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I have had pull-out and removable cords. By far, I much prefer the removable one. It would be near impossible to forget it. The minute I unplug, it gets coiled and set inside its storage bin, as does all the hoses, blocks, chocks, etc. The very last thing I do before getting into the car to drive away, is to do one last walk-around of the trailer and tow, checking things are as they should be, and nothing is left on the ground.

I did forget my brother one time, but to be fair, he also left his dog behind once too.

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My opinins on 17B

Here are my opinions on your 17B options. They are free so you get what you pay for. I just sold a 2015 17B in September so I know enough about them to be dangerous.

Originally Posted by disneydoc View Post
Please give your suggestions on my building options of 17B and help a total Newbie. Our deadline is Nov 27th, i.e...6 more days for a 2/29/16 completion.

A little background - I am 60 & DW 55, newly retired, new to camping, have not towed anything so far, not handy around the house, plan to camp only in the camp grounds with all connections & not attempt to Boon dock, we live in Florida & will not camp in cold weather.
We plan to take this epic journey from Florida to Chilliwack BC, on our 2010 Lexus 350 4 WD, with towing package.
We would benefit from your real life experience, critiques & suggestions. I have learned a lot from the Forum, and among many others, learned a lot from another thread named 'If you could do it again, what would be different?'

We formulated this Options list with help from the Lady at Escape Trailers. I may be wrong, but got the feeling the nice & very helpful Lady herself has not lived & traveled in this Trailer as she was looking up the meaning of the options from a given Book/ Computer.

- 2 Way Hot Water Tank $200
- Stainless Steel Stove, Hood & Cover $150
- 4.3 Cuft Fridge $200
-Additional 12V/USB Outlet - Face of Kitchen Cabinet $ 75
- Additional Over Sink Opening Window $250
-Additional Opening Bath Room Window $200
-LED Captain Centered Ceiling Reading Lights- $ 80
1 each Rear Dinette & Front Dinette-
( I thought Reading Lights will be more helpful coming from from the rear, shoulder side, but could not communicate this to her)
-Extra Insulation & Thermal Windows $800
(DID NOT select Extra Insulation Under the Trailer, as we
will not be travelling in Cold Weather)
- A/C with Digital Thermostat $1100
- Brake Controller $ 95
- E2 Fastway Hitch- Weight Distribution + Sway Controll $ 625
( I wonder if they install the same Hitch I take with me or get it shipped, as I
could get it a little cheaper in US, even after the $ conversion)
-High Lift Axle $100
-Power Tongue Jack $295
- Wireless Back up Camera $400
-Stereo $300
-Jack TV Antenna $375
- TV Mount Arm $ 95
- Exterior Access Hatch $150
- Foot Flush Toilet $ 60
-Exterior Shower $150
-Exterior Propane Quick Connect $160
-1 Shelf in Closet close to Bottom $ 40
- Starter Kit $160
- Front Storage Box $700
-Install 2 provided Horst Tank Probes, I got them shipped $ 50
- Custom Formica $100
- Custom Fabric $100
Total $7010

I have many questions about the use/utility of the following, for me in particular
I am +/- undecided on the Solar Option, Inverters, as we will not be Boon Docking.

Can I buy a Surge Protector cheaper in US ? Escape Price $ 350
What is the use of Exterior 12 V outlet ? " " $ 50
Removable Power Cord (I may loose it,.. lol...) ? $ 150
Aluminum Wheels (Need maintenance) $ 95 ea

I am open to get such options which even though not needed to us at present time, may be useful in the future, & may be either cannot be retrofitted or prove costly later. Please advise.

Thanks a lot for any & all input.

Best regards
Get the removable cord, aluminum wheels and surge protector.

Just my opinions

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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
Most cg have cable tv so you can skip the Jack antenna.
I have never been in a campground that has cable television. Maybe commercial ones do, but certainly not state or federal parks--at least the ones where I've been.
Karen Hulford
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Can't help but throw in my 2 bits on an open topic like this one!!
I'd not be too worried about stuff you can add or change as you like with little need to get into walls or ceilings....stuff that will come up as you use the trailer. I would concentrate on running more conduit while the trailer is being built to facilitate future additions or upgrades in electrical stuff such as controllers, sound systems, lights etc. Fishing lines at a later date is frustrating and you risk damaging something. Plan for future. We thought we wouldn't need a micro wave. After 2 years we have both micro wave and toaster oven ( and an electric juicer) - the latter two get plugged in outside. Have valued our decision to go with the bigger fridge. One addition which I haven't explored would be a bulkhead mounted electric heater as when you are in serviced sites why burn your propane when electricity is part of the site cost. Just my 2 bits....
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Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
Not sure why you ordered the high lift axle if you don't intend to leave the highways. I got it because I was intending to tow with a pickup truck ( which didn't happen ). I expect that it reduces gas mileage, but no proof.
I agree. Also, while the extra height helps clearance when going through dips (such as driveway entrances) it also makes getting in and out more difficult, and it definitely reduces stability (although perhaps not enough to notice).

Assuming that the current version of this option is a set of spacers, it can be added later if desired (at the expense of some effort, or extra cost to have someone else do the work).
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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
I have never been in a campground that has cable television. Maybe commercial ones do, but certainly not state or federal parks--at least the ones where I've been.
The op mentions staying in cg with hook ups only. Most of the state and federal do not have or have limited facilities. I'm assuming the op is staying at a KOA type which provide, water, electric,sewerage, cable tv, wi/fi and some even have telephone hookups.
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Here's my 2c:
- Yes to the surge protector installed by ETI.
- I'd forget the 2 way water heater, the regular heater uses very little propane and it does the job.
- The 4.3 CF fridge has had problems cooling in hot areas.
- Yes on the additional windows, the extra light and ventilation will be welcomed.
- Yes on the extra insulation and thermal windows, they'll help keep outside noise down and the heat out.
- ETI does not install the brake controller so I'd get one installed by a nearby shop.
- I got both the high lift axle and removable power cord shortly after picking up my 17B. My rationalization for the high lift is I want the trailer to go where the 4Runner goes. The removable power cord allows me to use smaller 10' and or 15' 12 gauge extensions with the 30A to 15A pigtail I got from Amazon and leave the heavy 30A power cord home.
- I like the power jack, makes life easy for an ole man who has a bad back.
- Personally I like the solar and inverter options, but then I normally dry camp. The solar keeps the batteries charged up when home, no need to plug in except to cool the fridge. The inverter? Well, who knows when you might need it when you're not able to plug in.
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Congratulations on your 17B. As another 17B'r and also a newbie (just picked mine up a month ago), will offer some thoughts from my short experience time.

- Stainless Steel Stove, Hood & Cover: Glad I have it.

-Additional 12V/USB Outlet: Glad to have and wish I had ordered one for the outside of the trailer. But not really necessary for you if you will always be hooked up to electricity,

-Additional Opening Bath Room Window: Didn't get the extra window over the sink but did get the window in the bathroom and highly recommend it.

-LED Captain Centered Ceiling Reading Lights: I ordered one for over my bed but do not need it, there is so much light from the LED's. But I am traveling solo. This might be good for a couple who wants to direct their own reading lights.

-Extra Insulation & Thermal Windows: I hope to not travel in cold weather either but did order this and am glad.

-High Lift Axle: Did order. Not needed yet but very likely will be as I get further south and do more boondocking.

-Power Tongue Jack: I know it's easy to raise and lower without power but am very glad to have this since I seem to be always making little adjustments when hitching/unhitching and this is just so darn easy!

- Exterior Access Hatch: Did not get and do not miss.

- Foot Flush Toilet: SO glad I got it!

-Exterior Shower: Haven't used it yet but am sure I will in the future when I rescue my puppy!

-1 Shelf in Closet close to Bottom: Did not get and wish I had.

- Starter Kit : I guess these items could be found at a lesser cost but it was great to have everything on hand!

- Front Storage Box: Couldn't do without it! (or would hate to have to do without it!)

-Install 2 provided Horst Tank Probes, I got them shipped: My readings on the black tank seem to be consistently off but I'm getting the feel of where the levels actually are.
- Custom Formica
- Custom Fabric: Got both and very happy with my choices (now that I know how to wipe down black formica without getting smudges).

Good luck! It will be wonderful! And the people on this Forum are SO knowledgeable and helpful - couldn't have made it (and kept my sanity) without them!
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Originally Posted by Jubal View Post
The 4.3 refer does not cool adequately even with extensive modifications.If you opt for it, plan on traveling with a cooler for perishables.
Jubal mine now went down to 31 on 4 . I was traveling in 90-100+ heat and frig never went over 42.,43 from opening door .It recovered very fast ,unlike before . I hit 56 in shade , outside temp about 76 before mods . I never did install the new temp mod . I just hang thermistor outside it's holder . I am happy with the trouble I went through . I still carry A ice chest and always will . Pat
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Any insulation will help you with the heat just as it helps with cold. Depends on what you want to spend. Our 30-amp cord works fine. The aluminum rims are beautiful. Again, what you want to spend.

If you expect to only be plugged in to 120, then no need for exterior 12v unless you already own 12v items that you want to use such as fan, cookware, lights. We have an extra exterior 120.

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