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If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

We have just ordered our 19 for production in late Oct. I am scanning the forum and I see NUMEROUS great modifications and tweaks that have made your unit unique and more functional.
I would love to hear from you what YOU would suggest as a "Great to Have" mod. or Option.
For example - "Dave" had a very cool paper towel holder we loved. He also added extra shelves over the bed and closet. SO practical.
My wife and I are having a ball with this. We plan to make this a VERY cool Escape...
Its your chance to spend our money! What have you done or what would you do if you had the chance again?

Port Moody, BC
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

Hi, congratulations I am sure you will love your new trailer. We just picked up our 19 ft in aug. I would consider it fairly well equipted, we have the following ushual options, a/c, front storage box, 6 volt batteries, extra insulation, dual pane windows, spray foam and heat mats, bike rack ready, extra window in the shower/bathroom, window over the sink, opening door on the rhs front dinette seat, surge protector, led lights inside and out, extra exterior light over the front storage box, second set of high mount rear lights, aluminum wheels, removable power cord, outside shower, dual water heater, heat strip in the ac unit, extra folding selves for rear and front bed areas. I think thats it or at least thats what i can remember.
I ahd them build three shelves into the wardrobe closet and this is awesome with some smaller baskets you can organize this storage very well. Oh yeah we have a three burner stove with oven as well. Our fridge got upgraded to the 6.7 cubic foot three way one as the 5.0 is no longer available, we are very happy with it. You do loose the microwave area over the fridge but we wern't getting a micro anyways and the the lost storage doesn't seem to be a problem. I also had another outside storage access door put in the lhs front of the trailer to access the under the lhs dinette seat area from the outside as our table is almost always down as a bed for our daugter. Dave a Reace both seemed concerned about how small that area was and both honeslty tried quite hard to talk me out of it and I am glad I held out and got it because access to any storage you have is good for organizing. Probably what I would change is have the window over the sink a opening window, and have the front table modified to the hinge style instead of the two post system as it is almost always down the mounts for the posts are a pain in the back side as are the loose posts to store. There isn't really a option that I wouldn't get again. I hope this helps somewhat and good luck

MacRae, 21ft
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

The front cargo box is a "must-have". I'm taking my 19 home next summer to get one. Also, if you do much boondocking, the dual batteries with all LEDs in and out. And the extra insulation package. If you want AC, specify a unit that can be started and run with a 2KW generator. Bottom line that what you want will depend a lot on how you plan on using the trailer, and what else you want to bring along.

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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

Hi: DonM...And Welcome!!! My fav. beer is "O P's" and my fav. money is too!!! Don't know what style of camping you do but I always recommend the dual fuel water heater for those of us addicted to the current bush. It really saves on the propane when you're plugged in!!! Have a great time making your Escape truely YOURS. Alf
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

No one has mentioned the solar package, and by far that is the option that we are the happiest about. We got many of the options that Dmac got, and are glad we did as well. We had the outside storage box added, and what a difference it has made! We have the smaller fridge, as we really value the cupboard above the fridge. The only thing we would change is we would not get the TV antenna and TV mount. We never use either of these, rather using our I-pad or laptop to watch movies. We will be back at the factory to have the raised tail lights added, and I will also have shelves installed in the wardrobe.
2009 Escape 17B
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

I think I would have gone with the 2 dinettes, one in front and one in rear with the slider table in front and hinged table in rear and both dinettes would be u-shaped. This in addition to everything else mentioned. Plus the o/s screen room
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......


I'm sure Tammy might have some suggestions also, based on how you two are going to be using the trailer.

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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

So far these posts have spent more of my cash! Great ideas.

We planned basically all of Dmac's suggestions but I picked up on a few new ones:
Outside front door access
hinged table

Bruce has warned me to check that the A/C works on a 2KW generator - Thanks!

Escape Artist has me thinking again about the 2way heater.... And the beer is on me should we meet.

Ddevin has made me spend money on dual tail lights and re-re-re-consider Soalr Panels. I need more use input on this please. We will likely dry camp more than most people. Probably 75% or more.
Also - I hadn't really considered the frequency that the iPad / Laptop provides all that I need. Maybe the TV is excessive and not needed.

Cpaharley makes a great suggestion on 2 dinettes which we definitely are doing. This is a major visual / practical floor space creator in our minds. Even thinking of trying a dual system and storing the full mattress for those times when we want a permanent bed that is more comfortable.
Port Moody, BC
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

Firstly, congrats on your purchase. It is fun planning things out while waiting for it to be made.

You will get a variety of answers, many of which contradict each other. All you can do it to listen to them all, and figure out what will work best for you guys.

Things like some saying the front storage box is a must, my thoughts are (at least for now) it is just a place to put more stuff we don't need, and adds to the weight of the trailer. As we travel now, we have plenty of room, and some left over, for storage in the trailer, as well as in the tow. Maybe this is one reason I could not see a second dinette for us, as we use the full space under the bed for storage, plus one of my wife's conditions was a permanent bed, and not having to set it up daily.

Another permanent option that many really like, but I don't consider necessary is the mounted solar panels. With the extra insulation and dual batteries we have never had any trouble boondocking for 4 nights with the temps dropping to near freezing. In the future I might consider a portable one, or possibly a small gen set to top up the batteries if we were to go longer. 90% of our camping is boondocking right now.

Remember, many modifications can be made afterwards, after you have had a chance to try it out for a while, and see what you really need.

For me, a few 'must have' options we got or would next time are;
-Dual glazed windows and extra insulation, good for both hot or cold climates
-The dual fuel water heater is nice for use in a campground
- Dual 6V batteries
- Additional tail lights. We are just now starting to take bikes, and the additional ones would be nice. Actually, the wife just told me that a package arrived at Greyhound for me today from Tammy with a couple of these lights in them, as well as a kit to make the power cord detachable.

A few things we did get, and would not next time;
- Installed stereo, that while nice to use inside, we are rarely inside so something portable would be better
- Outside shower. Ours has never been used. It was intended to be used to wash the dogs feet if needed, but is way too high for that, and the hose does not reach the ground. Besides, a basin of water does the trick even better.
- Not sure if is even possible, but we never have used the sink in the bathroom, it is just too small. I would rather not have one.
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Re: If You Could Design My new Trailer and Pick My Options......

I've done a number of modifications & additions to my 17B, as well as many factory options such as solar, dual 6V batteries & propane, etc. I have some photos of the modifications at http://lakeshoreimages.com/trailer.html. So far, my favorite has been the LED lighting strips on the inside of the overhead storage cabinets. They are great for finding "stuff" after dark.

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