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I contacted Escape yesterday, Saturday, about an issue I'm having with my 12v. outlets. I expected to hear from them, at the earliest, Monday, the next "business" day. I received an email from Reace, today (Sunday). I'd say that's excellent customer service, exceeded expectations!
I knew what I was buying and gladly put my money down. Of course some pieces are paperboard. I'd hate to think how much the trailer would cost, and weigh, if all the wood pieces were solid material. Earlier, Reace sent me a new inverter when I had problems with the original. I sent the original back at their expense, no problem. I wish lots of other companies had their sense of customer service.

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Originally Posted by scoram View Post
If you want sawdust try driving highway 20 between Williams Lake and Bella Coola in BC. It's like washboard in some parts. I drove it partway on my maiden voyage and did get some sawdust. I didn't think it was a big deal and was to be expected after all that shaking.
And, of course, it could be Casita or Scamp rivets shaking loose! Just a little kidding for our fiberglass brethrens...

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Our Escape had several issues on delivery. The sink had been installed with the drain washer on the wrong side of the sink and no seal was put under the sink so that any water leaked into the cupboard. Also a screw on the hot water heater outside door was stripped and one on a window valance. Considering that our trailer was built during the period when ETI was hit by some flu bug, to the point that Reece and Tammy had to cut short their visit to the Blue Bonnet Rally, we expected there might be some minor problems. We stopped by the factory at the beginning of a trip and Reece himself fixed our sink. He was very apologetic and mentioned how the staff had to cover for each other during illness and a few things like this can occur. Our first trailer, a Nash, had at least as much wrong on delivery, to be expected in mass production. What impresses me with ETI is that Reece and Tammy are aware of and on top of the issues. I see them constantly adjusting their production to improve their trailers. On my tour of the factory, half the customizations that I asked about were already standard build. They listen to us! My concern about the loss of drawers due to the furnace relocation in the 21ís prompted Reece to redesign it to give back one of the two drawers it displaced. WOW!

Bob K
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My real point on the sawdust was to say if you dont speak out on quality issues then nothing changes. Big or small issues, escape needs to know. I had water leaking in past a wire into the cabinet area. Stopped in at eti and Reace was glad to know of it because by placing the wire 3 inches further it could have been prevented.

No one is griping, just saying if u dont speak out, then u are part of the problem.
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Here's a problem that according to Escape "happens occasionally; nothing can be done- but will not have any structural effect".

The Marine Surveyor hired to inspect verified it is likely cosmetic, but said was easily avoidable with more mat on the door frame. Didn't see this on our 2010 17B.
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Hey Ross,
Was this showing when you originally got the trailer or has it become visible as the trailer aged even though it's only a year now? Definitely, something that needs to be resolved along with the divot on your roof in the other post. I agree with the surveyor that nothing appears structural, so the most difficult part of both repairs will be matching the gel coat. Your trailer should still be under warranty and I would think ETI should take care of these especially if you could schedule it back at the factory. Keep us posted on the response.
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We have been very happy with the quality of both our Escape trailers. There have been a few minor issues, but nothing beyond what we can deal with. Last spring, When I posted about an LED fixture that wouldn't turn off, Reace saw the post and had a fixture in the mail to us the next day. Not typical of the service one gets with many other RVs.

The Tecnomadia folks just renovated their 1960's Era bus. They put up a long utube video about renovation vs buying new. I mention it here because They have some pretty scathing comments about build quality in the RV industry in general. But they were very happy with their Oliver
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Hi: All... Can't remember where I read it now but the Life of the average new RV no matter the price point is five years.
Our 5.0TA is not without problems... most are cosmetic. On the tech side our water pump failed, and the fresh water tank kept filling when hooked to city water. One call to ETI and a pump was dispatched that day. Reace then asked if I needed a RV Tech to install it.
I did a R&R reseal job on the upper rear turn&tails as the lights pulled away from the body and broke the ProFlex seal. I splurged and bought a pak of S/S #10X 5/8" Robertson screws to replace the std. ones!!!
After tweaking our RML8555 it has been working flawlessly, so why assign it to landfill?
I haven't even had the bearings repacked yet!!!
Yes ETI's growing is showing, but they are still,by far and away, above average builders of quality RV's!!! Alf
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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Yes, they did. In addition to providing me with a new, better insulated door (at no cost) Reace (as we all know) did extensive field testing in his units to identify other possible solutions to improve fridge performance. I incorporated his flue/chimney fix as well as added extra insulation around the unit and chimney. I also incorporated an independently controlled fan switch (not sure if that idea came from Reace or somebody else here on the forum [likely Tom aka: Kountrykamper]). Happy to say it works great now.

Before you say that ETI didn't fix it, but rather I had to, bear in mind that not everyone had fridge problems. From Reace's point of view, his customers were seeing varying results from identical builds. No question that a lot of folks did have issues, but a lot didn't have any complaints. I can't blame ETI for this disparity. Anyone who's read the many threads on fridges knows how much time and energy ETI put into that issue personally and with his supplier. Don't know of many (if any) other company's would invest so much effort to ensure customer satisfaction.
I am happy for you. Did you enjoy doing the mods to your refer that should have been done during installation at the factory as specified by the Dometic installation manual ? As I am sure you know from reading previous threads, Reace stated that installing the baffle did not work. I was hoping that ETI would resolve the 4.3 refer issue as they have may with the 6.8 refer. We have not experienced costumer satisfaction with the 4.3 refer, as Reace stated that he would "diligently" pursue.
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Originally Posted by Floating Cloud View Post
They say you have the sawdust coming out after shaking the trailer. We shook it through the Canadian Rockies. No saw dust! Where's our sawdust?? We paid for it!!
I can send u some.

2015 5.0TA, 2015 Silverado 5.3
16 to 18 MPG CDN Towing
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