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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

Alf, the guy that did yours must be either very fast, working under the table, or not in need of money. $75 is not much more a half hour of shop time these days. I think most places around here are at least twice that. I was quoted something like $200 for my four wheels. Plus, the dreaded 5% GST on top of that.

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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

I know that the labour rate at the gm dealer i work at is 136 an hr, i imagine the rv dealers are similar. but seriously it is not hard to re-pack wheel bearings either

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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

I had my 17B's brakes adjusted & bearings repacked at a local upstate NY dealer (Seven O's in Cicero, NY) for $99.99.
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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

Are not the axle/wheel bearings on Escape's trailers from Dexter's with the self lube grease fittings? Remove the rubber cup, attach a grease gun and pump a couple times, done.
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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

Hi: All... My RVTech does them the old fashioned way. Pull the caps off and the cotterpin out. Pull the wheel off with the brake drum still attached. Pull the inner& outer bearings out drop them in his handy grease pot push the plunger and watch the grease ooze thru the rollers. Reassemble the wheel, tighten nut... then backoff and put in a new cotterpin. Spin the wheel while I squeeze the brake controller and adjust if necessary. 15 min. per side. $75. including both txs. and he dropped in a new water heater element as well.
This year I got the new tires, chrome wheels and hub covers and repack etc + a new teflon plate for the hitch pin for $300.+tax.
This is one more plus for a single axle trailer.
When it's time to winterize...he makes house calls!!! He's a keeper. Alf
escape artist N.S. of Lake Erie p.s. Back to your regularly scheduled Dometic fridge warranty work?
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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

Originally Posted by cpaharley2008
Are not the axle/wheel bearings on Escape's trailers from Dexter's with the self lube grease fittings?
That would be the E-Z lube hub. My Escape 5.0 has a Dexter axle but does not have the E-Z lube.
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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

back to Dometic refrigerators, we took The Lark in today, primarily because last week I realized that the hinge was loose and wobbling, so I was afraid the door would end up on the floor. The technician said that all the hinge bolts were loose, and it probably came from the factory that way. It cost me $18.00 to get it fixed. I suppose I could complain to Dometic about this, but for $18.00 I am not sure it is worth it.

If you have a new Dometic, you might want to keep an eye on the hinge assembly, and make sure it isn't coming loose. By the way, this is the 3 cubic foot model.

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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

Since I posted commenting on how I had the Dometic door repaired, we have been on a one month camping tour of Washington State and BC. After our first day we were horrified to find the fridge door had come off again, spilling eggs etc across the floor, as well as denting the floor. We did not have any heavy items in the fridge door. We were able to get the door back on, but not trusting it, we stretched a bungy from the TV mounting bracket, across the fridge door, to the screen door frame. The next day we were at the ESCAPE factory to get a cargo box added, and they properly repaired the fridge door, without charge. We still back it up with the bungy, just for peace of mind. When we travel on really rough washboard roads my wife insists on riding in the trailer to monitor the fridge door! I drive REAL slow, and we communicate with 2-way radios. These doors should be designed better, but since they are not, we will always have something as a back-up.
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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

I've been in and out of the Skagit ( BC side ) many times and it is the worst washboard I've ever experienced. It's also really hard on tires ( as in a flat every second trip ). After the first trip in, finding the contents of the fridge on the floor and some cans from the cupboards, I took to using releasable zip ties ( Lee Valley Tools ) and gaffer tape to keep the doors closed.
But, I've yet to experience having the fridge door come unhinged. I've got the 5.0 fridge, generally loaded with beer.

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Re: Dometic fridge warranty work

You have to get some loctite for the pin threads and nuts. The red color is permanent and the blue and green is removable.

What I did is loctite the hinge pin threads in place with thread locker 271(red). I also put a dab on the hinge pin plate screws before reinstalling them. This should be a permanent fix. The thing is not to overload the door while on the road that's what I think we did. Maybe leave the door empty if possible until your set up.

We just came back from Douglas Lake Ranch ( Salmon Lake Resort ) We did a bunch of gravel roads with wash board. The door is still on and the hinges are tight.The loctite is holding this far.

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