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ykcamom 09-10-2013 08:40 PM

Got My Build Sheet -- Escape 19! HELP!
We are on order for the spring and got our build sheet. At this point, we are at almost $10K in options, pushing the price up alot higher than we had planned.

I read the previous build my 19 foot thread but any further hints on what's needed and what's not?

We will be using it in both RV parks and in campgrounds with no power etc. In campground situations, we won't be there more than a few nights.

We really like the U-shaped dinette option rather than the permanent bed as it seems to provide more space in the unit.

We are opting to go with the oven and larger fridge, no microwave. I figure we need another way to cook food besides on the BBQ all the time! And the oven provides more options than the microwave.

LED lights inside and out & extra LED tail lights
Dual hot water tank
Double 6V batteries
Air conditioning
Outside storage box
Opening window over sink
Bathroom window
additional door under bench
1 more interior 12 volt & exterior 12 volt
captains lights
hitch and equalizer
extra thermal and windows
tv ready
stove cover
outside shower
quick connect hose
an extra drawer
removal power cord
bike rack ready

I think that's it. Guess I just never did the math, but I must admit, I hadn't anticipated this much extra cost.

Any tips would be most appreciated. thx

Kountrykamper 09-10-2013 08:56 PM

Do you really need the oven when camping? You lose 2 drawers and some counter space. Big $$ option.

Why do you need duel 6 volt if only going to be in campgrounds a few nights. Standard battery will be fine.

Do you need the inverter to run some medical equipment? If not maybe do away with it and use 12 volt for those few nights.

You don't need the stove cover if you are getting the oven. Only if you are getting just the stove.

What will you use 12 outside for?

Think about the u shaped dinette a little before you go that way. Imagine how you will use the camper. Really not any more room and depending how you use it could be less room and a smaller table

Just some things to think about and decided if you really will use them. Other options you choosed are what most people get.

hillary 09-10-2013 08:57 PM

If it were me (because obviously I can't choose for you!):
-Skip them doing the LED lights for $25ea & order & bring your own for $15ea
-Go to a bigger 12V battery instead of dual 6V (I think there's a group 29 option?)
-Skip the dual hot water tank and use propane even when you have power, it really doesn't use much
-Skip the bathroom window, the bathroom vent on the roof of our trailer works great
-Skip the inverter and use 12V chargers when you're on solar
-Don't bother with the stove cover, just use shelf liner and a cutting board, we do that and it hasn't come off in transit

Again that's just what I'd do, but everyone has their own needs!! Out of curiosity what are you planning on needing the inverter for, since you won't have a microwave and can't run AC off it?

Donna D. 09-10-2013 09:04 PM

I feel your pain, I'm going through the same thing. So.. this is what I'm doing. ANYTHING that needs to be handled by the manufacturer will be done.. like things that need electric wire, propane or water. Things that can be done later... will. Like those fancy wheels maybe. Or, the removable power cord... and maybe even the LEDs (except the higher tail lights). I've read enough about the outside propane quick connect.. I'm thinking not. I have a 10# propane tank and don't want to need to carry a 25' hose to reach the picnic table... The outside shower, not for me. I don't have a pet and don't do dishes outside.. that's why I own a trailer! If I boondock, I'll carry my portable blue tote (that I made for $20) and it's one less thing to winterize or worry about. YMMV

KarenH 09-10-2013 09:16 PM

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With four opening windows in each corner plus two roof vents and the sink window so close to the door, you could save a few pennies by opting for a non-opening window over the sink. I did for that reason and for a better view.

Jim Bennett 09-10-2013 09:23 PM


Originally Posted by ykcamom (Post 32476)
Air conditioning Do you need this where you camp? Escape prewires for A/C anyway, and you could add later. This is what we did, and have really only had a half dozen occasions where we would have used it. If you camp away from services a lot, it won't work without a gen set
Outside storage box
A personal thing. Those who have it love it. If I was to buy a 19 again right now, I still would not get it. We just don't need it, and have lots of storage space left over between the car and trailer. Adding kids would make a big difference though.
Opening window over sink
Bathroom window
Not sure of the cost difference, but my personal take is if you have these, there is not a lot of reason to have them opening. The bath has a roof vent, and the trailer has more than enough opening windows, vents and fans.
1 more interior 12 volt & exterior 12 volt
What would you use the exterior 12V for that you could not do inside
hitch and equalizer
Depending what your tow vehicle is, this may not be needed. If you have a 1/2 to pickup or bigger it would not be needed, but can be advantageous in a smaller SUV
Again a personal thing, but we have nothing to run off one even if we had it. We made a plan to be able to function without any 120V power if needed.
tv ready
We have used ours 2 times in 5 seasons. Likely would not do it again.
outside shower
A good thing if you make use of it. We have use ours only once to date and found it awkward, as the hose is not long enough to wash our dogs feet,

I have just commented on the my thoughts about a couple options that I would consider leaving out. The ones not commented on are ones that I have and am really glad I do.

As far as an oven and microwave go, we don't have them, and don't miss them in the least. We had an oven in one trailer, and used it twice just to try it out. Too much of an ordeal, and they are way tiny too. There are so many dishes that you can do on the stove, or in the BBQ, that would take dozens of lifetimes to try them all out. :)

The thing to do is, is to get lots of opinions like this, and no two people have all the same ideas as what is best to outfit your trailer with. You have to then decide on what your style will be. For us our trailer is a decadent luxury, even in a somewhat minimal state. We don't feel at a loss for anything we don't have. Retirement might find us redefining a few things (like A/C and storage), but we'll see.

Best of luck with making your decisions, and don't sweat it too much. Getting out camping is what it is all about, and you can enjoy that with the most base of unit.

Dave Walter 09-10-2013 10:35 PM

Your build list is similar to ours which I summarized in this thread.

After our first season with our 19', I have to admit that I would pick almost exactly the same options as we did if I was to do things again.

gbaglo 09-10-2013 11:18 PM

My occasional regret is that there was no Escape Forum when I ordered so I wasn't aware that there were so many options.
And for all that, as I sat here last night, thinking what I would have done different, I couldn't think of anything.
I went with a 5 cu. ft. two way fridge, a cupboard instead of a microwave and an extra 12v outlet. Added LED bulbs as we went along.
Not having access to this forum saved me a ton of money in options I didn't order and don't really miss, although they might be nice to have.

ddevin 09-11-2013 12:54 AM

I would suggest getting rid of the dual water heater, as mentioned, it does not use much propane, the bathroom window, TV (never use ours, except as a coat rack), and removable power cord, and perhaps the opening sink window. Maybe even the outside shower. Everything else is important. We love our storage box (had it added), and have only used AC twice, but both times we really needed it.

Kountrykamper 09-11-2013 07:47 AM

The removal electrical cord keeps the camper sealed up and does not let mice or any other creepy crawlers into the camper. For the price it is a must for us. I added it on the Casita and by the time I was finished it was around $100 doing it myself. I would also recommend the surge protector to protect the trailer electronics. The price Escape sells it for is cheep insurance.

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