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I prefer an air horn myself! If there happened to be a bear in my camp (which has happened only once in 30-40 years) I'd just make as much noise as i can. The alarm on the truck would probably work also. All bets are off if it's an aggressive one!!

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Smile bears and trailets

Where I camp we have grizzlies,
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Yep, if you don't have a 12 gauge or a 870 under the pillow. You better have chocolate cake in the fridge to keep him( the bear ) busy while you jump for your life's out the E- window. It's not just there for fires you know.
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Old 11-26-2012, 05:59 PM   #24
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Wink Bears

An 870 in 12 guage with tripple aught will cure any bears habit of hanging around your camp.

The only way to teach them to lie down and stay.
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Old 11-26-2012, 07:06 PM   #25
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Or, as opposed to just shooting them, you could chase them off. This has always worked for me, though to be honest, I have only had to do it a few times. Lots of loud noise like others have eluded too. Most times I have come across bear in the wild, they ran as soon as they caught wind of us.

I am not at all against carrying the firearm, and if attacked using it. I just know of a few instances where people were what they considered proactive, and shot the bear to ensure their safety. It happened once while I was there, and I wanted to throttle the guy who did it.
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Last time I crossed into Canada, they really grilled me about weapons - including mace and bear spray. So, my thought is buy it once you're in Canada.

As the photo Donna posted, our the sense of security our hard-sides give is probably a bit unjustified. OTH, as others have said, most bears are pretty skittish and will respond to a lot of noise. I carry an air horn (and I like the idea of using the car alarm - hadn't thought of that!).

I do cook inside my trailer and keep food inside and pretty much just try not to think too much about bears (eyes closed, hands over ears, humming 'La, la, la, la' to myself).
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Old 11-29-2012, 11:43 PM   #27
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It didn't occur to me until now, that I've crossed the border several times with bear spray and bear bangers in my fishing gear bag. Now that the issue has been brought up, I suppose I'll have to look guilty.
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We do a lot of wilderness camping and we keep a package of "crackling balls" a type of firecracker, in the trailer just in case a bear comes into camp during the night. Bears know what coolers are so keep them out of sight.
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There is one device that probably everyone has available to them to scare away bears or other unwanted types with no chance of spraying yourself with bear spray. It is the panic or horn alarm on your keyless fob for your vehicle. No need to go out spending dollars on bear spray or other devices unless you bike, hike or canoe away from the camp site areas in bear country. It can also be used in other situations to ensure your personal safety from unwanted intruders or to draw attention for help.
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Originally Posted by Floating Cloud View Post
baglo, don't worry, you already lock the door.

A bear is the second reason we have our hard-sided trailer, right after the bathroom. I hear that there are campgrounds that only let in hard-siders because of bears and/or mountain lions.
We have traveled over 28,000 miles in a soft sided RV and have found only one campground that prohibited its use (Fishing Bridge RV in Yellowstone). However, many required storing food and cookware in the car or in a bear-proof cupboard.

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