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oregon 01-31-2016 12:22 AM

Exterior shower
We are finalizing our build list and are debating about the outside shower. Any input would be appreciated-

gbaglo 01-31-2016 12:35 AM

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If you boondock, or if you have a dog ( or kids ), the outside shower is a must. It doesn't cost much extra either, after ordering a 17B with the water heater and bath already paid for.

If you are only going to campgrounds, with hookups, hot showers and close neighbours, it's not likely to be used ( except to rinse off kids and dogs ).

Another Escape owner sets up a folding table next to his and uses it as a dish washing station.

It's an inexpensive and useful option.

float5 01-31-2016 12:50 AM

Can also be used to fill buckets for cleaning, especially if the trailer is not stored at home or you want to fill buckets at a campsite.

padlin 01-31-2016 12:57 AM

We had one in our previous trailer and never used it so we went without, didn't have a downside to having one other then the minimal cost and remembering to flush it out for the winter. From what I've seen most do get one, can't say how many actually use it though.

Now if I had little kids again, I'd get one.

C&G in FL 01-31-2016 05:59 AM

Had ours installed on the door side toward the rear, but under the awning. We use it primarily for doing the dishes, but also for rinsing sandy feet if we have been in the water. Don't see it as useful for taking showers so much as you still only have 6 gallons of hot water and must take navy showers. Even so, still better than the cramped interior shower and having to wipe everything down if the camping location does not have a bath house (camping in the boonies).

cpaharley2008 01-31-2016 07:21 AM

I'm thinking of doing the same, can you post a picture where it was installed? The older models had a big hole for the hose storage but the newer models are sealed and you disconnect the hose, correct?

C&G in FL 01-31-2016 08:03 AM

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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 (Post 126330)
I'm thinking of doing the same, can you post a picture where it was installed? The older models had a big hole for the hose storage but the newer models are sealed and you disconnect the hose, correct?

Jim, you are correct about the hose which disconnects, but you will probably want to change the nozzle on the supplied hose. Mine is directly over the rear wheel (essentially behind the stove).

Jim Bennett 01-31-2016 09:01 AM

I had one on our 19 for the 6 1/2 years we owned it, and it never got used once for a shower, and only a few times to fill buckets or basins, as it was inconvenient for us being on the backside of the trailer, which was often tight to trees.

As we do mostly boondocking, water usage needs to be watched closely, and we prefer in that situation to mostly just sponge bath. If in a campground, they seem to balk at naked people showering outside, and supply showers for our use.

I have said for years now though that I too would prefer one on the door side for a dish wash/cooking station outside, and other utility uses. Not sure I will go with the Escape supplied one, or not, as I would like one that can be used as a faucet in place, but with the capacity to pull out if needed. I have not seen the one Escape uses now up close, but will be checking it out.

Some of the best ones I have found researching are in the European market, like Reich, Whale, and Bullfinch.

Another thought was to put a small kitchen faucet in a hatch.

As long as there is water supply lines nearby in the trailer, one can very easily be added later too.

cpaharley2008 01-31-2016 10:15 AM

In your welcome bag handed out last year at Osoyoos was a flyer from the company that makes the shower, it was there I saw the newer style with 2 faucets and a quick disconnect for the hose, nice set up.

Vermilye 01-31-2016 10:25 AM

For me it is one of those items to cut if you really need to save the money, but boy is it useful the few times I've needed it. One place I never thought I'd use it was for cleaning up after a dump at a station that had no water.

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