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Steve R, if it can be done within your budget, the dollar situation is so fantastic right now that I would put everything on that trailer that you think you would possibly want. Those items will likely cost you more if added later at home. Assuming you are paying the bulk soon. Rate could go down any time. Of course, you can go to the factory but no telling if the rate will be even better or not later.

A 1500-watt inverter will allow you to use the microwave when not hooked up. You can use anything with an inverter except the A/C. We and many others would not be without a microwave and use it every day.

The exterior shower can be very handy for many things including cleaning if your trailer will be in storage and not at home. Also good for sand at the beach.

Our bathroom, probably like most, stays shut so having a window allows air in and then out the vent, just as you open a window elsewhere in the trailer and air exits via the Maxx fan.

As a newbie, you probably want the starter kit and can replace a couple of items later with anything you like better.

You have the most important items on your list, except the box, so no real change necessary. You may have other ideas for a different box.

Cathy. Floating Cloud
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Floating Cloud, I value the comments I've received thus far to my post, and your comments are no exception...thank you!

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@Jim Bennett

"Solar Panel If you don't plan to ever be off the grid for more than 3 days, it is not required with dual 6V. If off longer, solar is a good option"

Have you been able to last three days using the water pump, lights and furnace for three days?

We're trying to decide on solar also. We are planning to get the dual 6V but I'm struggling with a roof mounted solar panel. Since it's flat mounted, it will already lose about 15% of it's production and if you want to park in the shade, it will lose even more.

We will probably get a portable solar if we can get by only having to pull it out when we will be off-grid for multiple days.

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We used to go four days in our 17B with dual 6V & no solar. They were three years old when we bought the trailer. The folks that bought it from us in 6/14 just replaced them.

Our single Group 29 12V has always stayed charged by the 160W solar & never gone below 3/4 on the monitor until this last trip. We got down to 1/2 and the inverter was doing its scream when making coffee in a 4 cup cuisinart(new appliance- got lazy) May have to go dual 6V.
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I have been able to do 3 nights of near freezing temps on the capacity of the dual 6V, with no problem at all. We have also done a week in the summer where the furnace was not used, and had tons of capacity. We are not using a lot of light inside, and everything was LED anyway. Not lots of water pump use either, hot water for washing and dishes, but with only 3 nights a shower was very rare. We also used warm bedding, and kept the thermostat set at 9-10°C (48-50° F).

As well, we are not reliant on 120V for anything, so don't have an inverter draw.

For my upcoming 5.0 build, I am still undecided as to what to do. I am leaning towards a good portable solution at this time, and will take it only when I think I need it. Leaves the trailer looking nicer without one on top too. Who knows, I might still do a mounted one too, just that it seems less likely right now.
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For those looking for portable solar options, here is a great one. We've got the 80 watt and have been extremely happy with it. It has extended our boondocking time (and the stress of being off-grid) considerably. Super easy to use and packs up very nicely in a durable case.

Portable Solar Kits (Folding solar) & Accessories | Go Power!
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Panicking over the build sheet.. yep, I feel your pain! And I'm betting a big portion of those here on the EscapeForum went through the same exact thing... even if they forgot!

I have no real advice to give you, other that worked for me. I had ETI put in options for me, that I wanted (or wanted in the future), but didn't think I had the skillset to do myself. Items such as, quick connect for the propane, wired for A/C (but didn't get the A/C), wired for solar (but didn't get the solar) plus extra plugs where I thought I'd like them best. So far my decisions have worked out well for me.

Although I did buy an industrial size bottle of Tums to get me through to the end!

Best of luck in your decisions.
Donna D.
Ten Forward
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If I didn't know better, would have thought I had written your post. In other words, ditto!!!

Originally Posted by Dave & Penny Smith View Post
If it's possible, relax regarding your choices. We picked up our 17B in mid-Aug. and have spent 6 out of the 10 weeks since, using it. Option choices really depend on how you intend to use your trailer and your preferences. Your list is fairly consistent with ours--the differences may reflect your desires and so be entirely valid for you. Our choices did not include air conditioning or a microwave--we rarely camp where we have hook-ups and chose not to inflict the noise (or pollution) of a generator on our neighbors. Love the solar panel and dual 6v batteries--have yet to see a battery condition less than good on our monitor. We take numerous hanging clothes, and so find our closet (without shelves) to be highly useful. The surge protector can be viewed a cheap insurance (although again, we do not frequently have hook-ups). We like having the extra insulation and thermal windows for camping in "shoulder" seasons. We love the outside storage box, it allows us to keep all the set-up items (leveling blocks, cords, hoses, etc. outside our living area where they're readily accessible. What ever your finally choices, you'll love your Escape--have fun!
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Thanks Jim and Ross, that's good information.

Lorrie, that's exactly what I was looking at. I figure if I can place it in the sun and tilt it properly that it will be plenty.
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Originally Posted by Mesa View Post
Thanks Jim and Ross, that's good information.

Lorrie, that's exactly what I was looking at. I figure if I can place it in the sun and tilt it properly that it will be plenty.
It is really light too, at least the 80 watt one is. We used ours up northern Vancouver Island with variable weather and were able to go off grid for over 8 days, but we also have all LEDs and only used the furnace a few times. We also moved it once a day to capture the best sun. Excellent unit and takes all the guesswork out of solar. Great customer service too. One thing I would recommend if you do get one, is to shop around for the best price and get your local RV place to price match. Saved over $100 this way.

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