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I don't know if you've ever used the jack in your tug to change a tire, but you might want to see how high the throw is to determine if it would work on the trailer to change a tire. I know the one in my Ford truck won't! So, I carry an aluminum racing jack. YMMV

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Donna, with the tandem axle you can leave your jack at home, just ride the one axle up on some leveling blocks, the other axle becomes lifted.

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Good point about the tire-changing jack, Donna, but I still wouldn't put it on a "needed for pickup" list. Why?
  • Many people will never change a flat tire, because they do not feel able to handle the job (especially with trailer wheel nuts typically tighter than car wheel nuts) - it makes sense for them to carry a spare, but since a roadside assistance service will be putting it on, there's no need to have a jack with the trailer. The first trip (with brand new tires) could certainly be approached this way.
  • Without having the trailer, it might be difficult to choose the right jack, with the right saddle to fit the frame, and enough height. This seems like one of those things that one should choose with the trailer already in hand. I have an aluminum floor jack which I find convenient for working on my cars, but it would probably not be tall enough for some Escape models; I would be annoyed if I bought it in advance for the trailer and couldn't even use it.
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Even if you don't carry the jack, there is a definite need to have a suitable lug nut wrench for your trailer wheels. In order to prevent wheels from loosening and potentially falling off your trailer, the lug nuts need to be checked and re-tightened at regular intervals. This is especially true if you have the optional aluminum wheels on your trailer. There was a woman on the Fiberglass RV forum a few months back that had an incident involving this particular issue.
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Originally Posted by ice-breaker View Post
Even if you don't carry the jack, there is a definite need to have a suitable lug nut wrench for your trailer wheels.
Sure, that was Sally's suggestion (post #29), too (for the same reason).

I still might not put it on the "needed for pickup" list, because there are various sizes of lug nuts... might as well buy one which fits once the trailer is hand. At the very least, find out what size is needed, or get one of those three-way or four-way wrenches which probably has the right size (for the trailer, if not for the tug).
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I will be adding a Brake Controller to my tow vehicle a Toy Tacoma with a towing package. I will be purchasing and getting installed a Tekonesha P3 B. C. I will be picking up my Escape @ a location more then a days drive from home. Will the TT. have a plug in for the break controller or is there something i will have to provide?
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It is connected to the trailer via the normal 7 pin trailer harness, nothing extra needed. You do have a 7 pin connector on the Taco right?
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The brake controller installation procedure will depend on the year of your Tacoma.
Here is the procedure for a 2012 Tacoma.
Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Toyota Tacoma Video |
If you Tacoma was manufactured earlier contact Etrailer for advice.
Contact - 800-298-8924
Yes, the factory installed 7 way trailer connector will make a difference and will determine if a factory connector (plug and play) is avaliable.
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Originally Posted by pkgman51 View Post
I've been reading this forum for some time. Of all the advice available, one of the best suggestions for me was someone who, essentially, said, "wait till you get your trailer to see what you need".

While I intend to do that, when visiting folks who graciously showed us their trailers, some said Escape didn't supply some things they needed from day one (like a hitch locking device,...).

Given that we intend to do the pick-up/shake down kind of thing... What things will I NEED to purchase ahead of time and have on hand when I pick up my trailer this spring?

Thanks for the input.
Many good idea's Escape gave us the 15-30 adapter,bottle of chemical for black tank, sewer hose I did have them fill tanks though glad I did needed for heater and cooking taking 4 days to get home . I would bring some kind of lock for hitch . You can get things along the way or when you get home as needed. Lots of great idea's though . Safe trip home .
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13/16 on the wheel nut size. I also pack a big can of Fix-A-Flat tire sealer in case I can't get to a safe spot to change a flat very quickly/safely.

Charlie Y

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