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StarvingHyena 08-26-2017 03:23 AM

Good Luck Texas
Just wanted to let all our Texan friends know that I'm thinking about you and hoping you and yours are OK and safe.


rbryan4 08-26-2017 08:44 AM

Thank you Tom. Truth be told, except for the large amount of rain and potential flooding along the gulf from around Rockport to Galveston, this one isn't that bad so far. I was able to sneak into San Antonio last night from Atlanta around 11 pm before any of the rain. Biggest issue right now is low lying areas around Galveston, but this isn't their first rodeo.

sjnuss 08-26-2017 09:55 AM

As Robert stated San Antonio is not too bad at this time but the winds and rain are picking up. But the coast down near Rockport (where the eye of the storm came in) and Corpus Christi got hit very hard. A lot of property damage and now the storm will come inland just a bit a sit and dump rain for several days then is supposed to move east toward the Houston area. We have several Escape owners in the greater Houston area so they may want to comment on the situation there but at this time it does not look too bad.

As for the Escape I got the fridge going and the water tank filled...just in case.


rbryan4 08-26-2017 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by sjnuss (Post 213327)
As for the Escape I got the fridge going and the water tank filled...just in case.


"Go west young man", or shelter in place?

sjnuss 08-26-2017 10:39 AM

I always like to go west :) but staying here!


JStelly 08-29-2017 01:37 PM

John from Friendswood Tx here in the middle of the lake known as Harvey. [emoji4]. We were on a three week trip to/from the Black Hills and cut the trip short by a couple of days to make it home. We arrived in the Houston area about noon last Friday. We quickly unloaded the Escape and got her into storage just before the deluge started. Best I can tell we got 40-45 inches of rain since Friday. It has been the harshest fiercest long lasting storm I have every experienced. I keep telling my grandsons they will be telling their grandchildren about Harvey. We are safe, dry and have utilities. Our daughter and her family are in League City and the water made it halfway to their front door before receding. Aside from a few roof leaks around vents they are ok. My son and his family not so lucky. They are in League City as well. They had about two inches of water in their house. We've spent the last two days pulling out carper and flooring. I'm really proud of them. They are taking everything in stride and have a great attitude. They are staying with us for now until there House is set up for them to live in.

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JStelly 08-29-2017 01:41 PM

And being very familiar with the Houston area, believe it or not but the pictures don't do Harvey justice. Even though we are dry we can't go more than a mile or two before getting into flooded streets. The only good thing is that when the rain stops the water will drain fairly quickly. For now, we are cleaning out the pantry and praying the rain will stop soon.

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gabeck 08-29-2017 02:25 PM

We heard from Pam and Jackie Erickson . It is absolutely as bad and devastating as the news photos are showing . Their home is fortunately on a higher ground, but neighbourhoods around them are flooded - and it is difficult to get anywhere . Texas is very much in our thoughts and hope that the dire predictions of a very slow recovery are exaggerated .......very sad state ....

JStelly 08-29-2017 03:43 PM

Our son's front yard after the water receded from his house. The plants in the foreground are at the front porch. Incredibly the houses across the street got no water inside.

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rbryan4 08-29-2017 05:49 PM

Here in Bexar county, we don't usually have such severe flooding potential, mainly because the county isn't flat - it gently slopes north to south, from about 1200 feet to 600 feet. The Houston area is not so lucky, and is mostly flat. Add an unprecedented amount of rain, and there's just nowhere for the water to go. The weather satellite suggests that the rain is finally ending, or will end in the next few hours for the area. The people of Houston are in our thoughts and prayers. This is the kind of event that may take years to fully recover from.

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