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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
I think all the easy jokes are taken.

2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
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What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post

I think all the easy jokes are taken.

Not with both of our countries' politicians ramping up for federal elections.

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Ours did the same thing. It drove me nuts until I discovered that whenever there was a draw on the propane, the regulator vibrated against the tank cover, of all things. Tank cover adjusted, problem solved. Simple.
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Even if I could hear that low of a hum these days lol which is not likely, there is no cause for concern some do hum from vibration check tank hold down snug and the lines are not touching anything as any line with fluid or gas flowing through can cause sympathetic harmonics in the surrounding area. I would also check the cover positioning and the bottom edge of the cover where it rests on the frame. Just before my last trip me and some paper wasps had to come to an agreement they don't build inside the cover and I won't black flag them . After the discussion was over I noticed as I was putting the cover back on the rubber edging on the bottom was gone so fuel line split and installed and then cover reinstalled. You might as a piece of mind soap bubble check the connections and around the regulator. When I used to install lp tanks and regulators on Roach Coaches we would get humming from the regulator do to a diaphragm not sitting exactly right, air entrapment in the lines and last but not least ....The singing lesson money was spent in the pool hall .....:-) Thank you Thank you I'll be here all week try the veal
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Originally Posted by Ian G View Post
Ours also hums, does not make a difference which tank it is set at and even after a refill.
Guess ETI got a batch of regulators that couldn't read the song sheet
Ours is a Hummer also.

I have filled the tanks and moved things around a bit and will put it to the test the second week of September - our next scheduled camping trip.

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The humming may not be the regulator at all. Ours was caused by one of the pigtails having a faulty safety valve. Replacing the hose silenced it.
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Thought if you pulled a pigs tail it squealed?
Sorry, couldn't resist...
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From the Weber site.
"A funny noise is coming from my grill. What should I do?

Rushing noise: Immediately after turning on the gas tank valve, you may hear a "rushing" noise. This is just gas rushing into the supply hose and manifold.

Groaning or metallic cracking and popping: As Flavorizer Bars, burner tubes, and cooking grates heat and cool, they expand and contract, causing these sounds.

Fluttering noise: If the slide-out bottom tray is not fully pushed into place, excess air may be drawn into the cookbox, causing a "fluttering" sound. The burner tubes and Crossover ignition may also cause this sound when the lid is open and air is drawn into the cookbox from above. Finally, the flame in the crossover ignition tube may fluctuate after ignition, which will cause a fluttering sound.

Humming or whistling from the regulator: Outside temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and the gas level within the tank may cause the rubber diaphragm inside the regulator to vibrate, making a humming or whistling sound. Although this sound may be alarming, this is NOT dangerous as long as it is not accompanied by the smell of gas. If the humming sound persists, a change in atmospheric conditions will eventually stop the vibration.

From the small hole in the regulator
This hole is used for ventilation - it is normal for air to be released from this hole. If the customer does not smell gas, there is nothing wrong with the grill. This hole is simply releasing air as it was designed to do.
If there a strong smell of gas even after the grill is started
There is a leak. Do a leak check to locate the source of the leak and replace whatever parts are needed.
The smell of gas can still be detected, but a leak check did not determine where it is coming from
Check to see if the regulator vent is leaking gas. Replace hose and regulator.
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I discovered that Bailey's regulator was leaking on our last outing two weeks ago. I only turn on the propane when I need to use it. Pancakes were on the menu, so I needed gas to the stove. I turned on the tanks and could smell gas. Though it would dissipate. Cooked the 'cakes and went back out to check tanks and could still smell gas. Turned off tanks and started to investigate. A cup of soapy water made it obvious there was a leak at the regulator. We were out for a few more nights, so we looked for a replacement at a few stores, no luck. But the campground store had one, so bought it and after borrowing some gas thread dope, got it all rigged up with no leaks!
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Mine started that high pitched hum as well. It is irritating coming on and off in the middle of the night with the furnace. I can hear it also when other appliances are running....cooktop, barbeque etc. I am heading to Chilliwack soon and my trailer is still under warranty. What is the fix?

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