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We have the range hood. Never use the light -- too dim, so use the light over the sink instead. Rarely use the fan, too noisy, very ineffective, and often need to run outside to open the vent because we always forget! When needed, we usually just turn on the maxfan.

We added a toggle switch to the smoke detector and only turn it at night.

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If you eliminate the range hood and use the roof fan to eliminate moisture and cooking fumes are you not just dragging these contaminates through your trailer ?. What protects the bottom of the cabinet that sits above the cooktop from moisture and grease.
Why is noise an issue ? I am usually wide awake when cooking .
If the elimination of the range hood is for aesthetic reasons , do we not have function following form. I guess the logic of this mod escapes me.

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Originally Posted by mcdonner View Post
We are currently working on our build sheet for a 19. Thoughts concerning having or not having a range hood. Anyone wish they didn't get it or decided not to get it but in hindsight wished they had. Decisions, decisions. Thanks a million.
We omitted the range hood and opted for an extra light over the stove and an extra Maxx fan in place of the air conditioner. With both fans set to slow speed exhaust we have no moisture build-up. Greasy or smokey foods get cooked outside on the grill - very much like we do at home. However, there were some 100+ F days in Texas where I would have killed for an air conditioner. But most of the time we enjoy the extra visual space and the lack of a "head knocker".

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Well, that settles it then.
You need two range hoods.
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We did not get it (this is our first trailer). Very happy with the decision since it really opens up that space. Maxxfan works great for moisture and heat and we cook all the smelly and greasy foods outside. The Can Cooker Jr. works great inside and doesn't put out a large amount of moisture.

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Had it in our Casita and never used it and wanted it removed from there but never got around to it. Deleted it from the Escape and like the clean look much better. We don't cook inside much so the Maxx fan does all the exhausting we need.

Its kind of like I could never understand who would want a 3 burner stove to take up more counter space and who would ever have 3 burners going at a time but I have a friend who swears that he does. I could not take the odors in the camper.
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"...What protects the bottom of the cabinet that sits above the cooktop from moisture and grease?"

And, subsequent mold in the cabinet. Who doesn't at the very least boil water for their Melita??
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I'm thinking seriously about leaving it out on a 19 I'm slowly looking at options. The only time I use it in my 17 is when I'm making toast & the smoke alarm still goes off - it ends up under the pillows on the bed. I do almost all my cooking outside...
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It's a range hood. They're noisy. The one in our house is noisy too. But, it's good to have when cooking inside. Very effective at reducing moisture when boiling water too. Concerning the light being too dim, that's easily fixed with an LED replacement bulb.
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Removed it and installed an LED light. My main objection was that it protruded so far that it blocked the sight lines to rear burners. Some type of thermal barrier to protect the underside of the cabinet is a good idea, but I haven't done it.

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