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NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 09:28 PM

New 2017 17' Trailer - interior and exterior photos
Okay, let's see how long it takes me to upload the 62 photos I have of the new 17 footer - version B (with bathroom). and hopefully all of the photos will load up with the correct orientation so Donna and/or Jim won't have to fix 'em. Fingers crossed1

Following are photos I took of the new 2017 style 17' trailer at the factory on Friday, May 20, 2016. It turns out Sarah (from the office) will be taking this trailer to the rally next weekend and camping out in it. So, for those of you at the rally, it'll probably be fun to see how it looks in these photos and then see what sort of personal touches she put on it with the stuff she's bringing with her.

Enjoy the photos! :thumb:

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 09:35 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. The brand new trailer looks so nice out in the sunshine of the day. I didn't open the storage box in the front. Kind of tricky to do while dragging along a big purse (not so big in looks, but wadded full of stuff, as usual) and my digital camera. yeah, that's my excuse. But I did think about it - does that count?

2. Storage box, cover over propane tanks and hand crank jack. And the bright green tag stating "NEW 17". I would guess that helped the guys during production. And anybody walking by that didn't know what was what. Or looking at these photos. :whistling:

3. Rock shield flipped up.

4. Looks like someone took the screen door off a bit so everyone can see how that looks. Wonder who did that? I won't say if you won't!

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 09:41 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. Side view so you can see the window that's open and the straighter outside walls. And way in the background are the folks that were outfitting their new, fresh off orientation 19 footer that was recently sold by the factory via this forum. Super excited folks!

2. Here's a view of the outside of the door. I think you figured that out, though. But just in case, hey, you never know.

3. Close up shot of the door latching stuff. Make sure you know which way the red lever is supposed to go for locking and unlocking. I might have to add a label for that since it doesn't have one and I know I'll get confused about it. Not like I would ever lock myself inside and start to panic about it. Nope, never. (Oh wait, did I already mention that in my other post about the factory visit. Dang it, I did!)

4. Showing the new frameless, thermal, awning style windows. and the spiffy red graphics! Can't miss 'em, unless you're color blind and then I don't know what color they'll show up as.

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 09:50 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. Another side view. You can see the battery, the fire extinguisher and the remote for the Maxx fan (I'm assuming) - it's mounted on the wall of the cabinet, just inside the door. More of those spiffy, eye-catching red graphics. Gee, you think that's why they're using the red? I dunno.

2. The new electric awning. I did not get to see it retracted, nor did I ask or try as there was so much going on around the place. But, as I was driving away, I could see that Tammy pulled it out for a customer. Dang it, I just missed seeing it. But I didn't want to go back and take the photo with them in it. Next time, maybe. I do not know that white tabbie thingie is hanging off the end of it.

3. The back end. The single battery. The naked spare tire. The rear, split windows (which I think are pretty nifty).

4. And you thought there was only battery! How wrong you were. Yep, there's one on each side of the spare tire. I don't know what that white thingie is sticking out under the red light. But I'm sure someone knows. Also, you can see the black tube that holds the sewer hose. Nifty idea, that.

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 09:58 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. Water and power cord plug in stuff. I don't know what the other cap is for to the left of the water inlet (which doesn't have the cap on). Hoping someone on here will tell me (and us if I'm not the only one that doesn't know). Is that the frig exhaust outlet next to them? Again, I don't know, but will be educated by someone here. :thumb:

2 & 3. Side views of the trailer. Don't know why I took both, but maybe you'll see something different in 'em. Right now I'm looking at them flipped sideways on my viewer as that's the only way to get them the right orientation on the forum. So, it's a bit tricky for me to see what all is going on. Boy, the things I do for you folks. ;D

4. Okay, another outside shot. Not much different from the other, than the door isn't attached to the trailer. I'm not sure if I did that - too long ago to remember. :facepalm:

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 10:06 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. View looking inside. Boy, for the vertically challenged (aka short) folks, that light switch way up there might be a problem. You'll have to ask if it can be put down lower. At 5'10" I could reach it. I was very surprised at how high it is. It is the first one they did, so maybe it'll be down lower in future models.

2. The wardrobe cabinet as you come in (you can see that remote a bit better now), plus a nice, lovely view of the new curved cabinet support. Plus, a view of one of the new owners of that 19 footer I mentioned earlier. Their friends wanted to view the trailers. Maybe they'll be ordering one in the future. I offered to hitch one of the trailers up for them, but I think an employee would have noticed. Ya think?

You can see the electrical outlet under the dinette cushion. Sorry, didn't lift these up either to take photos of the area inside. Never even thought of it. Dang!

3. And a view of the other new owner. However, I really took the photo so you could see the hinges on the door. He kind of slipped in and I didn't notice it right away.

4. I took this to show you one of the employees. No, I didn't, silly you. It's to show you the frameless window cranked open. But you figured that out already, right? Right!

jamman 05-21-2016 10:09 PM

large panel - water heater access
capped fitting - fresh water tank fill access
uncapped fitting - hose fitting for city water

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 10:12 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. View of the non-frameless, non-thermal front window that has a rock guard. Just ignore the employee outside doing whatever to the other new 19 footer (2017 style) they had on the lot. Note the lovely shelf over the table area. And the switch up there - heck if I know what that's for. Without any power it's hard to tell.

2. Side window, curb side.

3. The dinette table moved to one side so I could get in and out easily. It moved real easily, so that was nice.

4. Yep, it moves! Now it's on the other side without any effort on my part. Note the outside worker is now gone. Probably inside the trailer now.

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by jamman (Post 143886)
large panel - water heater access
capped fitting - fresh water tank fill access
uncapped fitting - hose fitting for city water

So, what's the difference between the two water fittings? I thought it all went into one tank, the fresh water. Confused here. Which doesn't take much some days. thanks

NW Cat Owner 05-21-2016 10:23 PM

4 Attachment(s)
1. Sitting at the front dinette, looking across the trailer to the back dinette (which was not made into a bed) and areas in between. Another view of that very high up light switch. I still find that quite odd.

2. Yep, I pulled those blinds down so folks could see what they look like. Yep, you're gonna get sunlight coming through those little holes. And yeah, I know some of you (like Jim Bennett) will say "what, you're still in bed when the sun has risen - get up!" sort of comment. Um, yeah, I prefer the night sky over the sunrise. :whistling:

3. Overhead cabinet.

4. Bathroom..Note there is NOT the molded in medicine cabinet. I didn't get a chance to ask why not, but I would assume they didn't have it time for when this trailer needed to keep moving along the assembly line. I'm assuming later models will have it since it's listed as a standard feature. If you want to see what it looks like, please read the thread on the new 19 footer that I posted earlier today. Could not tell you what post number though.

As the 17B was the first new style I viewed from the inside, I was quite bummed not to see that cabinet, so I was quite thrilled to see it in the 19.

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