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First Impressions

We've taken delivery of our 5.0 TA, and let me say, we are happy. We stayed 5 days right off the get go, used the systems, no hitches whatsoever in functionality, so far. We love the decision we made. We are looking forward to early retirement in 2 years and are taking off across the country on a wild adventure, God willing.
But let me say all is not perfect, and it could have been so easily, and with very little effort from ETI.
Just a couple niggles that may help others. Or may help me. When we were in our orientation, we came upon the table. We had the marine plunger telescoping mount put in, can't recall the manufacturer right now. The nice gal went to demonstrate, then hesitated. She said "I could show you", but then didn't. Upon studying the situation, I saw the issue. The seat cushions were made a little wide, thus necessitating their removal to put the table down, thus negating the advantage of the plunger style of table stand, in my mind at least. The table stand we got was to me a help in quick setup/teardown of the table. But the width of the cushions prevented this, they were too big and overhang the edge where you have to remove them to put the table down. Anyone else have this problem?. In fact, this would prevent ease of conversion no matter what the method of stand. I commented about this, "sure would have been nice to have the width of those cushions to allow the table to go down", kind of met with a few seconds of silence. So, my wife says she can alter them no problem, so not a real huge deal, just took a bit of shine off the experience is all.
Next, we got all the tv options available. The king antenna, tv this and that. I don't have the build sheet in front of me, but suffice to say, I do know that the audio unit has dvd functionality, which I though "neat, we can stick a move in and watch in bed". Not. At least as it comes. It requires I hook up the dvd video, which I stlll have to figure out. Perhaps some holes, not sure yet. TBD.
During our outing, the olympics were going on. We stayed in Lynden Wa. I was able to dial in 2 olympic channels, one from Canada (lots of curling), and one that I think was French, but not sure. Was happy with that, antenna works great. Then I remember commenting to my wife, "I sure wish I'd remembered to bring a dvd, I wonder how they have the dvd video coupled into this single Rg6 connection they've included, given it's already wired straight to the antenna?". Well, they don't. They could have wired the dvd video connection out to the same jack panel with an hdmi or other connection, but they didn't. Why they offer the DVD player, without the option to see the video, I don't know. I can hear the audio though, when inserting a dvd. Not real useful, in my mind.
So, just a couple of small items that removed a little glimmer off the shine. But first world problems, lol. This is really just to make others perhaps a bit more aware. These are issues well able to address. We're still very excited for our second trip (Oregon coast) coming up in a couple short weeks, this time with our lovely daughters. Spring is already upon us people. I can't wait.

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Sounds like a wonderful trailer that you are going to make great memories in. We retrofitted a Springfield pedestal and you do have to move the cushions slightly to get it in to position. It doesn’t negate the functionality of the pedestal because the alternative is the table is on two lousy stands and you are lifting it off. Remember too that these pedestals are not a standard ETI option so some minor “integration” issues would not be unexpected. Best of luck with the trailer.

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My Springfield pedestal also contacts the visions on its way down. I simply tilt the upward if and when I want to lower the table. If we were to “alter” the cushions, it is likely that the back of ones legs would contact the wood framing and be uncomfortable. I personally do not find lifting the fron edge of the cushions upward (they stay in place by friction) any inconvenience at all. The orientation person probably wasn’t sure how the pedestal worked and didn’t want to mess anything up.

As far as the stereo/DVD player, I cannot speak to yours because ETI switched from a Jensen to (I believe) a Boss. With my Jenson, I simply had to fish the yellow video wire out of the back of the units cover. I went to a Radio Shack (not many open now but Best Buy would have what is needed) and got a yellow “extension” and a coax input adapter and it works just fine.

Many people work diligently on their build sheet believing that the final result will be perfection, to get everything absolutely correct. Yet still we most often say that “I wish I had.......” I failed to have an additional outlet installed but didn’t realize it would have been nice until using the trailer for a while. But that is why the word “mod” comes up so often on this forum. Glad you like the trailer. Enjoy!
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I too just tilt the cushions up to drop the table, it is just a couple seconds extra work. My thinking is that they do this on purpose to extend the cushion over the ledger strip the table top rests on when down.

I can't comment on your TV or stereo, as all I had Escape do was to run coax and power to two locations. There I just use my laptop to play DVDs or recorded shows. I added my own mast mounted antenna, but we watch so little TV, have yet to try it out.

I have probably found a couple dozen things I wish Escape had of done, or had of done different. Nothing critical, just small things that would be nice for me. But no different than with all the mods I want to do and have yet to get done, none of them stop me from going and making memories.

Great to hear you are otherwise happy with your new trailer. I am with mine.
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The reason we started with the Springfield table leg was cause the originals wobble badly, not having to remove the legs to convert to a bed was a side benefit. All of us need to move the cushions to push it down. No way am I chopping down the cushions for such a small inconvenience. You have to move them with the original configuration too.

No idea about the tv.
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We picked up our new 21 last Nov. Our seat cushions are slightly wider than the table allowing them to overlap the ledger strip as Jim stated. Also, we purchased two filler boards with cushions for converting the U-dinette to a lounge. The extra seat cushion width nicely holds all in place.
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If you cut down the cushions you will probably wind up with a gap between them when you use it as a bed. This might prove uncomfortable, think ETI already figured that out.😁
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Step 1: Watch this video on converting the table from 13:08-15:30

Step 2: Realize how great the Springfield or Lagun pedestals are.

Step 3: Bask in glory if you already have one. Consider buying one if you don't.
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Originally Posted by drjenk View Post

We stayed in Lynden Wa. I was able to dial in 2 olympic channels, one from Canada (lots of curling), and one that I think was French, but not sure. Was happy with that, antenna works great. .
Um, I'm guessing the second channel was also from Canada. It's our second language. CBC broadcasts in both English and French.

If you look at TV Fool you'll see a polar diagram for fairly strong stations you'll see there are some in several directions, NE, NW and SW. Did you aim your antenna in these directions?

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i also had an issue with the DVD player - got lots of help on this forum to fix it. i needed to get a yellow connector i think video only (sound was working- coming from stereo) which connected to the back of the stereo unit to the TV . i had to remove the stereo unit to get to the plug in to the back to do this - pain in the back side! i drilled a hole in the cabinet to run it through the back to the TV. If i had known it all would be so hard i would not have ordered the unit from ETI. They really need to rethink this arrangement so it works without all the hassle. this was my only complaint about my trailer everything else was perfect! my cushions are tight but really no issue table drops perfectly to make the bed.

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