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Re: Winter Storage On Jack Stands

I did install scissors jacks on our 19ft trailer, and am very pleased with them.

In another post I described how to install the jacks, but here it is again.

First, each jack has a capacity of 7500 pounds (3.75 tons) considering a dry 19 weighs 2500 pounds there is more than enough capacity to lift the trailer.

The jacks were located immediately behind the stabilizers that came with the trailer, in fact I used the existing bolt through the frame to locate the jacks, this saved a lot of measuring and work, holding the jacks in place, while I drilled the holes to secure the jacks.
I tried to take one of the stabilizer legs off, but this would require some cutting on the welds, so I just left the rest in place.

Each jack weighs in at about 30 pounds, and the cost was roughly $76.00 for each jack. It was about two hours work to install the four jacks.

Each jack has a lift range to twenty four inches, this is enough to lift the trailer wheels several inches off the ground, In fact I did lift the trailer off the ground, including the hitch jack.

I did go on three trips after the installation of the jacks, and at each sight simply got out lifted the trailer up to level it, maximum time spent leveling the trailer, four minutes, with no pads required. On one sight the wheels on the entry side were seven inches off the ground, the trailer was solid.

At this time I must commend Escape Trailers for making an inherently rigid trailer. The design is basically self supporting,resists twisting. The frame really is just there to bolt the axles to.

When you purchase the jacks (Made for trailer installation) all you have to do is drill the required number of holes in the frame, and with a ratchet wrench screw in the supplied self tapping screws.
How I did it is all in my other post.
When up for travel the jacks take up the same space as the stabilizer legs.
Each jack has a 3/4 inch nut on the end, and comes with a flex drive socket to lower them in place.

I did get a moose, and carried it home inside the trailer, I placed a tarp and cardboard on the floor over the axles, and to give you an idea of the condition of the road (Wide line between the trees) and driving as fast as I could, it required five hours to travel one hundred and thirty kilometers.
I have many photos of my travels and the trailer, and if I could ever figure out how to post them I would.
By the way, the caribou have not come down from Alaska, so I guess I will have to put the 19 away for the winter.



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Re: Winter Storage On Jack Stands

Further to my last post, or is it post no bills, or is it who posted the post it.

Perhaps another option for those who leave the beaten path as I do, and get back into the bush.

An option could be to use the heavier 5.0 axles on the 19 footer.

I understand the axles on the 5.0 are heavier than the axles on the 19.

Two of these axles may be better for those who go off high ways, or for those who are worried about over loading the 19 with all the toys one must have while camping.


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Re: Winter Storage On Jack Stands

E-Mail me with an address and I will by snail mail send you some photos.

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Re: Winter Storage On Jack Stands

Originally Posted by islandr

Checked the Dexter Axle site and the link above states that we should not be using the axle to lift and store the trailer.

Looks like I will putting jackstands on the frame.

Should I overcompensate and use four to distribute the weight better or is two good enough.
I just (finally) got around to getting Blue up on the jack stands. I had the same thought about 2 or 4 but went ahead with 2. I put them about 18" behind the axle, just high enough to get the tires off the ground. Then I lowered all four of the scissor jacks and the front jack down until they just all had slight pressure on them. I figured that that should equalize the weight all around the frame and prevent any twisting pressure on it. Other thoughts?



Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw
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