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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
hummm. I think the locks are cosmetic. I've spent a lot of time viewing the insides of the front storage box. The hasps has mounted by fiberglass blocks on the inside. Probably will never be a rot problem.

BUT, give me 30 seconds with a pry bar and I could steal everything inside. Batteries, not so much.. they're heavy. Everything else.. mine. I think the locks are for the owners peace of mind, not for someone that wants what you own.. YMMV
All true. Locks of this type are easily broken. But, the idea of a lock as a visual deterrent for the 'casual thief' is valid. Ask me how I know...

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I've got a brass padlock on the driver's side of the box, but it has never been locked...

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I can't imagine how there could be a "standard" size of padlock. There's a defacto standard shape of shackle (the "U" shape), but many sizes. There may be a most common, but I don't know what it would be. Master Lock, for instance, has keyed padlocks with shackle diameters from 5/32" (4 mm) to 5/8" (16 mm), widths from 1.25" (32mm) to 4" (100 mm), and heights from 7.16" (11 mm) to 5-15/16" (150 mm).

The difference between a lock and a clip is that with the lock, obvious force is required, and so the potential thief would be obvious; without a lock, the thief just looks like an owner working on his or her own trailer. In a location where actions will not be observed, the lock just slows the thief down and requires more tools, but that's still useful.
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Am using a master lock similar to below but a four combo version. Don't use it while towing as the jangling will wear on the paint of the box shackles. $6.00 ea. at Home Depot. Like having the combo instead of toting another key.
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Very timely.

The lock hasp can have a diameter of up to 1/4 inch. I just purchased a "Master Lock 140T Solid Brass Keyed Alike Padlock with 1-9/16-inch" matching lock set from Amazon. They're keyed alike, brass, more solid than the hasp, less than $10.00, and a pretty good deal.
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Locks keep honest people honest.....and hopefully to make crooks look elsewhere
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Originally Posted by OneOleMan View Post
The holes are too small for any of my "small" locks, then I decided I'd not worry about locking the box. If someone really wants what's inside I'd rather they just take it than have them break a $700 box and take $200 worth of stuff.
I have to LAFF. This is the same thing my mother said about my garage. $2,000 worth of stuff inside and $60,000 worth of stuff outside. But, I reminded her.. a lawnmower was easier to steal than my truck.

Protect your "stuff" to your level of comfort. And, have good insurance
Donna D.
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Insurance is for the unaffordable loss. So the truck worth $60K is worth the deductible. The stuff I have in the box is essential and a PITA to lose- so I take precautions. It's like Murphy's law: if you have it you probably won't need it.
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I keep a small lock on one side of the box. The other side has no lock. Just enough security to deter the lazy thieves. Not enough for any real determined efforts though. I don't worry too much about it. Kay Sera sera.
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Originally Posted by TAfraser View Post
I don't know if things have changed over time, but I had to purchase smaller than standard locks for my 2013 21'. I wouldn't consider my locks tiny, but they are certainly smaller then standard in my opinion.
That's interesting. We have the standard padlocks as in those Master locks commonly found, no not small or tiny, standard locker type. But I suppose you could use smaller. You are saying you had to have smaller though so maybe the hasps have changed. But probably we were lucky and bought a bigger lock that just barely fit. Ours have plastic covers so weatherproof and don't think they will mess up the paint. We often leave only one on at a campground.

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