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Originally Posted by Tford View Post
Very nice, and "Lotus 7-eseque", but not a Caterham:
Originally Posted by Ron in BC View Post
No, 3 years of beating my head against the wall making my own. Went to the Caterham factory in England with the intent to buy a kit but looked at them welding bits of tube together and thought, "I can do that" I took a year to build my house, 2 years to build an ocean going sailboat and 3 years to build that little car. Something is wrong with that progression.


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Nope you’ve learned to relax n take more beer breaks and thinking naps

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Originally Posted by Oldtimer View Post
Nope youíve learned to relax n take more beer breaks and thinking naps
Two of my favorite things.
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ďMost folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.Ē ó Abraham Lincoln
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Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
Two of my favorite things.
As in, "I think I'll have a beer".
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What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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I canít compete with Ronís car, which I love, and I support beer breaks and thinking naps, but Iíll slip this in with my solution to the portable drill v hand crank on the stabilizer question. I have used the drill in years past but donít any more due to keeping the batteries charged, not letting it get wet from rain or condensation, etc. I am a hand crank fan due to the simplicity, dependability and ease of doing it but found that it gets harder as the years go on. (Itís funny how stabilizers can get lower and move further under the trailer over time.)

My solution, which I would put forward as one of the best non-trailer trailer accessories one can have along, is a gardenerís kneeling bench. Theyíre wonderful for cranking, hitching, dumping and so much more. I keep it handy in the TV and find it comes out often in both itís high and especially low position. It also protects the knees from rocks, gravel, wet and anything else that might be lurking where one wants to kneel or squat down. It also gives you something to push yourself up on as you stand up!

Here is a link to what Iím talking about but check your local garden supply as they usually go for about what Amazon has them for.

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Iíll second the use of a kneeling device of some kind. My brother uses his every day in the garden and swears by it. I have used the foam kneeling pads for several years and keep one in my front box. Around the trailer I can always find something to boost myself up. My new pad is foam on top and heavy duty plastic on the bottom with two handles. My son and I were dragging a deer out of the woods a couple years ago when I tripped on a log right at the edge of a soy bean field. To get back up I crawled on my hands and knees over to a tree and used it to get erect again. No dishonor in aging even If your kid laughs at you. You get them back by spending their inheritance.
Iowa ďbone on boneĒ Dave
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Originally Posted by Oldtimer View Post
Nope youíve learned to relax n take more beer breaks and thinking naps
Thinking naps last longer and are more creative if preceded by the beer break , compared to the opposite order.
Kirk & Shelley
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Originally Posted by Iowa Dave View Post
I got me one of these, up and down for 15 days, put the x chocks by the wheels and the Andersons too. He walked the dog, fed and watered the dog. Took the garbage to the dumpster and pumped water at an old style well pump. Cost me $47 for a video game and a car charger for his 3DS. Heís ten now, and ready to go again. This year maybe add in setting the X Chocks. Teach a kid to camp, they cant learn everything in school. He plays the clarinet, so he is forced to listen to Goodman and Artie Shaw and Pete Fountain when he rides with us. Of Shaw he said ďman heís good PopPop.Ē What is it with boys and frogs and toads?
Iowa Dave
A young person reading a book! Yay! Way to go, kid . . . there's hope!
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We picked up our 17A yesterday from ETI, and spent the night in Rasar State Park (WA)(It snowed! Good test for the furnace.) I found that the hand crank worked quite well and I was able to use it without kneeling, in spite of my age. Thanks for the many suggestions that have come through this thread.

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