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Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
I travel rough gravel roads all the time, and only one time I remember we had the door latch on the fridge fail. We never had an issue with the table either, and it has no latch at all. I wonder what has changed?
I'm not sure much has changed. We've sure done our share of rough roads without incident. Stopped locking the table shortly after getting the trailer, can't see that it causes any problems.

Compared to our Scamp the Escape rides smooth as silk. The Scamp had a habit of tossing anything not secured out on the floor.

Only thing that we watch out for when packing items is chafe. Things do rub against each other and can get marked up.


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Ron and Jim, do your table sslide from side to side. Our does and there is a knob you tighten to prevent it sliding during travel. (We absolutely love the sliding table) After our first fishing trip, with relatively good gravel roads, the metal screw had already started gouging the underside of the table and it only got worse on the two following trips. I put a piece of rubber from and inner tube between the screw end and the table, but it kept loosening from the vibrations while traveling. Again, the roads weren't really rough, and certainly not washboard.

I don't know if the footman loops and straps were necessary for the fridge, but considering that some people damaged their hinges I wanted to ensure I wasn't next. I intend to travel some much rougher roads in the future.

I ordered the brass bunk bed latch today from a local RV parts store. It should prevent the damage to our table during travel.

Bob K

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Originally Posted by Bobbito View Post
Ron and Jim, do your table sslide from side to side.
Bob K
Don't know, it's sort of like the tree falling in the forest when no one's around. Does it still make a noise? Never having ridden in the trailer while in motion I don't know the answer. All I can say is I can't see any harm done but not locking it.

I didn't like the crude bolt gouging the wood routine either and made a metal cap to prevent that but it still vibrated loose so I just said to heck with it.

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Don't know, it's sort of like if a man speaks in the forest an no woman hears him. Is he still wrong? I have no idea if it moves while driving either, there is no evidence of harm being done. Lots of jiggling in the trailer no doubt, but very little sideways forces with most travel, I don't tend to take corners at high speeds.
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I had my table come off the pedestals in my 19 while towing. Although secure with a lock to prevent sliding, then entire table was on the floor after one of my trips, here on the east coast our rough roads are called "turnpikes" and have some of the worse conditions, I think it happened between Massachusetts and New Jersey. Did some minor damage, I now bungee the table down in BlackJack.
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Originally Posted by Bobbito View Post
However, based on how our table slides back and forth even on fairly good gravel roads (causing damage to the under side of the table) I have ordered a brass bunk latch as described in another thread. The knob they install for securing the table releases during travels, even when I screwed it into rubber. I can understand taking down the table for travel on really rough roads, but the roads we traveled were at worst a bit rough.
Bob K
We never had the screw on our table - perhaps the previous owners removed it.
We hook one end of a bungee on the back end of the piece of plywood that holds the slider, run it around the front and over the top and hook it on the back of the tabletop. It significantly decreases the ability of the top to slide...certainly enough so that it won't do any damage. The bungees should be snug but not super tight. I imagine you could do the same thing with the side to side table.
Fran & Dave
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To prevent that screw from unscrewing itself completely out, screw an acorn nut to it. Might also glue a strip of rubber (or the like) along its path to act as an un-slippery contact for the tightened screw.
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Our 17B's table flew off sideways onto a dinette cushion on I-40 between Needles & Kingman; evidently no stop had been installed. Tammy was gracious and sent us new plastic guides that had been stripped.

Thanks again to Keager at '14 Rally for showing us you can live w/o table!
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All this talk about the table coming off the pedestals gives me one more reason to be happy I installed a pneumatic pedestal. No stowing or strapping down of the table required.
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We made the mistake of coming in to New Hampshire from the East on SR 119 this trip. The stretch between Richmond and Fitzwilliam beat the heck out of our new TA. Even though I drove slower than the 45 limit, the bathroom door came open and bent the hinges enough so it would not latch. The table pedestal shook hard enough to pull the screws partially out of the floor. I have driven on washboard roads that were not as bad. GPS sent us that way because we camped north of I 84 this trip and I went along with it because SR 2 is so bad and I thought 119 might be better. NOT.

There is apparently no good road into this area of New Hampshire


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2016 Ford F-150
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