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Why does my propane regulator hum, hmm?

When we're using our stove or the water heater comes on, there is a high-pitched, audible hum from the propane regulator. We've had this sound since we picked up our 19. If it's just normal, okay, I'll accept that, although we had no similar sounds from the regulator on our 17.

On the other hand, if it's a problem waiting to happen, I want to be prepared. The larger the flow of gas [water heater vs. stove], the louder the sound. I don't hear the sound, however, with just the refrigerator on propane: not a large enough flow, I suppose.

Do I need to be concerned? Or just hope it hums a nice tune?

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Why does my propane regulator hum, hmm?
Because it doesn't remember the words.

It shouldn't do that, and I have heard one do it before. There are be a softer hissing sound though. I don't think there is anything to be concerned about, but replacement would solve the noise.

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I have had that sound occur when the tank was overfilled. The sound stopped after a a few days of use. Perhaps it hums because it dose not know the words. Sorry for the old joke.
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Try swapping to the other tank. I have 2 tanks for my home grill, 1 hums intermittently (like half the time), the other does not. I also notice it goes away once the tank goes down some, but I never paid attn to how much. It'll hum for 4 or 5 uses then go away. Been using it like this for a couple years, but it's not on every fill.

Hasn't blown up yet.
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Our Escape regulator does not make any noise, however my three burner gas grill at home will whine when the tank is under half full and all three burners are wide open. When it reaches temp., I turn it down and it quits whining. Perhaps your noise is also related to gas consumption.
Sorry I am of little help, just an observation.
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We picked up an Escape 19 in May, and I have noticed this noise as well. We did not have a similar noise on our prior trailer. It is related to the amount of propane being used, as others have said. Next time out, I will try switching to the other tank and see if that changes anything. We have used it for 2 weeks now on propane, not connected to power, and so far it has been fine other than the noise. We haven't gone through a tank of propane yet so I can't say if the switchover changes anything.
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At least no one hinted that I would be exploding any second if I continue to use my propane. At the next Escape Customer Appreciation Rally, I'm going to suggest that we have a standup comic talent show. Those who offered humming jokes will be automatically entered. Nevertheless, your levity and the subsequent comments seem to indicate that the problem is neither serious nor imminently suggesting a regulator failure. And you made me smile.

I've already tried changing the tanks. The sound from mine doesn't seem to be related to the pressure or overfilled tanks, since one tank is nearly empty.

Oh well, in the short run, I'll just hum along.

Thanks all!
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Get a ukelele, take the workshop at the Quartzsite gathering in Feb, and play along with your regulator.
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Ours also hums, does not make a difference which tank it is set at and even after a refill.
Guess ETI got a batch of regulators that couldn't read the song sheet
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The propane being used is a gas. The gas is flowing. It's going though passages with interesting shapes and dead ends. If part of the system has the right length between features (such as the tank, an orifice, or an outlet) to resonate, it makes sound... and that's basically the description of a musical wind instrument.

Some propane setups accidentally make sounds. The propane tank is a big volume on one end that varies in size (as the liquid level goes down), which is why the sound comes and goes or changes note in some cases. The propane systems in my trailers never made any noise that I noticed, but my motorhome system makes some weird noises, and I think they changed when I added a tee between the tank and the regulator. I can't think of any reason to assume there's a problem.

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