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Hello Craig. You will get some great advice here, and from people with a lot more trailer experience than myself. I spent the past 2-3 months researching, comparing and shopping for the best option for our family. We are two adults and two boys, now 10 and 11, but growing fast! I was torn between the 17B with the Gaucho bunk option, the 19 with the cot option, and the 21. I wanted to stay as small as possible, but still meet our needs. I concluded that the 17B was just too small for the four of us. I had a 19 on order, and then switched to a 21 when it suddenly came up for sale from the factory. In reality I don't think you could go wrong with either. Part of it is your needs, and part of it is just personal preference. Good luck with your search! Jeff

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We looked at the 19 a few years back. We liked the trailer a lot, especially the way the owners towed it all over the country with a Subaru, or maybe it was a Pathfinder, either way it was a small to us vehicle. The improved mileage over what we were getting with our then 18' conventional camper made it very tempting. What stopped us was the width of it, it was 6" smaller then what we had, just too much. As far as the bed, we were used to climbing over each other to get out of bed, that's what the Starcraft had, so it wasn't an issue. 4 or 5 years later we were still looking and saw the 21, it had a width we could live with and would have gone with it had the new fifth wheel not been in the works.

In my opinion the benefit of the 19 over the 21 is you can pull it with a smaller vehicle, that's a nice thing once you deposit the trailer in a campsite. For the added size of the 21 one needs a slightly bigger vehicle. They are both still really small trailers, you'll find that out the first time you park next to a motorhome.

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One simple answer, ROOM. I pull the 21 with a Honda Ridgline and have had no problems in about 5000 miles.
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Thank you for all your responses, both are great choices. The 19 meets our needs, but isn't bigger better (kidding). Couple questions asked of me were tow vehicle: Toyota Highlander and size of boats I have towed: 12/15/21ft.
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We had an EggCamper when we saw a 19' Escape at a rally in 2010 - my wife, (who is somewhat claustrophobic), said she didn't care for the 19' because of the "tightness" created by the central bath and the narrowness of the trailer. However, we weren't very happy with the EggCamper either, because of the lack of convenient storage and the tiny refrigerator, but it did have a very open feeling because of it being 88" wide and having 6'7" of headroom. When the 21' Escape came out with the open central area and an 88" width, my wife agreed that it looked good. So we bought one.

Personally, although I love the openness of the 21' I feel that the 19' has an ideal layout, especially if you camp with children. The central bath gives each sleeping area a bit of privacy with access to the bathroom. If it hadn't have been for my wife's preference, (problem?), I would have gone with the 19'.
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It really is a matter of personal opinion, even if those not purchasing the 19' are wrong. All kidding aside, I really loved the 15B. If it was just me, I could see myself in it, but the 17B would give me even more room. The 19' is just right for my wife and daughter and I, with a son coming along on occasion. It also suits my 5000 lb tow capacity vehicle just perfectly. Although others like the layout of the 21, I am not too keen on it for myself and could not see myself in it. In a couple of years when my current vehicle needs replacing, the 5.0TA could be in my future, as it seems well suited to my future retirement plans. But who knows, by then, Escape have come up with something even more suited to me. Will just have to wait, watch, and see.
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Seeing I got one of the first 19's produced, the 21 was not even an option. If I had the choice to do all over, I would stick with the 19. The major reason is the layout, and the secondary reason is, I can get by fantastically with the room it offers.
Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
Oh just give it up and buy a 5.0TA, you get everything from the other builds and more
Moderators, I think we have a troll!

Now, where is that "Report" button?

Though, I must agree, that is a dandy trailer. Would be my next choice if I were to change.
Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
My only caveat to this would be to make sure your choice is based primarily on the trailer and to a lesser extent the tow vehicle. Its easier to upgrade your tow than upsize your trailer. I will probably go through several tow vehicles during the time I own my Escape.
Very true, but if one does not ever want to own anything more than a V6 vehicle for other reasons, choosing a 21 and loading it to the nuts would alter this thinking for some.
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I keep coming back to efficiency. Room is wonderful, especially if there are 3 or 4 people in your party, or if the weather turns and you're cooped up for awhile. But, the efficient use of the space you have is one of the main reasons I think molded fiberglass trailers are so cool. Its been said before that the 15 is the most efficient use of space and functional floorplan of any Escape trailer. I agree with that. We went bigger purely for the luxury of a queen bed and a bit more room if one of the grandkids tags along. I would be thrilled with ANY Escape. Not sure about the wife or other camping companions though.
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What about the window situation though? I might prefer the 21 because it has the dinette where the bigger windows are. I keep reading about people modifying the dinette in the 19 to improve visibility. To me it seems like you want the best windows at the dinette where you will be awake, not at the bed where where you will be sleeping or it will be dark. But I've never had a camper - just a lurker for now.

Can the 19 be made with a dinette at the back that can be converted to a bed (in addition to the dinette at the front)? And if so, do you lose comfort in that back bed?
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We raised the dinette 4" so the view out the windows would be better. You could do the same in the 21 if you wished. Yes, the 19 can be built with a dinette or lounge area instead of the permanent queen bed. The size when made into a bed is the same, so no comfort loss in terms of size.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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