relax, read and and enjoy the views. I agree most sites end up with a better view from back end of the trailer, but that seems to work out fine as we are busy eating or engrossed in a game while sitting at the table in the front end. With the bed at a usable sitting height from the floor and plenty of head room, the bed is very functional. Before purchasing the Escape I had read several posts sharing opnions about the benefits of models with the table in the back for optimal viewing, so was expecting this to be a compromise with the 19. But instead I found that the view from the 19' works out very well. Really the Escape trailers seem to have a healthy amount of window coverage, so you can't go wrong.

I find the 19' is easy to tow. It has plenty of storage, particularly with the front cargo box for easy access to blocks and chocks when setting up.
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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

There are no bad choices here. Either trailer would be terrific.

We had a 17' Casita and we have a 5.0 on order. Since the 5.0 was designed off the Escape 17, we will have about the same living area we had before, plus the addition of the bedroom. As Donna mentioned, the scenic rear dinette was frosting on the cake.

We will tow with a full-size F150. This is all theory so far (we pick up later this month), but a lot of time spent measuring pickup beds and lengthy conversations with Reace led us to believe either a Tundra or an F150 should fit fine. Ask me in two weeks!

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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

Originally Posted by JeffZ
I'm thinking 5.0.. like Donna said you back into many a beautiful locations.. I also think it cut's down on "the size of the tow", by that I mean, when we towed our AS (which was 19ft) between that & our truck (and WDH) we were close to 40ft in total length.. I think the 5.0/truck combo would be smaller.. Also I think the 5.0 has more counter space.. and my final thought- look at what Tammy & Reace bring to the rallies..
My Nissan Crewcab Frontier is 14'6" from the tip of the front bumper to square over the rear axle (which is where the 5.0 starts), and Hokie is 19'6" to her rear bumper. So that makes the total length with 5 passenger seats...34 feet. We love the fact that the bed runs long wise on the 5.0 which eliminates having to crawl over one another (which has it's own pluses I have to admit). When you are up in the "bedroom" looking back to the dinette, it's a full 19 feet inside, about 2 feet or more longer than the inside of the 19. That being said, the 19 is a little wider and with the tandem wheels (which cost you more for upkeep and tolls) it pulls like a dream, I've been told. I do appreciate not having to fiddle with the WDH anymore. Only way I would trade in my 5.0 is if Rease built a new one that was a little wider (like the 19). We love our 5.0, but so does all the 19 owners...can't go wrong either way.
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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

I don't think you'd go wrong either way. I saw Deb's & Chuck's 19 footer shortly after it was hatched. Dang impressive! I work in a windowless environment and for 43 years I haven't been able to see outside (M-F) that's part of my need to have scenery when I camp.
Donna D.
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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

I bought the 19' because we always have our kayaks or a canoe on top of the tow vehicle which we couldn't do with 5.0. Since staying at places were we can get out on the water is one of the main reasons that we go camping, it was an easy choice for us. If we didn't want to take the boats, I definitely would have bought the 5.0. In my opinion, 5th wheels are easier and safer to tow. I also I think that the 5.0 is a lot better looking than the 19. It is only 4" narrower but it looks a lot sleeker and has better lines than the 19 which is a bit boxy in appearance.
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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

Thought I'd pipe in, for what, I know not.

There was no 19 when we bought the 17B. There was a 5.0, but that never entered my mind, even though I intended to buy a Tacoma for the tow.

Have to keep in mind where we were coming from. We had had a tent trailer for almost 20 years. I bought it second hand for $900 ( I offered a thousand, but the seller countered with $900 - a friend of mine ). Sold it for $650 when we got the Escape.

So, the step up to the 17B was substantial.

Gas prices were already an issue in 2008 so I was looking for a trailer that was light weight and could be towed by a vehicle that would get good mileage, not just when I was towing, but the rest of the year. It had to serve my basic daily needs and still be up to the job for towing.

Took the Tacoma for a test drive and the Old Bag pointed out that we would be too old and decrepit to climb up into it in a few short years. She had that right. And the Tacoma didn't cause my heart rate to increase by even a beat, so one Saturday morning, I went up to Safeway to buy ribs and came back with a Toyota RAV4 Sport, with 269 HP and 18 inch tires ( just remember that when it's time to buy snow tires ).

We've had the 17B for three years and the last couple years have traveled together with our friends in their 19.

When it's pouring rain, we'll eat dinner in the 19. Old Bag has noted that there is more space for kitchen prep ( even though I do the cooking, and mostly outside ). The 19 weighs more, but he seems comfortable towing with a Hyundai Santa Fe ( with fewer horse power than the RAV ). They have a permanent bed and a four-seat dinette. We have only recently decided to set up the bed in the rear of the 17B as a four-seat dinette each morning rather than eating at the two seat dinette in the front.

Considering all, I'd opt for the 19' if I were doing it again, but I have no intention of selling my 17B and upgrading my tow. I would only consider the 5.0 if I could justify a dedicated tow vehicle.

Gas prices are only going to go up, so keep that in mind when choosing a trailer and tow. It comes down to what you can afford and what it's worth to you.

We had twenty great years in that tent trailer.


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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

I wanted a trailer that was easy for my wife to handle if anything happened to me. After owning 5 Bigfoot's none were easy to tow or hook up. The 19ft has everything we needed in a trailer from the queen bed to the 4 person dinette. We had 5 people inside for dinner one night. I can not use the public showers anymore the 19ft bathroom is roomy enough to bathe in. Just finished a reorganization project in the trailer everything in its place and easy to find. All the trailer stuff goes in the front box.
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Re: Which Trailer Did You choose and Why? 5.0 or the 19Ft Trailer?

Both are great trailers and offer some similar and other different features.

I opted for the 19 because;
- I do not have to use a pickup, and instead could use my SUV, eliminating the need for another vehicle.
- I using the SUV, I can carry lots of stuff in the back, including the dog and all the gear we would want with us when away from the trailer.
- I could carry a canoe with me too.
- even though only 4" wider that the 5.0 it seems so much more.

Pretty much the only thing I prefer with the 5.0 is the front bed for easier entry/exit, though having to climb over your spouse has its benefits too.

I MUCH prefer the bed with the big windows at the back allowing for great views from the bed.. The dinette still has great windows for when you use it. The thing is, our dinette almost never sees any use other than for storing stuff on, or when the weather is very crappy. We mostly cook and eat outdoors, play games there, and much prefer the view from our 'living room'. As long as it is above freezing and the wind is not howling, we are outside. Being outdoors is the reason we go camping in the first place.

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