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cpaharley2008 03-12-2013 05:35 PM

Plethora of new Escape models for sale
I do not recall seeing this many unsold new units for sale? I wonder if these were cancellations or Escape is building up inventory? For the long time members, is this normal?

reace 03-12-2013 05:58 PM

Hi Jim,

As some of you are aware we base our production schedule on a 16hr rotation but rotate 'in-house' every 14hrs. This allows us the opportunity to gain a 2 hour lead time with every rotation. As long as things go smoothly we are able to either add a trailer into our production schedule, or tackle special jobs repairing older trailers.

Normally, we do not advertise these trailer as they are sold to someone who 'needs a trailer now' and cannot wait. However, this year we have decided to not take on any special or odd jobs at this time and focus on manufacturing some additional trailers earlier in the season in preparation for the first 21' Escape to enter production at the end of April.


cpaharley2008 03-12-2013 06:06 PM

Thanks for explanation, Tammy, I understand. Please do not tempt me with the 21', Really looking forward to seeing it.

float5 03-12-2013 07:47 PM

After all of that work on so many mods, a 21'?

cpaharley2008 03-12-2013 09:20 PM

two more feet of mod space!! :)

float5 03-12-2013 09:30 PM

It's only 18 inches but who's counting? Actually there is a little more width there also, I believe. But if you are going to get a 21', please get the 19' floor done first. I'm looking forward to that.

cpaharley2008 03-13-2013 07:24 AM

It's my next upgrade, as soon the the temperatures will allow me to work outside with the cutting I'll start and will post pictures.

Ray N 03-13-2013 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by reace (Post 23560)
Hi Jim,
... in preparation for the first 21' Escape to enter production at the end of April.


Wow, that would coincide with our trip to Portland Oregon in late June!
Hmmm...we could drive the Tundra instead of flying...
No, no, no.....I absolutely refuse to buy one of the first off the production line when I live so far away in case there's initial bugs to work out. But yet, it is based on the tried and true 19'.....
Can't you start production after July so I won't have this problem?

cpaharley2008 03-13-2013 01:28 PM

Nothing wrong with having the first one, it will become a collector's edition. Why waste a nice trip out west when you could camp on your way back. I would not not be afraid, personally.

reace 03-13-2013 03:10 PM

Hellor Ray,

The first one is already sold....When we manufacture the first couple of trailers we know that there will always be some changes. So the first two are 'prototypes' and they have already been sold. The third one will become our display unit and be available for viewing throughout the Summer for viewing.

The 21' will not become available for sale until October after the certification and find modifications have been completed.


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