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jennykatz 09-14-2016 08:10 PM

I just got an e-mail from ETI saying my trailer would be ready by the end of Sept.not Nov like we planned but that's GREAT . We are having it delivered to Chicago area so we will visit with friends I think they put ours through to catch the Sept delivery's .It is a big relief not having to drive through snow or real bad weather of Nov. We can take our time and see the changing of leaves and try to relax and enjoy our new RV .We are EXCITED

BTW when do pictures start coming ? Jim and Loree

tractors1 09-14-2016 08:53 PM

You should see them last week if end of Sept is completion date. Takes 2-4 weeks to build one.

freespirit 09-14-2016 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by Klem (Post 154750)
Yes. The the reinforced wall is really just putting 3/4 " plywood in the voids roughly 2/3 of from the top.

It should be called 'filler' because that is all it is. The wall is the same thickness regardless.

agree with the term "filler" as it looks like in the pics as though it reinforces walls more horizontally and perpendicular to the outer veneer panel. A veneer applied to a solid piece of plywood extending floor to ceiling and perhaps replacing a lot of the internal sticks,staples, and glue would weigh more, but may not be an issue for the person wanting additional strength vertically and perhaps more rugged construction for a given wall. However its also possible that rigidity vertically floor to ceiling is not desirable in a bouncing trailer. Perhaps also the current stick,staples, veneer and glue wall construction is sufficiently rigid as a unit when all appliances, fiberglass bathroom liner, etc are installed in conjunction with the hollow walls.

tractors1 09-15-2016 01:28 AM

The filler seems to be a rectangular piece, doesn't follow the profile of the roof or wall. Use a magnet to follow the staples of the pretty wood to find out the size in your walls.

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