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pkgman51 06-15-2015 09:47 AM

Matching Door Stain
Has anyone had success matching the wood and stain used on the cabinet doors? I'd like to make some custom doors and need a little guidance on where to start. Getting real close to the current look would be great. Thanks for the input.

gbaglo 06-15-2015 09:56 AM

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I believe I used a yellow oak with satin Varathane for my instruments mount. At $12 a linear foot, that's where I stopped my woodworking career.
The match in this pic looks worse than it is.

Donna D. 06-15-2015 09:59 AM

Gary, as you know it's not just the color of the stain it's the kind of wood you're staining. Pine for instance takes stain very easily, oak not so much.

Chris R 06-15-2015 10:05 AM

I was able to match the ETI oak paneling pretty well even though it has some red in it. I used red oak veneer, but any red oak panel may do. Then I had a paint store tint some Minwax Polycrylic finish, clear satin. Put on 3 coats and it is hard to tell the new from the old. Formula for the tint is C1, L+, U+

santacruzer 06-15-2015 12:56 PM

When I ordered the trailer I asked ETI to toss in a small (4") square each of the counter laminate, the wood laminate, and the upholstery. When it comes time to shop for patch up material, I'll just take along what I need.

ksitte 06-15-2015 05:16 PM

The doors and the paneling seem to have a different finish, at least on our 19. It looks like the doors are Red Oak, finished in a natural polyurethane while the laminated imitation-Oak plywood has a darker color. I successfully used Windsor Oak in the Minwax Woodsheen product line to do a pretty good match recently. When I get a chance, I'll post a picture.

Jim Bennett 06-15-2015 05:35 PM

I used a natural water based polyurethane to finish any oak added to the trailer. Especially in a year or so, once the natural oak develops a patina, the colours are very close.

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